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The Fosters -- Visitors Day

Updated on February 10, 2014

Stef may regret not making peace with her father

The teen ugh fest was still going strong. Brandumb found out that Callie didn't break up with him and when she and the over girls helped Daphne move into her new apartment, while the girls were out Brandumb came over and he and Callie started dreaming of the day the state would fund their own private little love nest. Yeah, delusional much? They Brandumb serenades her before climbing on top of her as they roll around on the floor. God knows if they actually had sex. Hopefully, Brandumb thought to use a condom. If not, Dumb and Dumber may have a little dummy on the way, and the last thing these two mentally challenged idiots need is a baby.

On Visitor's Day, Jude tells Callie with or without her Stef and Lena are going to adopt her. And Callie tells Lena and Stef her plan to get her own place. Not that that is really going to happen since it would require her following the rules and she's proved she can't follow them for two seconds.

Things take a bad turn when she helps Cole get some hormones and she/he overdoses. All the girls in the house turn on Callie and rat her out to House Mother Rosie about all the times she's been breaking the rules to be with Brandumb. Later, she claims to have had an epiphany and realizes the house is where she belongs. But is it real? And how long will it really last?

Jude and Jesus are having problems sharing a room. Jesus keeps locking Jude out so he can take half naked selfies of himself that he can send to Lexi. Although he accidentally sends one to Emma, the cute wrestling girl. Jude finally has enough with Jesus won't let him get his homework and ends up throwing something at Jesus.

The Moms intercede and scold Jude for throwing something at Jesus, but are secretly pleased that he's acting like a real brother to Jesus.

Lena goes in for an exam and asks if it's still possible to have a child. She knows Stef doesn't want that, but she was just wondering. The doctor tells her it's possible but if she wants a child it has to be now. If she waits any longer it may be too late. She gives Lena some prenatal vitamins to take.

Stef's father drops by with a new car trying to make amends for the past bad blood he and Stef have had. Stef wants nothing to do with it and won't forgive him for not coming to her and Lena's wedding. Later, Lena points out to Stef she's the one who told him not to come. Finally Stef goes over to talk to her father and possible make amends but it's too late. As she enters the house she finds him dead in his chair.

How will Stef handle her father's death? Will she feel guilty because of the way she treated him the last time they talked when he was holding out an olive branch. And what will she do when she finds out Lena wants to have a child. Considering the mess the Teen Ugh fest has been causing the house it's not a real ideal time to bring a child into the picture. And just who will serve as the sperm donor for Lena's child?

I've seen people online suggesting it'll be Mike, and that is just so weird. It'll be like Mike was married to both of these women who are now married and will both have a child about him. Still, it makes the most sense. But will Mike want to let Lena and Stef be sole parents to the child and not want to play a father's role in the child's life? That's why an anonymous donor might be the best idea.

Are we possibly nearing an end to the Brandon and Callie Hour? It's really been negatively affecting the show. It's become like the Thing That Ate Pittsburgh. And it isn't even interesting. They're just so dumb and stupid. They're not even root-worthy as a couple. Bring back the nice family drama the show was, and stow this bad Romeo and Juliet wannabe romance.

Let's have more of Mariana and Jude. They've been building a nice relationship while Callie has been off having her little teen romance. Lena and Jude have also been good together. Meanwhile Mariana brief puppy dog romance seems to be over now she's been suspended and confined to the house.

The next big story after the teen ugh fest is given a break seems to be Jesus. Now he's not eating right. That just seems a recipe for disaster and may trigger some problems with his ADHD condition. There's also a possible triangle building between Jesus/Emma and the missing Lexi.

You know, since ABC Family is high on doing spin-offs maybe they can do one on the house the girls are at with House Mother Rosie. It's been the only interesting part of the Brandon and Callie ugh fest.


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