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The Full Bringer Returns, Ichigo and his Powers are Back??? and I sense a Bull coming...Bleach 681

Updated on July 8, 2016

It makes sense Kind of???

I am suppose to give you guys a review of Dragon ball Super however, the latest Bleach chapter went out may as well be up to speed so, I guess I will just review Super next time... Anyway, here we go.

I will never give you the chapter play by play because may as well go to a manga site for that ... this is a review / my thoughts on how these events will and can affect the core of the series. Speaking of that , I was wrong guys last time my loyalty lies on Team AIZEN but, it is not going to happen because Uryu is now in the play at max power so much for my bet huh!!!

Slowly but surely the elements that can beat Juha are now showing themselves thus we now see where the Author wants or where is he going cool!!! that " ANTI THESIS " can really be handy now. Furthermore, Kurosaki Ichigo has his powers back so that is good news but, how he got to that point same with Uryu that to me is just BULL!!! Really?

Okay let us review how Ishida came up to speed here he was healed by his freaking opponent that he could not beat to start with!!!! Wow again going back to my earlier gripe that the author wrote himself out so far off the chain that for him to get back to circulation he had to " COP OUT" things I mean why do this??? and it is even worse for Ichigo the main series hero...

Correct me if I am wrong but, Tsukushima has the power to insert his essence to a person's past memory as shown on the Full Bring Arc so, how the hell is he over riding present events???as in he was able to give back Ichigo's powers because he rewrote Juha's future that now became present thus he stole Kurosaki's powers yeah all of this events are happening currently not the past so how??? What the!!! unless,, you look at it as well it is the past technically for Juha already left??? But still, I cannot help but feel that it is BULL!!! what do you guys think let me know...

Another issue that I had is freaking Ichigo, what I meant by that is, it is okay to feel down because you are facing a GOD but, to give up without even trying is something else it took Renji the iniative to say along the lines of " I know I will loose but I will not go down doing nothing" and then, when he got his powers back he has that look as if saying " That was just a joke now, I am the best move out I will handle this" good job Ichigo... And that ends the chapter but I am curious to see what will Ichigo's plan of attack now that he has a glimpse of what Juha can do??? Next week then.

Author's Notes

As token of my gratitude for visiting and taking time to read this " HOBBY of mine" perhaps I may interest you on something that can change your life... Interested???just beep me by mail

Email: perhaps for any feedback on how I can make my write ups rookie or not. growth is always welcome...

Until next time!!!


How do you find this Chapter??? Do you agree with my Points???

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