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The Fosters -- Brandon Tells His Parents The Truth

Updated on August 3, 2014

While Callie and Jude spend the day with the Quinns

Callie decides the best way for Jude not to feel threatened by the Quinns is if he comes with her to spend the day with them on their boat. Meanwhile Lena and Brandon decide that with everyone out of the house it's the perfect time for Brandon to tell Stef and Mike the truth about Dani.

With Lena's help Brandon finally reveals the awful truth. As Brandon is telling his tale, Stef has a bad feeling where it's going, while Mike hasn't got a clue and is totally gobsmacked by it. And when it's finally out, Mike actually blames Brandon, while Stef blames Mike. Brandon takes off for his bedroom saying he should have never told them.

Lena gives the parents a stern lecture that they need to think of Brandon. Stef knows exactly what she wants to do. She wants Dani arrested for rape. Both Brandon and Mike are in agreement that it wasn't rape.

When people online were calling it rape, I didn't agree with that, since it appeared to be consensual. However, Stef's definition of why Dani raped Brandon is that under the law if an adult has sex with a minor it's statutory rape and it doesn't matter if the minor consented to it.

Stef asks Mike if this had happened to anyone but Brandon would he consider it rape. And the answer to that appears to be a big yes, as at the end of the episode the psychotic Miss Dani is lead away in handcuffs and stuffed in the back of a police car.

Like I said in a previous recap, I fully expect Mike to get romantically involved with Ana, which is going to make Stef long for the days of nasty Miss Dani.

The other big story of the night was Jude and Callie spending the day on Robert Quinns boat with Sophia and his wife. It seemed to me like Mrs. Quinn was trying to pump Jude for some dirt on Callie to maybe tarnish her in Daddy Quinn's eyes, but Jude kept his lips buttoned. Meanwhile Sophia may not be what she seems to be. Her remark about maybe it being better if she and Jude had never been born and Robert and gotten together with Callie's mother was a little off-putting. She also doesn't seem to get on very well with her mother. Later, while Robert and Sophia are out walking her dog, she asks Robert to adopt Callie instead.

Mariana is still trying to fit in and pretend she isn't ethnic. But one thing she can't pretend at is she's a good dancer. She just plain sucks. So she asks the new team member she voted against getting in to help her, but succeeds in turning her off with her racist attitude. She makes a comment like how dancing comes easier to her cause she's black. But the girl has way more class than Mariana and eventually agrees to help try to make a better dancer out of Mariana.

Meanwhile, Jesus' new girlfriend, Hayley I think her name is [shows how much attention I'm paying to this story or how much interest I have in it] doesn't like Jesus spending time with Emma. The wrestling team is having an awards ceremony and Jesus is going to be honored and Hayley doesn't want him to go because Emma will be there, too. So she comes to his door just as he's about to leave for it pretending to be hysterical that her parents have split up, so Jesus agrees to skip the award banquet and stay with her. It's only later that Jesus discovers he's been played like a fiddle. Mariana reveals that Hayley's parents broke up months ago. Now that Jesus knows what a manipulator Hayley is will it be enough to get him to wake-up and smell the roses?

You know, as much as I'm going to hate Mike getting involved with Ana, it would actually give Jesus and Mariana something interesting to do in regards to having to deal with their mother and Lena and Stef having to deal with her, as well. It would be better than Jesus playing The Bachelor Jr. with his revolving door of girlfriends while Mariana plays Barbie Girl trying to act like she's one of the girls with her awful bleached blonde hair.

In regards to Dani seducing Brandon and it being labelled as rape, I really hope this isn't the show's attempts to make Brandon and Callie have rape in common. Their situations aren't comparable. Brandon's experience hasn't left him emotionally or physically scarred. I'm sure if they was a girl that made his hockey stick stand up and salute he'd have no problem, at all, having sex with her. The only issues Brandon had was guilt over having slept with his father's girlfriend.

Callie's situation was radically different. She was forced to have sex against her will. And it's still affecting her and preventing her to have a sexual relationship with Wyatt. So sorry, show and ABC Family, this doesn't make Brandon and Callie simpatico. The two situations are completely different. One is seduction that can be labelled rape because one of the partners was an adult and what happened to Callie was an actual physical violation. Comparing the two situations is like saying an apple is the exact same thing as an orange.

While I applaud the show showing that a boy can also be considered to be raped if he has sex with an adult when he's still technically a minor, I still wonder if there are ulterior motives involved. I sincerely hope not. But you can't forget ABC Family flashing that hash tag #Braillie4Ever when Callie couldn't have sex with Wyatt. So it's possible that's the only reason they did this story to show what soul mates Callie and Brandon are.


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