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The Final Countdown - Cover Band Central's "Spotlight Song of the Week"

Updated on March 31, 2017

Song selection is key when performing in a live setting with your cover band. Sure, you can choose a tune that everybody knows, that every other cover band does, or that showcases the individual skills of the members of your band. Or you could be bold and pick a song that only some people know, was a one hit wonder for an 80's band named after a continent, and displays the unique abilities of any of the players in your group. A popular selection that sort of fits in this category is Europe's "The Final Countdown."

Many bands will rehearse over and over again to make sure they get a song just right. They'll get feedback from friends and family and fine tune their performance so that when it's time to go perform, they'll have nailed every part and play with conviction. Other bands are SO good, they don't need any of that. They were born with a gift - and their talent surpasses any other so-called "musician" that feels the need to practice before they go out with their band and film their performance. This group below captures what it's like to play from the heart - with a complete mastery of the song and their individual instruments - so much so that this video has over a million views!

What do you do when you don't know where to come in? You just stop, of course! You can always just start over. People will still applaud. The video below shows a band(?) performing at what appears to be some sort of talent show with a stripped down version of our song. But we don't need to see anyone else. These guys win hands-down! Who needs a drummer, keyboard player, bass player or a tuner when the singer kinda knows all of the words. Ignore the fact that the video is labeled "Worst Cover Ever." This rules!

Any band that uses a key-tar is already awesome in my book before they even play a single note. When playing a semi-popular 80's tune, it also helps to look the part. These guys either have long hair or wigs, cool clothes that they borrowed from their sister, and pro gear from Guitar Center. The lead vocalist throws in an unexpected twist by singing the tenor melody line in a baritone range. Talk about making it your own!

Some bands don't even need a band. This guy(?) below is a one-man show. When you're really good at two instruments-in-one, and you also have your mouth available, why let it go to waste? Anyone that says that a kazoo is not an instrument is just just jealous 'cause they don't know how to play one. Add in some mostly, kinda in-tune vocals, and you have a winning act!

Who says you have to be able to play anything to do a cover song? As long as you have a "guitar" from the video game Rock Band, and you can lip-sync to a track, you can make a video, slap it on Youtube and call it a cover song. I mean...why not? It's your internet after all, and you rule! Don't let anyone stop you from showing the world your awesomeness!

Happy April Fool's Day! :)

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      randy brackett 22 months ago

      Only the first video would play. Bummer......they were so good too.