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The First House in Astrology

Updated on November 18, 2013

The First House in Astrology

In the real life of the native, houses in astrology describe specific experience fields. They indicate the method in which an individual functions, whether it is how he or she interacts with others, his love affairs and his work. As with the 12 signs in astrology, there are twelve astrology houses with each analogical to the other signs. On the other hand, in contrast to signs which over thirty degrees invariably spread in the zodiac circle, the size of the house can vary greatly from 1 to the other. You will be able to calculate where your first house is based on the exact time of birth.

The Chart

The House System is a chart cut into twelve houses. There are many ways of doing this. The oldest one dates back to the seventeenth century, with variants in equal houses called Morinus, Topocentric, Alcabitus, Campanus, Regiomontanus and Koch.

Nearby Planets

You should note that many zodiac experts consider that the planets near the cusp of a house belong to that corresponding house. From a given house, the threshold depends on the approach of the author. This might vary from one to six degrees or at times eight degrees or ten degrees. There is a minority of zodiac expert that do not actually follow rules such as this one. For example, the shifts into the next house might be cancelled depending on your decision. You can also alter the option and choose the Koch system.


Most astrologers these days attribute the 12 houses in astrology to the Babylonians. Numbers under the horizon downward from the east, the influential areas followed a pattern representing life areas. For the 12 houses, there is Latin traditional names, with associated influences such as their translations. This is a representation of the basic house outline as they are currently understood.


In astrology, the first house has to do with initiatives and beginnings. It deals with the general outlook a person has to his or her environment. First impressions, characteristics, traits and appearances are involved in the 1st house of your horoscope.

Most systems that involve traditional horoscopic astrology divides horoscopes into 12 houses with each position dependent on the location and the time of when a person was born rather than on the date of birth itself. In the tradition of Hindu astrology, these are called Bhavas. These horoscope houses are representative of various life spheres. These are described in the physical surrounding terms as well as experiences of personal life. When the zodiac signs or planet placements are delineated in houses, to a larger degree this determines the life area it acts in as well as the activities and goals where impulses or drives are focused.

More specifically, this house describes the way the person faces the external environment. It also describes the natural demeanor of the person as well as the personality. Plus, the physical appearance of the people depending on their birth is also described. This component is essential for the natal chart’s interpretation and in the natal chart; it is one of the four angles, also known as the most important houses. It is found on the natal chart’s left hand side and corresponds to the location of the rising of the sun.

Ecliptic Planes

Each house is an ecliptic plane division. These are great circles that contain the orbit of the sun as it is seen from earth at the place and time of pertinent horoscopes. From the first house cusp, these are numbers in the direction of counter clockwise. Usually, under the horizon are houses 1 through 6 and above the horizon are houses 7-12. Some of the systems might not entirely go according to this system especially when the first house cusp does not coincide with the Ascendant.

The Self

Usually referred to as the House of Self, the First House’s cusp is the Ascendant’s home, which is the rising sign on the east horizon at the exact birth moment of a person. Once you start to think of the entire concept in terms of new beginnings and sunrise, you will begin to understand the First House concepts. Here, new beginnings center on the person, the attendant voyage of the self of discoveries defining each person. Questions such as who you are, how you realize your optimum self and what you will become are answered. One’s ultimate potential is what the First House talks about. This is a unique process and is one of the biggest contributions that people give to the world around them.


Personality often refers to the specific qualities we own. In an individual, the first house addresses the approach to life and comportment of an individual. In other words, one’s entire being total sum is in question. To the world, this is the package we give. The outer being is the package, governed by the First House as well. The way in which the face and head are presented and the physical body is governed by the First House.

Early Childhood

Not many people know that early childhood is also something ruled by the first House. Everything from how the emerging world is viewed to the earliest steps a person has is in consideration here. How you view life and how you develop will begin at the First House, which is the beginning and will serve to form us throughout our lives.

Who You Are

In other words, the First House addresses the person you will develop into both externally and internally. The presentation we give to the world and our personality plus our basic sensibilities that include demeanor, approach to life and essential qualities are in question. The First House is all about the outer body and the inner self. Ruled by the planet Mars and Aries, the First House is something that defines a person.

Your Identity

In a horoscope the first house represents your well-being, health, appearance, physical characteristics and identity. This includes the way you look at the world, temperament, attitude, vitality and physical body. It also represents your disposition, outer personality and self-image. Any planet that happens to be within eight degrees of the Ascendant will, on the personality, have marked influences. In addition, planets within eight degrees of your First House will add to all the things governed by the occupied house and the characteristics. In the natural zodiac, Aries rules this house.


The division of the zodiac involves 4 same-size quadrants. Quadrant one is made up of the first, second and third houses. Levels of egotistical natural consciousness are symbolized by these levels. With many planets in these sections, persons tend to really not care too much about others and pay the highest attention to their own particular interests. At the same time, they are in particular, charismatic and dynamic. This is in contrast to the fourth, fifth and sixth houses that are comprised by quadrant number two. In this quadrant, what are highlighted are daily work, creativity and sociability. These are qualities that are crucial to the independence of the native. The seventh, eight and nine houses comprise the third quadrant which has to do with interpersonal natures. In these sectors, a person with planets thirsts for company and need to progress through company and charm others. Quadrant four is comprised of houses ten, eleven and twelve. The humanitarian and spiritual actions of a person are in this quadrant. Persons with most planets in this region are not very interested in things that are not practical and are not really attached to individualistic considerations.


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