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The Five-Year Engagement – A Review

Updated on May 4, 2012

What do you think?

4.3 out of 5 stars from 3 ratings of The Five-Year Engagement

The Five-Year Engagement

Refreshingly Real

2hr 4min‎‎ - Rated R‎‎ - Comedy‎
Director: Nicholas Stoller - Cast: Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Alison Brie, Rhys Ifans, Chris Pratt

Last night, I went to see this movie with some friends – it’s new on the circuit. I had not seen the trailer, so I had no prior knowledge of the movie, which could be described as a “Chick-Flick,” according to my friend’s husband. I had no expectations which sometimes have a bearing on how much we enjoy a movie – or not. Be warned that there is language and some adult content in this romantic comedy.

Romantic moment
Romantic moment | Source

Lovely Cast

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. The characters were all engaging and there was much humor in the story. It is a lighthearted look at engagement and marriage, but does encourage us to question our choices and to look more closely at relationships. To wed or not to wed, is that the question? Or is the question when? The story begins in San Francisco, where Tom (Jason Segel), the hero in the story, is a talented sous chef. His love interest, Violet (Emily Blunt), is passionate about social psychology and has pinned her dreams on being accepted for a postdoctoral assignment at UC Berkeley. The two characters are beautifully portrayed; as a matter of fact I found all the casting particularly well done. Tom is a likeable and appealing husband-to-be and Victoria is refreshing and sexy. They are both extremely easy on the eye. Victoria’s rather unconventional sister, Suzie, (Alison Brie) and her love interest, Alex, (Chris Pratt) contribute greatly to the appeal of the film. A very touching scene included a serenade, a song that I used to listen to as a child – one of my Dad’s favorite records (back in the day when we still had seven singles!) It was a recording of “Cucurrucucu Paloma” by Nancy Ames – a recording I simply cannot find today. I will, however, settle for a wonderful rendition to share with you here, by Brazilian, Caetano Veloso. Look out for the scene in the movie - it is such a treat!

Cucurrucucu Paloma

Pretty Cool

Without divulging too much of the story, this couple’s adventures take them to the state of Michigan. There are some charmingly humorous scenes which had me laughing out loud throughout the movie. Tom finds himself limited by a shortage of job opportunities there, while Victoria advances professionally at the University of Michigan. Subsequently, she becomes conflicted about her life and choices. While Tom tries to make the best of their situation, their relationship begins to feel the strain. I was immediately struck by the winter imagery of Michigan, as I am poised to move from the intense heat and humidity of Texas to the extreme winter of Manitoba. I have never lived with ice or snow and I did get a bracing introductory view of life up North! Brrrrrrr! The friends with whom I went to see the movie are from Chicago, and they both teased me about getting ready for the extreme conditions in Canada. The other colorful characters in the story make the film lively and interesting as they get themselves into situations which are both humorous and empathetic.

Who's a Drunken Pig then?


Nicholas Stoller and Jason Segel

Writer-director Nicholas Stoller collaborated with Jason Segel who co-wrote the script. In the words of Nicholas Stoller, “It’s a crazy, funny, awesome movie,” and he explains that the emotional component is true but the situations in which the couple find themselves are scripted. This is also a family story in which various relationships are explored. Relationships of friends, lovers and spouses are highlighted both comically and seriously and I enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. Thumbs Up for enjoyable movie fare.


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    • Suelynn profile image

      Suelynn 4 years ago from Manitoba, Canada

      Hi there, Faith... thanks so much for the feedback. :) I laugh to myself because I saw this movie quite a few months back now, and since then, I have moved to Canada. I can really relate to the humorous scenes in the movie in that regard! Oh BOY!

    • Faith A Mullen profile image

      Faith A Mullen 4 years ago

      I still have not seen this, but you totally made me want to go out and get it! I loved Emily Blunt in "The Devil Wears Prada" and Chris Pratt always has me laughing on "Parks and Recreation." Thanks for the hub!

    • Suelynn profile image

      Suelynn 5 years ago from Manitoba, Canada

      Hi PDXKaraokeGuy: Thank you for saying and I appreciate your take on the movie. I do agree. Many thanks for the vote and sharing - I do appreciate it. :)

    • PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

      Justin W Price 5 years ago from Juneau, Alaska

      This movie was really good, but different from normal segel pictures. Pratt and Brie are great and the film on a whole is quite charming, Even the instances of vulgarity and crudeness serve to further the plot and are not simple shock devices. Good review. Well done film.

      Up and shared

    • Suelynn profile image

      Suelynn 5 years ago from Manitoba, Canada

      Hi MelChi, good to see you! I hope the movie gets there quickly, I think the distribution is quicker than it used to be! I never did see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and I agree, I also enjoyed Emily Blunt in "Devil Wears Prada." She has such compelling eyes! I'd love to know your opinion once you get to see the movie! :)

    • MelChi profile image

      Melanie Chisnall 5 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      This is a great review, and I can't wait till the movie comes out in SA. I enjoy watching Jason Segel - I especially liked him in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Emily Blunt has grown on my over her last few movies, but my favourite with her in would have to be "Devil Wears Prada." I love chick flicks and look forward to seeing this one. :)

    • Suelynn profile image

      Suelynn 5 years ago from Manitoba, Canada

      Hi Cathleena, thanks so much for saying! I'm glad you like the review and plan to see it... would love to know what you think when you do! It is a nostalgic thing, isn't it? I think I'm beginning to live life vicariously! LOL! I appreciate you following and will pop over to your spot too! :) Have a lovely weekend.

    • Cathleena Beams profile image

      Cathleena Beams 5 years ago from Lascassas, Tennessee

      Very well written and good review. Now I want to go see it. As most women do, I like a nice "Chick Flick" with a romantic couple to take me back to reminiscing of days long ago before I myself became a bride. Adding this one to my followed hubs!

    • Suelynn profile image

      Suelynn 5 years ago from Manitoba, Canada

      Hi Janelle...thank you so much for your lovely comments and I hope you enjoy the movie. Pamela, thank so much and I appreciate the vote up. I hope I make it through the winter too... I'm hoping to get there while it is still summer. :)

    • Pamela Kinnaird W profile image

      Pamela Kinnaird W 5 years ago from Maui and Arizona

      Suelynn, good review! I enjoyed it. Voting up.

      Good luck to you in Manitoba. I hope you make it through the winter. The spring isn't too great there either, but the summer will be nice.

    • profile image

      Janelle Hart 5 years ago

      I have not yet seen the movie, but this review makes me want to go and see it ! I am always up for a chick flick, where I laugh out loud through out the movie! Great explanation of the character's and their contribution to the movie! I like he personal touches especially the song posted! Great review!