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The Have And Have Nots -- "Are you working your way back to my complexion?"

Updated on February 14, 2017

Erica isn't taking V's threats serious

[Note: You just know I had to use that line.]

Last time, Veronica tracked down Erica and told Jeffrey and Candace how they could get away with murder. Benny was still acting like a two year old. Even Wyatt's dealer just said no to selling him more dope. And David feared Veronica was going to add Erica to his Dead Mistress Society.

V asks if Erica doesn't like the flowers. David asks Erica to let him speak to Veronica. He tells her to walk away from Erica. V asks Erica where she can find her pimp. I know V was just being nasty, but how close she came to the truth was amazing. David orders her to leave Erica alone. V asks David if he's slowly working her way back to her complexion since he's moved on from white to beige. I couldn't believe she actually said that. But every week there seems to be something I can believe she's said. Our Miss V is the queen of being politically incorrect. Veronica hangs up the phone as David rushes to Erica's place. V barges into Erica's place. Does she have a gun with her?

V says she got rid of one and he gets another. V asks how old she is. Erica says she's not as old as V. Oh, sweetie, you are so out of your league and it's not wise to upset the V. Maggie did and now she's Dead Maggie. V keeps asking for Erica's name, but she won't tell her. She again asks who her pimp is. She names a couple of pimps she knows. Oh, V, you were just having lunch with her pimp. Erica calls security and V says she won't have her husband. Erica lies that she slept with David. V continues to try and get info out of Erica, but she won't give her anything. V guesses that Erica is from Florida. V says Hurricane Veronica is coming her way and she'll destroy everything she's ever known. She threatens to make Erica lose her looks. Again, this woman doesn't make idle threats and this hoochie better start taking them serious.

Candace and Jeffrey still sitting where V left them. Candace won't answer any calls from Benny. Jeffrey says Candace is just like V; she uses people. She turns around and accuses him of using Justin. Candace accuses Jeffrey of being in love with Justin. Candace says she fell in love twice and it messed her up both times. Is she talking Quincy and Oscar? Jeffrey accuses her of being a sociopath.

Oscar comes in and sits down with Candace, telling Jeffrey to get lost. He shows her his mark. Charles, the presidential candidate. He wants her to go after Charles. She screams, “Get away from me.”

Justin calls Jeffrey telling him to get a room at the hotel. He's coming over. Looks like he wants some payment for helping him out at the murder scene. Or, at least, trying to.

Erica calls Candace. Erica tells her about V and asks her up to her room.

Erica calls David assuring she's fine. She asks David to take her out to dinner, tonight.

Erica, is apparently, using up a lot of her phone minutes.

Candace warns Erica that V is crazy. Candace brings up how the mortgage thing blew up in her face and she lost the house and the police took all her money. She tells Erica all about killing Quincy. Erica asks why she didn't tell her. She says Erica's people are her people. Erica acting weird again. Erica gets Candace to answer her phone to Benny. He says he's on his way.

After Candace left I wouldn't have been surprised if Quincy came out of the bathroom. I seriously ma getting a shifty vibe from the woman in her dealings with Miss Candace.

Quita back at Wyatt's place. Wyatt going through withdrawal. Wyatt begs for any kind of drugs. Quita likes his digs. Quita intends to make him take out all his money and give it to her. No more drugs for you, Wy-Wy.

Candace meets Benny in the lobby. Benny causes a scene. He tries to force her to go with him. Benny says she's responsible for Hanna's house getting burned down. She says she'll fix it. She still refuses to go with him. He finally tells her that War is out of jail. She agrees to leave with him when the big screaming ape gets security involved with his behavior. Seriously, this dude belongs in a cage until her learns how to act like a normal human being, not to mention to stop throwing tantrums like a two year old and grow up.

Finally the Cryer mansion. Jim talking to someone on the phone. Jim and Kat watching a news story on Jen-Jen being missing. Kat says she wants Jim out of the house. He says this is the FBI. Jim says him being in the house is her best chance. He says he's not leaving. Jim says he'll leave if she talks to Veronica and makes nice. He orders Kat apologize to Veronica. Kat says hell will freeze over, first. Jim puts the news on and sees Veronica slipping into Candace's house. I get where Kat is coming from, but what good is it going to do if she ends up in jail and Veronica is still on the loose.

Q looking at the news and says “Momma”. I'm surprise he even remembers what Candace looks like considering the few times the woman has paid him a visit. Hanna sends Q away as she watches the news. Just then Benny Gump and Candace comes in. Apparently, Benny Gump left his bracelet on Quincy's body when he buried him. He definitely earns the title of America's Dumbest Criminal.


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