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The Final series of The Hills Episode 1

Updated on May 13, 2010

Final Series of The Hills Episode 1

Girls of The Hills
Girls of The Hills

Final Series of The Hills

 The first episode that will air on MTV on the 30th May starts of with Lo and Stephanie talking, Stephanie has just got back of her DUI.

You then see Heidi going to Colorado to show off her new look to her friends and family which doesnt go down well with her Mum who gives Heidi some home truths.

Audrina, Steph, Kristin, Lo , Brody and the others all set off to Miami where Brody begins flirting with Audrina and it shows them all having far to much to drink lol, Kristin and Audrina start to become friends gain and they all party and dance the night away.

The second night in Miami Auidrina Lo and Steph have all agreed to meet up with Kristin for a night out but are left annoyed when she fails to show up, the next morning they have to go and wake her up as its time to go home.

It ends with them all flying back to LA while Heidi is also flying back home from Colorado.

The Hills Gossip

Spencer has been mouthing off again on social networking site Twitter, he has hit out at Perez Hilton over the Lauren Conrad and her then boyf Jason's sex tape scandal, Spencer claims it was Jason himself that confirmed the sex tape scandal to Perez and Spencer even says he can prove it as he has saved the emails where Perez admits Jason was his source. Spencer has also hit out at fellow cast members, he sent Lauren Conrad numerous messages on Twitter referring to her as beefy he calls her fugly and says the only reason she is returning to The Hills is because she is jealous of Kristin's popularity, he then messages Audrina tweeting "If you want press then leak another 50 naked photo's of yourself like you did to get relevant in the first place." OUCH!


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