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The Greatness of the MCU's version of Spider-Man

Updated on October 18, 2019
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Michael is a graduate of Wagner College in Staten Island, New York with a bachelor's degree in Business Management.

The Greatness of the MCU's version of Spider-Man

Spider-Man is one of the most recognizable and popular comic book characters of all time. His popularity is due in part to his relatability and genuine kid-like enthusiasm. He reminds the reader of themselves with his real-world struggles as he balances life as a superhero with teen problems such as homework and bullies.

Sony Pictures made the first Spider-Man live action film in 2002. Two sequels followed until a fourth installment was scrapped leading to The Amazing Spider-Man reboot films with Andrew Garfield. After one sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man series was cancelled. News swirled that Sony was looking to reboot Spider-Man with a new actor yet again. People love the character, but after so many missteps along the way, will the audience really care for a third reboot of the character in a rather short span of time? At first, people were mostly interested because this version was planned to be set in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Meaning that Sony and Disney came to an agreement to put Spider-Man in the Marvel films. This had people somewhat excited about Spider-Man being able to interact with their other favorite heroes on the big screen for the first time. Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, was first introduced in Captain America: Civil War and then went on to his solo film Spider-Man Homecoming. Now, we've seen this character several times in Avengers: Infinity War and Spider-Man: Far From Home. So why do I feel this version of the character is so great?

Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man feels different than any other version previously seen. It feels fresh and new which is remarkable considering this is the third reboot of the same character. The difference isn't just that this Spider-Man gets to play and interact with all the other heroes in the MCU but that is a plus. This version feels more real. This is the first version of the character that actually feels like he is a high-school student. The previous Spider-Man films casted much older actors to play a teenager. Tom Holland looks like a teenager and his performance sells how immature and inexperienced he is which makes his version more believable and compelling. His Spider-Man is energetic and clumsy. He makes plenty of mistakes and often times fails to see the big picture. That's what makes this version so great. This Spider-Man is going through growing pains of being a superhero and also being a teenager. Holland is helped in Spider-Man: Homecoming by one of the best and most realistic villains in comic book movie history in Michael Keaton's Vulture.

The MCU's version of Spider-Man is so great because of how flawed and real he is. He's relatable and you understand and sympathize with him. He wants to do the right thing but often times isn't sure exactly what that is. It's also realistic that this young kid would need a mentor to help like Tony Stark has throughout the films. Eventually in Spider-Man: Far from Home, we see Peter Parker start to become his own person and become more confident in his abilities. This shows character growth and makes the audience feel as if they have been on a journey with this young man through his teen years in school.

I'll wrap this segment by saying that not everyone will agree with me and I respect that. I've heard all the arguments. That this Spider-Man is too whiny and needs too much help from others. But, he is a teenager and thats how teenagers are, they are still dependent and in an awkward stage in their life. That's just one example of what someone might say who doesn't really like this version of the character and that's okay. Difference of opinion is a good thing for cinema and invokes lively (not hostile) discussions which I encourage of course. It is my opinion that this version of the character is great because of how relatable and realistic he seems. His trial-by-fire entrance throughout his teen years and superhero life is emotional and reminiscent of the audience's growing years as a young adult. Overall, the MCU's Spider-Man is fun, entertaining, and adds all the emotions you could possible think of proving to be a great movie-going experience for everyone.

© 2019 Michael Gerbino


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