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The Hanover House - A Haunting Look at the Film

Updated on August 12, 2013


Film Poster
Film Poster | Source

Director : Corey Norman

Cory Norman has worked for such television channels as the History Channel, Nova, NationalGeographic and Discovery. In conjunction with The New York Times, Nova's BIOTERROR won a "Best News and Documentary Emmy", which Cory was the assistant editor on. He was honored for his work by "Maine Today Media" with their "Forty under 40" in 2011. He has edited and directed 2 music videos for the band "Last Chance to Reason" whose youtube following is growing past 100,000 views. The film he did prior to "The Hanover House" was "The Barn" and it was accepted into 9 different horror film festivals such as The Indie Horror Film Festival and Fright Night. Cory Norman is well worth the effort to keep an eye on for his future features including "The Hanover House" because this guy has what it takes to bring a new vision to the horror genre in regards to film directing. Keep an eye out for him in the future and remember, you heard it at Horror on the Border first!

The Haunted Cast

Name :
Character :
Known For :
Brian Chamberlain
(Robert Foster)
"Gilded Lilys (ABC)", "Dexter A.R.G. (Showtime Online)", "Anatomy of Tide (film)", "Forsaken (film)"
Casey Turner
(Shannon Foster)
"See Girl Run (film)"
Anne Bobby
(Martha Foster)
"Nightbreed (film)", "Beautiful Girls (film)", "Born on the 4th of July (film)", "Happiness (film)", "The Pickup Artist (film)", "Mad About You (TV)", "Children of the Bride & 2 Sequels (TV), "Cop Rock (TV)", "The Burden of Prood (TV)", "What the Deal Man Heard (TV)", "Law and Order (TV)", "Gabriel's Fire (TV)"
Daniel Noel
(Jim Foster)
"Special Delivery (film)", "Anatomy of Tide (film)"
David Shaffer
(Fred Foster)
"The Hanover House (debut film)"
Andrew Sawyer
"Bounty for Susannah (film)", "Special Delivery (film)"
Erik Moody
(Charlie Foster)
"Blue Potato (film)", "Ragged Isle (web series", "Up, Up, Down, Down (film)"
Matthew Delameter
(Jonathan Blake)
"Anatomy of Tide (film)", "The Forsaken (film)", "The Big C (film)"
Lisa van Oosterum
(Helena Reese)
"Pokemon (TV)"
Shannon Campbell
(Ellie Hobson)
"The Crew (film)", "Witch Hunt (TV)", "Mom's Dead and I'm Broke (film)", "Benny in Reverie (film)"
Rick Dalton
(The Preacher)
"Ragged Isle (Web Series)",
Janelle LoSciuto
"The Hanover House (debut film)"
Vanessa Romanoff
(Sarah Hall)
"The Hanover House (first feature length film)"
Jenny Anastasoff
(Patience Blake)
"The Barn (film)"
Holly Danger
(Margarette Reed)
"The Hanover House (debut film)"
Mike Rodway
("Young" Robert Foster)
"The Barn (film)", "Ivory Wave (film)", "Code Name : Danger (film)"
Olivia Roy
(...the "girl")
"The Hanover House (debut film)"
Ian Carlson
(..the Minister)
"A Bell in the Yard (film)", "A Bounty for Susannah (film)", "SWAMP GOBLIN (film)", "The Transition of Minor Skies (film)", "Telephoto (film)", "Strange Night (film)", "Death Rides Last (film)", "Stuff With Hate II : Get a Job (film)", "Time Travel: An Allegory A.K.A. I Built A Time Machine to Kill Hitler (film)", "Unusual Suspects (TV)", "Ragged Isle (web series)"


Robert Foster has been grieving over the loss of his father for some time now. The funeral is very soon and Robert is dreading it. His father and him were very close but now he is gone, forever. The world seems very dark for Foster right now, but he has no idea how dark things can really become. He brings himself to go to the funeral of his late father and expects to pay his respects and go home to start the healing process.

The funeral was hard enough for Robert let alone what unfolds on his way home from the funeral. Distracted by the recent tragic loss, his attention and nerves are wore thin by the tension the death has created within the family. His wife tries to console him on the recent events while driving back home from Hanover.. Out of nowhere, a young girl gets in front of his car and he hits her. They immediately get out to help the girl and know that they must try to save this poor innocent young girl.

Robert and his wife take the girl with them to find help to save her life and they stop at a farmhouse which was close by. Robert Foster had no idea that this secular isolated farmhouse has been waiting on him his entire life. The house confronts Robert with his inner suppressed demons in which he must battle and concur to save the life of himself and his wife.

The farmhouse presents a "slight issue" to the couple and pits them against each other in order to escape from inside of the home. The dark powers inside play psychologically on the couple and force them into a paranoid, maddened state where they fight each other to save their own life. What they did not know at upon first entering the house is that only one of them may leave the house, alive.

The Paranormal Production

The film was shot in a real haunted farmhouse located in Maine. The cast and crew experienced unexplainable cold spots, shadow people, and a full body apparition while working live on set to get this movie filmed. This is groundbreaking for the horror genre for this reason alone. No other film was actually shot inside of a real haunted house and the cast and crew would love to let you know what they experienced exactly.

"I was one of the first people in the house when we were arriving at the location. While everyone was unloading the cars, I walked into the OLDER part of the house. I'm fairly sensitive to ghosts (That's a whole other interview!), and was pretty open as I made my way. All the energy seemed fine - even happy, in one stairwell -- and then I got to this second staircase... and I can only say, the darkness got darker, the air got colder, and I TURNED AROUND and went BACK to everyone else. Never went further until we were all assembled and given a tour; THAT was when (of Course!) the person who lived there stopped at the stair and told about how 'hot' that spot was - ghosts were seen there, pictures fell off walls. I was SO not surprised. " - Anne Bobby, Actress (Nightbreed, The Hanover House)

"Prior to the production of The Hanover House, I wasn't sure if I believed in ghosts or not. On my third night in the house, I was awoken by my two dogs standing on the edge of my bed, growling. Standing above me was the figure of an old man. Other crew members saw shadow people, orbs and experienced cold spots." - Corey Norman, Director

Cory explains a bit more about the production of the movie and his vision in film making.

"The Hanover House started with a simple idea; what if someone you lost could come back? What would you say to them? When I had lost my own father, I was thankful we had a strong relationship. He was my best friend. But then I thought, what if we hadn't had a good relationship? What would I want to say? What would I need to say? That is how the film was born.

With my work, I like to start with a character with regular problems, and place him into an extraordinary situation." - Corey Norman, Director

My Personal Thoughts on "The Hanover House"

I have seen many films involving houses that will not allow you to leave due to the paranormal or demons but this film sets a new bar. In my opinion these guys set this bar fairly high up for other indie film makers to contend with. Although the film is yet to be released and is in post production, I am anxiously awaiting the release in the fall of 2013. The Hanover House brings tragedy, to an even more gruelling tragic situation. I need to know how the film turns out and what happens in the film more. I hope you as my readers feel the same way, I am sure you will,

"The Hanover House" 90 Second Trailer


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