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The Game Of A Century:Undertale

Updated on February 24, 2016

Wow, I'm Blown Away!

This game...are there exact words to describe it all in one hub. The heartwarming story, the grand characters, the cruel but true message, the funny humor, the evil villains and much much more. This game is such a great game, so you know what, im going through every main character, every boss, every message, and every tear jerking moment in this gem of a century...and of course the jack jumping music.

Epic Soundtrack

(Papyrus) Bonestrousle:90/100

(Toriel) Heartache 81/100

(Undyne) Spear of Justice 88/100

(Muffet) Spider Dance 91/100

(Dummy) Dummy! 78/100

(Napstablook theme) 79/100

(Sans) Megolavania 93/100

(Asriel) Hopes and Dreams 99/100

(Asgore) Bertrucking 89/100

(Mettaton) Metal Crusher 74/100

(Gasters theme) 44/100

(MettatonEX) Death by Glamour 96/100


(TEM) TEM 87/100

(So Sorry) 80/100

(Genocide Undyne) Fight With a True Hero 89/100

(Omega Flowey) Your Best Nightmare 68/100

(The Amalgamates) 80/100


Say hello to this charming and overconfident character, Papyrus. Papyrus is the little brother of Sans, another skeleton, and always loves trapping you in your path to the surface. Originally your enemy, Papyrus builds into your heart with his wacky mistakes, his silly and epic puzzles, his delish spaghetti and his charming hugs. You meet him when your going through snowdin, a small town after you leave the ruins. So, this character is also trying to capture you to get into the royal guard, but he notices how nice you are and lets you pass to places beyond snowdin. Not only is he important in many storylines, such as the hangout with Undyne and...DATING SIMULATOR, hes also one of the three people you can call, with Undyne and Toriel. And make sure you save all your terrible puns for Sans and Toriel, with him absolutely despising puns.



Now this will actually be your first character, and is barely ever seen in the game. You meet her when you encounter Flowey, the friendliest flower in the underground...or so you think. Your about to be torn to shreds by his friendliness pellets, when Toriel comes and knocks the crud out of him. You go along with Toriel and you learn shes a sweet, kind and generous character. Then, to get out of the ruins, you go into battle. Most players will get through without killing her, and its so sad when her arms are torn away and you go to the underground. But in the end, shes the heroine of your story as she inspired you to defeat Flowey/Asriel in the true ending. Truly a nice heartwarming character with you all the way, just make sure the dog isn't going to get her phone again.



This one character put the nice calm mood into Undertale, or maybe you choose to do genocide. In that case....your gonna have a bad time. Sans is a chill, nice and pun loving skeleton who loves his brother so dearly he'll give anything to make him happy. Now in pacifist, Sans is still completely awesome, but jeez, his genocide mode is EPIC to the core. On pacifist hes that cool random not hard working skeleton who sells you hot dogs, and hot cats. But in genocide hes pretty cool, but once he notices your evil, he gets concerned for his brother Papyrus. If you kill him, almost to the end of the game he gives you a bad time. He only has one damage and one hp but his damage has some type of poison effect, and he dodges your urgent attacks. But once you catch him of-guard, you break his skull in a heartbreaking moment. You first me Sans when you get in Snowdin.



Meet the lovable flower Flowey who wont hurt you...OH GOODNESS HES KILLING YOU. Flowey has a lovable form but a deadly inside. He was made to love no one, and though he can look cute, he can occasionally change his adorable happy face into a murderous photo shop form. And with all the ways he lures you to evil it makes him a memorable character. But try and make sure that Flowey doesn't get Papyrus on his evil side with his flattery! And because of this crazy character we get a bunch of different bosses!



This is the girl with determination all the way to China and the spirit of William Wallace. With her constant talk of determination, shes the heroine of your adventure (sorry Alphys) with her spears and how every kid in the underground wants to be like her, she is a very likable character. In every way she never gives up, never complains, never isn't awesome, and loves her anime. She also loves Alphys and always wanted to know more about her history books and her "ice cream". If you see this character run right now, because shes a human hunting fanatic, like Papyrus. Also, she is even cooler on genocide...Undyne the Undying anyone.


