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The Fourth House in Astrology

Updated on December 21, 2013

Houses in astrology describe specific experience fields in the true life of the native. These are actually an indication of how the person is functioning, such as the method she interacts with his love affairs, work and other people. Just like the 12 signs zodiacs, there are twelve houses in astrology with every house analogical with 1 of the signs. Also, with the signs which spread over 30 degrees of the zodiac circle, the house size varies greatly between them. Calculations for the houses are based on the exact birth time.

Themes of Life

The fourth house includes themes of selling or buying homes, establishing a home, sanctuary, self-care, safe shelter, the unconscious, past lives, the womb, family history, a home base, ancestry and mothering. This is the home arena and those that live with you at home. It shows how early family influences you and a sense of rooting that goes way back in time. It is the Deep Self’s base, the one that emerged from ancestry in a long line, whether they are consciously known or not. This house is where all you know is integrated about where you have been to create a sense of who you are, or your home base. It is the house of nurturing at its earliest, and goes back to when you were in your mother’s womb. This influences whether there was a sense of shelter and how that care was perceived by you. It is a private comfort, and a house of emotional retreat. Often, this house is associated with your mom, but the memory changes if your dad was your primary caregiver. In later life, the 4th house is the particular guide to the way retreat is searched for. It is about home as a sanctuary and the way it soothes your self’s innermost parts.

Ruled by Cancer

The fourth house is ruled by the sign of cancer and by the moon. Nadir is the name of your chart bottom. Here, having a planet is very important as it acts as one of your chart’s angles. It is how you view traditional values, family and home. This is personal and different for every person. For members of just one family, it is even different. Your basic origins, roots and emotions are all considerations of the fourth house. Some even say that a fourth house cusp is a consideration of how deeply on earth you are planted. This represents nurturing from a parent, for some it this is father and for some this is mother. Family influence, self-sufficiency development, loving care, ethnic traditions, heredity and family support are all included in the fourth house. This also has to do how your own life is defined. Your inner personality, basic fundamentals, sentimental feelings, memories, psychological makeup and patterns of dependency all have to do with the fourth house. This also has to do with transactions, sales, merchandising, your area of work, personal space, property, home, accumulation and daily expenses as well as how abundant available goods are. It also has to do with the way you protect your things and how attached you happen to be to objects and people. Any house planets weaken or strengthen this, making it less or more significant according to your particular natal chart of birth.

House of Home

The 4th house is referred to commonly as the House of Home. When you think of your home, you think of that location where you have planted your roots. It is where you are planted firmly on earth and where you have laid your foundation. One day, the 4th house brings things fully in circle through addressing your final resting place, endings and old age. Much of the 4th house emphasis is on the concepts of home. Through planting your roots, you create your own home which houses your ‘self.’ You might want to keep in mind that aside from your external house that is made of mortar and bricks, the essence of ‘being home’ is what the 4th house is about. In themselves, these words have a ring that is peaceful. The self is at peace with the Earth, grounded, centered and ‘one.’ People seek to come home psychically or physically for those you love and for yourself. Through creating a home, you create a sacred place, a sanctuary, a meeting place and a place where you can be yourself completely.

Roots of Existence

In your natal chart, the fourth house is about the roots of existence, the end and beginning of everything. Our ancestry, family, home and foundation is where our hidden treasures are, after all. This house is where you go for a renewal and retreat, a place of support, a sense of belonging, the collective or deep unconscious, the ‘groundedness’ that nurtures and supports you as you exist where you are.

Real Estate

In normal astrology, events and circumstances that affect values of real estate, agricultural interests, produce, crops, buildings, products, mines and other similar endeavours are ruled by this house. The land is the locale where individuals have to content with forces of nature. Rather than atmospheric, terrestrial, this house has to do with damage that comes from mining disasters, earthquakes and floods. The interests of the people in contrast from those of the governing class and the government have to do with the 4th house as well.

Water House

The fourth house is part of the group of water houses along with the twelfth house and the eighth house. All these houses deal with responses that are conditional that now operates and is instinctual through emotions. In these houses, planets show what occurs on the level of the subconscious and indicate the processes of gaining consciousness through assimilating the essence of what had occurred in the past. At the same time, it is a house that lets go of useless fears and memories that hold people back. In these houses, the person who emphasize them live mainly in their feelings and in their deep yearnings. The soul and emotional needs take hold of most of the life activity of a person and expenditure of energy. In water houses, planets affects the individuals’ predisposition emotionally, how she or he copes with private needs getting fulfilled and obsessive feelings getting confronted. To what extend a person lives their inner or private life as well as their soul and emotional state is ruled by the fourth house.

Your General Security

Being the house where roots are planted, the fourth house is where you would secure yourself generally and find your limits. It is the end of any of your 3rd house searching. Here you will manage to get control of the entire circumstance you are in, settle down and end your search. From this base, you will be able to experience, feel and work. This is the thick or the core of your experiences.

Earthly Matters

The fourth house summarizes matter related to concealed treasures, mines, cities, estates, houses, land matters, real estate transactions, rentals and leases. When symbolized by a woman, it is characterized by the first child and often, environmental change is produced by this house within the native’s disposition, where he can upset or alter the conditions of his home and those related intimately to him. When the first house is heavily tenanted, this frequently indicates that a scientific career will be the pursuit. Laying down a proper foundation for the 4th house can help you build a result that is secure.


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