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The Hangover - One hilarious flick, indeed!

Updated on January 3, 2010

The Hangover brief overview

I have to say when I first watched this in the summer time, I could not believe I pretty much laughed throughout the whole film. I said to myself "Is this film really that funny???" Movies nowadays *imho* are kind of not worth seeing in theaters for the most part but this was definitely worth the $9.50 i paid for it. I told myself that I had to get this on DVD or something. This came way out in June but did not release to the home version until last month. It was well worth the wait. I went on iTunes and immediately downloaded this film.


One of the main things about dvd, and blu-ray releases are the extras that are put on the home version to make it more viable. I definitely dug how they did the menus, added the map features and you can see little clips. One of my favorite parts of this whole section was the little section they did on Ken Jeong. There were some cut out sections "obviously could not be put on the final version of the film" but they were hilarious! He goes on for an extended 8 minute tirade. There were some interesting bloopers. And the pictures on the camera "remember that part at the end"..hahahahahaha. Yeah, some kinda disturbing but hilarious photos, nonetheless. There are also different take outs including the scenes with Mike Tyson that were not shown in the theatrical version.

The film

There's not too much difference between both the theatrical version and the unrated version. The unrated version is just a little bit longer (106 mins) compared to the theatrical version (100 mins). Either way, the movie is in great quality (as it should be), and the sound quality is really good, too. I love the soundtrack especially since it has one of my favorite Kanye West songs "Can't tell me nothing".

 This is definitely a great buy and will have you rolling for a while *literally*. I definitely recommend it whether you are hosting a party, a chill sunday afternoon, or just wanna get a good laugh.

The Hangover: trailer


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