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The Have And Have Nots -- Is It Over For Benny?

Updated on January 22, 2014

Can Hanna stop Benny's bio dad from pulling the plug on him?

While I think Hanna is incredibly selfish not to tell Candace about her brother, just because she hates Candace. News to Hanna, Benny doesn't feel about her like you. But she was right to try and keep it from his bio daddy, because the instant bio daddy found out he was all for pulling the plug on his son so he can done get him a kidney. The doctor claims Benny is brain dead, however, since this same doctor has been telling Hanna to put her son in a coffin the instant he finished surgery on him, I don't know if you can really take his word for anything. This is the time you need a second opinion from a good doctor that doesn't work at that hospital. Whether or not it's true bio daddy went and got him a lawyer so he can force the plug be pulled on Benny so he can done get him a kidney. The guy is a total parasite.

Amanda is apparently still stalking Professor Rape. She's not only hanging outside of his house, but outside of his kids school as well. He's so desperate, he seeks out Candace and makes her an offer she can't refuse. He gives her a letter that will fast track to taking her bar exam and becoming a lawyer. In return he wants her to get Amanda off his back.

Celine decides to use Hanna's absence to try and get her fired and to poison Kathryn's mind against her. She goes on about what a boozer Hanna is and tries to suggest the reason she hasn't been there is she's off on a binder. Only thing is Kathryn's not buying it and calls Celine on her garbage. That's when Celine brings out the black and reminds Kathryn about the deal that she can't fire her as long as she does her job. I'm still thinking that Amanda is Celine's daughter; it can't be just an affair. As we know Jim has had 9 affairs so what would make her so special that Kathryn would have to keep her employed. Just what would Kathryn get out of it?

Kathryn calls Hanna herself and leaves a message for her. She still doesn't know that the man Wyatt ran down was Hanna's son.

Later, Kathryn and Veronica meet for lunch where they're joined by campaign guru Maggie, who immediately gets on Veronica's bad side by telling her she needs to change the way she dresses. Kathryn is next when she starts quizzing her on her marriage and her children. After she leaves they both decide they don't like the woman.

Jeffrey drops by the Cryers wanting his car. Wyatt admits he has no idea where he left it. Jeffrey figures he got high and disdains him for it, while Wyatt reminds him the part Jeffrey contributed in that happened. Jeffrey gets back in his car and declares Wyatt is no longer his friend.

Meanwhile David confides to Jim that Jeffrey told them he was gay. Jim is like, "Duh, we all knew that." Unfortunately, thanks to Veronica playing hardball with Jeffrey in hopes no money will make him gay no more David can't get in touch with Jeffrey. He tries to find the way to trace the car, but Veronica has that. Seriously, what was wrong with David letting Veronica have control over all the money and stuff Jeffrey had. When she catches him searching their bedroom for it, she won't give it to him.

Michael, the guy whose granddaughter died, comes to visit Hanna wanting her to come to his granddaughter's funeral and to stand with him to make sure the person that killed his granddaughter will get the electric chair. Actually, do they still have the electric chair? I thought it was all lethal injections these days. She says she'll think about it. And her doing it will probably be the only way Candace will learn what's happened to her brother, since she certainly won't tell her. No, all she can talk about is also taking Candace's son away from her, too. Well, Mommy Dearest, if she becomes a lawyer, don't count on that being so easy.

The only way I can see Hanna not telling what she knows and the driver is Wyatt [that's if she figures it out and makes the connection from what she saw with Wyatt and what happened to Benny] is if the Cryers somehow bring a specialist in that saves Benny's life and brings him back to her. Otherwise, I don't see her keeping quiet. Only if the Cyers moneys can help bring her son back to her will she keep quiet and not send Wyatt up the river.

I'm also wondering if it's possible Candace could try and get legal guardianship of Benny when Hanna and Tony the kidney thieving phony go to court to decide Benny's fate. I really don't think either is thinking about what Benny would want, and it's all about them. Tony wants to pull the plug so he can get his hands on one of Benny's kidney and Hanna thinks Jesus is going to lay hands on Benny and heal him even if he's brain dead. I think Candace would be able to do what Benny would want. Of course the irony would be after Hanna braying about how she's going to take Candace's son from her, if Candace actually took Hanna's son from her, instead.

Amanda seems to be reeling out of control. It's one thing stalking Professor Rape, but she's also stalking his kids. Just how far is she willing to go to get revenge on him. Would she actually harm his children to get back at him? Candace better stop acting like it's one big joke and start taking people's warnings about Amanda seriously.

Finally, just what will Jeffrey do when he learns Wyatt is the driver that killed the child? Will he turn Wyatt in to get revenge. That he's living with Candace and his brother was also a victim, will he tell her what Wyatt did. And if he does, just what might Candace do, especially if she's officially a lawyer when she finds out?


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