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The Fosters -- What Do You Do With A Problem Like Liam?

Updated on July 16, 2013

Mariana's loose lips causes a lot of problems for Lexi

It's interesting that the Rivera's are very accepting of same sex relationships and same sex marriage but when it comes to teen sex they're like enraged fanatics. Lexi's mother in particular, who decides she's going to send Lexi off to some boarding school in Texas. When they come to pull Lexi out of school, Lena discovers she could be in trouble and quite possibly lose her job if the Riveras cause a stink over Stef giving Lexi the Morning After Pill.

That turns out to be not a problem as the Riveras show up on Stef and Lena's doorstep because Lexi has run away so Mommy Dearest can't ship her off. Mr. Rivera and Stef go looking for Lexi and he reveals that his wife wanted to send Lexi back to Honduras, at first, and he managed to get her to settle for a boarding school in Texas. When they can't find Lexi, Stef suggests they file a missing persons report and that's when the horrible truth comes out. The Riveras are illegal immigrants in the country and they're afraid that if they file a police report INS could find out.

As it turns out, Mariana is hiding Lexi out. When the Moms came down on her for what she did and Jesus said she was a monster it seemed to have gotten through to her over her behavior towards Lexi. That, and the fact when she met her bio-mom, Ana, again, she hit her up for more money. Ana claimed she'd been clean for a week and needed money to go to rehab. When Mariana told her she didn't have any money, she urged Mariana to steal something from the house she could sell for money.

When Jesus hears the Riveras talking about their illegal status he tells Mariana who brings him to Lexi and they tell her she has to go back before they file a police report. Lexi returns and turns the tables on her mother. She tells her if she tries to send her away, she'll turn them all in to the INS for being illegal immigrants.

Later, when Ana tries to contact Mariana, she just ignores her call. Seeming to finally have had enough of her bio-mom's attempts to get money out of her.

Jude makes a friend at school name Connor who will be his study partner in a classroom project. Connor seems cool, but Jude's interest in him may not just be of the friend variety. Jude opens up to Connor about his and Callie's father and Connor gives Jude his I-Pod [or whatever it was] to keep. Hopefully, this doesn't end up backfiring on Jude.

When Wyatt learns Callie has made her Instagram account private, he figures out it's because of Liam, and apparently sends him a cyber threat. As a result Liam shows up at Callie's school and starts twisting her arm. Wyatt shows up and gets into a fight with Liam and Brandon has to break it up. When Callie tells Wyatt to stay out of the Liam situation, it appears to cause a break-up between her and Wyatt.

Brandon's still around and she finally tells him the truth about Liam. He forced himself on her when she lived with his family and she thinks he's doing the same thing to the new girl whose living with him, Sarah. Brandon urges her to turn Liam in, but she said it would be her word against his. She also reveals that it would go on her record and if they believe she's sexually volatile she could be placed in a group home and never be eligible for another foster home.

She tries to talk to Sarah to help her, but the girl shuts her down. So Callie starts to tell the group she has to meet with about Liam and Sarah runs off, telling her to leave her and Liam alone. Of course there's no telling what the violent Liam will do once Sarah tells him what Callie did at their group meeting.

Callie admits to Brandon she thought what Liam did to her was her fault, but now she knows she was his victim. He gets her to go home to the Moms, who was enjoying a quiet moment after all the trouble they endured with the Riveras out of the way. Once there Callie begins to tell them both about Liam and what he did to her.

It appears that Mariana will no longer prove to be a problem with Lexi and Jesus. She and Lexi made up and she seemed to accept her brother and best friend's relationship. And it appears that Lexi won't face any trouble from her parents because she has them right where she wants him. Her rigid fanatical mother also appears to have nothing to worry about the teen sex situation, as Lexi made it clear to Mariana after the scare she had she's not ready to have sex with him, again.

As I said at the start of this, it's interesting how the Riveras can be so accepting of same sex relationships and marriages, but be so uptight and rigid about teen sex to the point they're violently opposed to kids being educated in how to have safe sex. After the Riveras learned that Lexi had sex with Jesus, they wouldn't even speak to her and treated her like a leper. It shows that It shows that people aren't black and white. While they can be open-minded on one issue they can be completely close-minded on another.

And now that Stef and Lena know that Liam forced himself on Callie and may be doing the same thing to his new foster sister, what are they going to do about it? Callie and Jude got thrown out of that foster home because Liam lied that Callie was the one who seduced him. Will Sarah finally see that Liam doesn't care about her and is only using her and back-up what Callie's saying or will it end up being a case of He Said vs. She Said and just who will the foster system believe?


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