This isn't Mettaton EX, it's Mettaton NEO
This isn't Mettaton EX, it's Mettaton NEO


"Ill make you last living moments, absolutely beautiful" is a line from our next character Mettaton. While being a total disgrace in genocide, hes a fan-nominal villain in pacifist, wanting to help his viewers and kill you. Hes originally just a plain old rectangle with 9 viewers, but in his finally, its so hilarious that I nearly died of laughter. Another thing about him is that this is the most unique character ever in Undertale. A robot with an over-confident personality that turns into that gouges body in the finally, don't tell me you've seen that before. And my final reason is...Legs, to fabulous to describe. You first meet this character in Alphys laboratory

97/ favorite character

Character: Alphys

Ah Alphys, the fanfiction anime lover inside of us. We meet this character in her lab right before Mettaton attacks and she is super dorky. She spends her time spying on you, watching anime with Undyne, making instant pasta and just doing a bunch of other dorky things. Though, until you show up, she feels sad and depressed and feels like she was a giant failure. Like Toriel, shes desperately lonely, always wanting Undyne, and in the true pasifist, making that dream come true. Shes just a dorky person, and one of you unconfident friends.



Probably the only dull character in Undertale, Asgore never really spoke out to me. To describe him i'd say hes a spoiled brat whos over sensitive. Still, hes a neat guy who I think can sometimes be interesting, but sometimes I liked him better on neutral, and I really didn't mind when flowey kills him. An overall bland character with only a few good moments, though on neutral hes pretty awesome. You're gonna meet this furball once you have gotten through the judgment hall.


The Routes

I could count down Asriel, but why bother when I can tell you the message this game sends. There are three different routes, the Genocide route, the True Pacifist route, and the Neutral route. The first route will be the genocide route, in which you murder everyone. First you murder Toriel, and then she says you will never be good, and your just like the others. Then Papyrus doesn't even fight you, thinking theres still a slick chance of your revival, but when you kill him he says he believes in you, then dies. Then Undyne comes around as Undyne the Undying and is completely hard but you manage and continue you murderous rampage. You slaughter everyone else like Mettaton NEO and Muffet, until you are brutally killed over and over again by the hero, Sans, who stops at nothing to get vengeance for his dead brother. Once he dies you kill Asgore, and even your evil acquaintance Flowey. Then Chara meets you and the only way to stop this is to erase the world. Absolutely the worst ending in the game. Then the neutral ending has you fighting the almighty Omega Flowey with the six souls. But the souls still see something great in the world and they kill Omega Flowey. Then, depending on the people you kill Sans will talk to you, telling you all that's happened in the underground. Then, if you kill no one, Flowey reveals how to get the True Pacifist, which leads to the Alphys date. Then when you go to her lab, she gives you a note, leading you to some mini bosses, known as the alagamates, then you go to fight Asriel. And let me tell you, this was one sad fight, leaving Asriel behind, going to the surface, its all so happy. But whats the point in it all, you may ask. Well let me tell you.

The Brilliance Behind Undertale

This game uses something very rare, you fighting your friends. Over the game, in the game there are only 2/8 of the main characters you dont fight, Sans and Alphys. And in a game its very rare to fight friends, like Toriel, Papyrus, Undyne and others. You even fight most of the other characters. Sure theres the easy way out, fighting, but if you dont want to hurt your enemies, you can talk to them. Thats the beauty of Undertale, the message, the only game I have ever seen that lets your foes, turn into friends. Then, theres the insane in the mainframe people who murder everyone and watch there souls jump out of there once living bodies. But once you've done you evil ways, Toby, the creator, makes you notice your evilness, and lets you spare your enemies, so even you can get a happy ending. But Toby knew you were evil, and to stab you in your back, when Toriel pushes you into bed, Chara awakes. If you didn't know, Charas the evil inside everyone. That person saying, kill them Frisk, don't let them live. Thats really why Undertales a great game!

How good do you know your Undertale

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Enjoy the Game!

Now that you've heard of this hub, your probably dying to play this game, and let me tell you, its the best 10 dollars ill ever pay, its my favorite game.


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    • Discordzrocks profile imageAUTHOR

      Gavin Heinz 

      2 years ago from Austin TX

      I HAVE AN IDEA, its Steven Universe vs Gravity Falls


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