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The Have And Have Nots -- As Promised It Goes Out With A Bang!

Updated on September 19, 2016

Tonight is the season finale that has been hyped since the beginning of the season as going out with a bang. Kathryn has a gun thanks to Jim's big smart mouth and her target seems to be the DA, meanwhile the DA has a new target as she tries to prove that Candace and Benny killed Quincy. Will this episode really end with a bang or will it be a whimper? Let's find out.

We open with the Cryer Mansion for a change, instead of on Candace, which seems to be how the show generally opens. It was a welcome change. Hanna comes down the stairs and answers the door. It's Lloyd. Kathryn wants to know what Lloyd wants. Lloyd tells Kathryn the DA made sure Kathryn couldn't get the money away from Wyatt. Kathryn says she'll deal with it. She says if the courts won't protect her son then she will.

Kathryn goes to see Hanna. She says she knows she has to leave. She gives Hanna Amanda's car. Hanna tells her she still won't come back to work for her. Kathryn asks if Hanna will come visit her. Hanna asks why she acts like she's going somewhere.

Jeffrey tries to call Candace but she won't answer her phone. Justin keeps trying to get Jeffrey to confide in him. Jeffrey says to search the backyard. He asks Justin to find his keys, without telling him where his keys are; on Quincy's dead rotting corpse.

Quita comes to stand outside of Candace's house, while Pearl gives her lip. The police burst into Candace's house. I can't help but wonder if somehow the Teflon Princess will get out of this and the body will have mysteriously vanished.

Melissa calls up Jeffrey as he sits by Wyatt's bedside. She hands over the phone to Veronica. She wants to know where Jeffrey is. She orders him to get his butt home NOW. Jeffrey refuses. Telling her she has no more cards to play. He tells her that the police are serving a search warrant on Candace's house and tells her to go to hell. He also calls her Veronica. Sounds like he no longer thinks of her as his mother.

Candace follows Benny back to the tow yard. She says she's going to get the money back. Benny won't talk to her. Candace turns off her phone, so she can't get a warning from Jeffrey of what's going down. I think she's so used to getting away with everything it doesn't even occur to her the cops will get a search warrant and search her house. One of the many dumb things Candace has done is not see Pearl, the neighbor across the street, as the danger that she has become to her. She just pooh-poohed the woman away as she went on her quest to get back the money she extorted from the Cryers.

David waits for Erica and she tells him her name is Erica. She wants him to go to a dive with her to have real southern cooking. And she wants him to walk. He agrees.

Jeffrey tells Wyatt he loves him, again. That Veronica is forcing him to get engaged to Melissa. Kathryn walks in when Jeffrey says he's sorry for what Veronica had done to him in jail and she makes him tell her what he means by that. He admits Veronica had Wyatt raped while he was in prison. And Kathryn takes off like a bat out of hell. Finally! Now, Jeffrey, tell Wyatt who really raped him when he's awake so he'll stop thinking his parents had that done to him.

David admits to Erica that he still loves Veronica, but he says it's over. It's too toxic. Too much damage. Erica puts music on the juke box and gets David to dance with her.

Kathryn goes to see Jim. She asks Jim if Wyatt was raped in prison. She wants to know what happened to go wrong. He won't tell her it was Veronica. Jim says he's protecting her. He says she needs to let him handle the clean-up. She throws in his face how he let Wyatt be abused while he slept with his whores and says she hopes he rots in jail.

That's why I thought Jim was keeping this from Kathryn. That he was protecting her because he knew she'd go ballistic if she found out about it. I also loved that he called her Kate. The only couple I've ever been into on this show is Jim and Kathryn. We only see little sparks of something here and there and I wish the show would really explore their relationship. Maybe they will next season if Jim ever gets out of jail.

Kathryn calls Veronica pretending to be all chummy with Veronica. She asks Veronica to arrange a meeting with the DA. To get her to come to her house. Veronica tries to weasel out of it, while Kathryn makes herself contain her anger as she gets Veronica to agree to come by her house.

Veronica shows up in the hood and slaps Quita across the face. Veronica says she has a plan and if Quita ruined it she'd better climb lower than the gutter she lives in. I'm amazed Quita let her get away with it. I guess it shows that even a bully is a afraid of a more stronger bully than themselves.

Mitch shows up at the tow yard. Benny asks if he put drugs in War's car. When Benny says Candace was lying, Mitch admits Candace was telling the truth. Benny says he's going to kill War. Mitch admits he did set up War. He tells Benny he's a Malone. He shows Benny a picture of him with his father. Benny says he's in business with the mob. Benny tells Mitch that Candace mortgaged the tow yard and his house. Mitch says he can get the money. Mitch says that money from his family would make none of them safe. Mitch says he guesses they'll have to start all over, again. Benny prepares to pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate the beginning of the end.

Oscar hanging out at the old campaign headquarters. He thinks he hears someone at the door. Candace makes a sneak attack on him and starts hitting him with a metal stick demanding to know where her money is. Hey, [insert an expletive], it's not your money. I wasn't impressed by Candace basically making a cowardly attack on someone. I'd have been more impressed if she'd had the guts to face him head on and then took out her stick.

Veronica calls the DA trying to get the DA to come over to Kathryn's house. The DA agrees to come over at 6, saying if Kathryn threatens her again she's going to have her arrested.

Benny comes home and Q comes down the stairs to see him. Hanna wants to know what's wrong. Hanna gets Q to go upstairs so Benny will talk turkey with her. He tells Hanna that Candace mortgaged his house and tow yard and forged his signature. Hanna says one day Benny will listen to her, and they're going to enjoy the last night with a roof over their head. Benny breaks down crying as Hanna goes off singing a hymn.

Kathryn meets with Veronica and the DA. Kathryn tries to play nice to the DA to give up Wyatt's money. Veronica and the DA start getting into it about David. Kathryn confronts Veronica about having Wyatt raped in prison. Kathryn says Veronica is the best lawyer and she can get the worst of the worst off. Kathryn says Veronica is like a cockroach. She says she's going to teach Veronica who to fear and how to fear. She asks the DA one last time to save Wyatt, and she refuses, again. Kathryn stands up and empties the gun in the DA, then turns to Veronica and says now her job is to get her off. Fade to black...

Well, this was an episode where promises were kept. Kathryn promised the DA, last season, if anything happened to Wyatt because she got him that money she'd make her pay for it. By a miracle Wyatt survived and still the DA thwarted every attempt Kathryn and Jim made to get the money out of Wyatt's hands so it wouldn't happen, again. Kathryn even begged her several times to take the money away from Wyatt, and the vengeful she-dog wouldn't do it. It was more important sticking it to Jim and Kathryn then preventing a tragedy from happening. So she ended up with a chest full of lead and dead on the floor of the Cryers living room.

Revenge is a double-edged sword. While you're trying to get revenge, never forget someone else might be seeking the same revenge against you. That's something the DA forget in her lust for revenge.

While I loved Kathryn walking away and adjusting the flowers after emptying a gun in the DA, I would have loved if she'd looked down at her as she laid dying on the floor and said, “Well, I guess you won't be needing those eggs anymore, will you?”

And the show kept it's promise. It started with the bang of a gun and ended with one. Now we all have to wait to see what happens when the show returns next year.


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