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The Glass House -- She's Cah-razy

Updated on July 3, 2012

Remember when the show started and Robin seemed like this stable motherly type? Well, that was blown to bits, this week. Turns out she's batshit crazy.

In the aftermath of Apollo and Holly's isolation in Limbo Land, the players are playing a Truth Or Dare type of game where they tell the story of someone they loved and lost. Stephanie tells how she met the love of her life and three and a half years later he died. All the guests cry, then Robin makes the moment awkward when she basically says, "Well, you think that's bad, one of my boyfriends tried to murder me. He held a knife to my throat. But I'm not going to talk about that.

Erica takes Robin on saying she was trying to make Stephanie's moment all about her, while Robin says she was trying to show empathy. Erica says Robin is always trying to make everything about her and turn it into The Robin Show.

It turns out Robin has some alliance with Kevin and Mike and she tells them she feels like she's going to snap. Then it looks like she stays up all night scrubbing the floors on her hands and knees. The boys say they'll still depend on Robin to be loyal to them, but she doesn't get to make any decisions, cause she's cah-razy.

Andrea feels they need to get rid of Stephanie because of her said love story. That none of them can win against her.

Apollo and Holly returns from Limbo Land. Apollo is sent back down the tube, as the viewers have voted him out, while Holly is welcomed back.

Erica and Jeffrey are voted to move into the enemies room together. She doesn't have a problem with it because Jeffrey is her BFF.

Meanwhile, Joy, Stephanie and Gene are in the kitchen rubbing food on each other's faces. Gene and Joy may be having a showmance. Joy says she likes to flirt with boy sexes.

This week's captains are appointed and the most unpopular players are Ashley [again] and Robin. Erica declares Ashley is boring and Robin is cah-razy.

Mike and Kevin tell Holly the house is split and the rest of them were trash talking about her the minute she went down the tube.

Viewers vote for the house guests for 24 hours and Jeffrey refuses to do it. Jeffrey also gets on Andrea for being a Mormon and puts her on the spot about how she feels about homosexuality and gay marriage. Jeffrey won't let it go and when he finally storms out Andrea is left in tears. He even goes so far as to campaign for everyone to show a show of solidarity for gay rights by voting Andrea into Limbo Land.

You know how things get when the drinks start flowing? Well, another showmance seems to be brewing between Erica and Kevin. She even gets him to crawl in bed with her where they play kissy-face together. The morning after when the drinks have worn off, Erica feels a bit uncomfortable. While Kevin earns the name dawg when he votes for Erica to be sent to Limbo Land.

Special visitors to The Glass House are Tenley and Kiptyn from The Bachelor who give them some tips on how to deal with being on-camera 24/7. Then they leave as soon as they came.

The competition this week seemed kind of lame. The Captains [ Ashley and Robin] are given three choices of what the viewers voted for the players to do and then they send one of their team members to do it. Robin guesses wrong on how viewers wanted a cushion deflated and her team loses. In an extremely close vote that pits Andrea against Erica, Jeffrey doesn't get his show of solidarity as Erica is sent to Limbo Land with Robin. That should be fun after the way the two got into earlier.

You know, I don't really see this show going beyond this season. The players are glorified lab rats in a glass maze. The only thing they get to choose is who gets to go to Limbo Land. Judging by the way Kevin acted this week to Erica, I think he'll be voted in by viewers next week as one of the Team Captains, and there goes his alliance with Mike. And if I miss my guess, Jeffrey will be voted in as other Team Captain.. There's just too much viewer control over the show to really get any kind of emotional involvement in any of the players winning.


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    • profile image

      Janhorner 5 years ago

      You have written a very complex piece! I kind of got lost half way through but find it all very amusing. I never watch these kind of shows so that's probably why I have not picked up on some things. I believe the house is spilt into various departments and the inmates are sent here or there etc! You have presented this extremely well and I take my hat off to you!

      Voted up,