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The Four Colors of Nino: great Georgian singer

Updated on May 5, 2012
Nino Katamadze at the concert
Nino Katamadze at the concert

What is jazz, indeed?

Jazz isn't a style, it isn't a trend... It is how you breathe and how you perceive the world outside and all that is going on. Jazz is how you can wonder, float, feel, love... Jazz is Nino Katamadze - Georgian singer who conquers with her voice and music.

To describe the most beautiful things in this world words are needless. Nino Katamadze sings without words. She was born on the 21st of August 1972 in beautiful welcoming Georgia. She is the author of the most of the songs that she sings. Acid-jazz singer Nino has conquered the hearts of the most capricious gourmets with her albums Black and White .

She sings about what she feels and finally the song is about what everyone feels. Her melodies have some nostalgic notes. Where do they come from? Why, when you listen to this kind of music, you feel like this is familiar to you, as if you heard it in your childhood: in your mother's lullaby, in the noise of the trees' leaves, in the singing of the birds and in the sound of the sea waves? Feels like her music is from the early years when everything was bright, light, warm, endless, priceless, eternal...

It seems that Nino Katamadze can see the thinnest threads that unite us all. Her songs evoke in everyone a different emotion that comes from the experienced, sentimental... All of us can love, weep, laugh, dream...

Nino Katamadze
Nino Katamadze

So what makes her singing so unique?

While the musicians play quite a simple kind of jazz - the minimalist rhythmical net, the singer improvises in a cool and self-sufficient way, makes her complex voice flow in her own and subtle way. Her manner of singing can be compared to that of Ella Fitzgerald, although musically, it is quite a different story. This is root singing, traditional Georgian folklore, but not the technical singing of the notes in a beautiful manner. It is something based around the primary feeling of the national song. One doesn't have to understand the Georgian language, as this music can be understood without words.

When on the concert, the musicians are overshadowed by the singer but they play professionally. Sometimes Nino plays with only one musician, for example, with a guitarist. Actually, she doesn't even need an accompaniment. All by herself she is able to have all the attention of the audience. The scenic image of the group is simple and natural: no ethnic decorations, no shocking of the audience, only laconic movements, the sincere expression and very light energy.

The music played by Insight does not apply to any particular style: this isn't World Music, this isn't any kind of new avant-garde, this is just good music. On the one hand, this is serious jazz. But Nino has somehow managed to make something simple out of it. She gives this really full impression that it's her one self that she sings. She has this combination of spontaneity and good aiming that make her style cater to any taste.

With her group Insight , Nino has registered the four albums that as if to remind of her naturel and simplicity, bear the names of colors: Black, White, Blue, Red.

If you could, would you go to Nino Katamadze and Insight's concert?

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