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The Have And Have Nots -- Just When You Think Veronica Can't Get More Vile

Updated on January 20, 2015

She Does!

Veronica is still beating on Maggie as David tries to pull her off. She may even got a crotch kick in. Then Maggie comes in to David's room once he pulls V off of Maggie to tell Vile Veronica nothing happened. Depending on your definition of cheating that may or may not be true. Darn, she's one dumb blonde. I'd be locking my door so that crazy psycho can't start hitting me and kicking me, again. But then I would have kicked David to the curb when he said he needed booze to screw me and I wasn't to speak.

Security knocks on the door and dumb as a doornail Maggie tries to tell Veronica how to handle this. Veronica opens the door and pretends she and David were having rough sex and got too loud. She also gets some digs in at Maggie as she's doing it. After security leaves, Veronica slaps him. Says she can smell that ho on him and he has his lipstick on him. Veronica won't believe him when he says he didn't screw the pooch. Only in Tyler Perry Land does Veronica get David groveling after her feet after he discovers she's been blackmailing their son not to be gay.

David says he's coming home and she says she dares him. He better watch out. She must decide to cut his tally wick off.

Back to Crappy Candace and her love slave. More pics of the rape of Jim. Skank is still going on about him signing her stupid papers and giving her lots of money. Now Psycho is going to shoot Jim full of electricity. Sorry, Tyler Perry, your psycho bimbo is so not interesting.

Jimbo offers to sign the papers, but she wants to make him suffer more. She leaves War to electrocute Jim. Bor-Ing! I'm so sick and tired of Princess Trash Panties.

There's a pounding at Jeffrey's door. Is it Benny or Psycho Mama? By Jeffrey's reaction, it must be Benny. He tries to lay a big wet one on Benny and he socks him. When Jeffrey won't give him any answers about Candace, Benny puts him in a choke hold. Then he gets Jeffrey to call Candace for him. Benny then tells War to keep an eye on her.

I wonder if good old Benny came out of the coma with brain damage or something. Pre-coma Benny seemed a lot nicer and gentler.

Celine arrives at work and finds Wyatt passed out on the sofa. Wyatt runs a hand up Celine's leg. Celine cops an attitude with Wyatt. Wyatt lays her down on the couch and starts kissing her. What a disgusting scene. Celine makes fun of his small dick. When she tells him to get off her, he tells her he knows she's Jim's ho. He won't get off her. She taunts him about her son who is so much better than he is. Then he reads her one of Jim's sexy texts to Candace. The fool thought it was one Jim had sent to her. She seems shocked that Jim has been screwing Candace. Seriously, didn't she think there were other after her? Wyatt says he's waiting to give Jim a piece of his mind.

Yeah, no news on who got shot. We'll see if they keep it a secret for another episode.

Now we're on to Hanna. Did she have the braids last episode? I don't think so. Guess she had her hair done in the middle of the night at the all night beauty salon in the hood. She's taking out her ugly wigs to return to being a maid at the Cryers. And taking out her maid outfit.

Granddaddy Michael starts putting the moves on Hanna. She says it feels good but she doesn't want to do it. He asks if she's attracted to him or if she likes him. He asks how long it's been since she's had a man around there and that he wants her. Now's the time for Psycho Benny to show up and show this dude to the door. He's got her on the bed and she says she's too weak to resist him. Even though she says she's not having sex with him, he won't get off her and it looks like she is going to have sex with him.

Okay, that's over ten minutes left. Will they actually reveal who got shot? Celine's in the house. Surely she could go up and find the dead body. That's if Hanna's sex takes too long for her to get to the Cryer Mansion.

If they do reveal who got shot, I think it'll be Amanda. Strangely enough the death of the psycho might have the most impact.

Here comes Veronica over to Jeffrey's without so much as knocking to lay a guilt trip on him for nearly driving her man into the arms of another woman. She says David is having an affair. Then she tells Jeffrey it's his fault. Sure, it couldn't be your fault, you vile hag. Come on, Jeffrey, don't let this bitch do this to you. Tell this hag where to go.

Candace comes home in the middle of the guilt trip. Candace tells Vile Veronica she's living there and Veronica orders Jeffrey to kick her out. Come on, Jeffrey, grow some balls and throw this hag out. Candace digs Veronica about David and Maggie. The Veronica uses the car to make Jeffrey throw Candace out. But Candace refuses to go.

The Vile Monster says she wants Candace to stay and she'll go. Candace shouldn't smile, cause Vile is going to tell Quincy where she is. Yep, that's exactly what the hag is doing. The evil ho even sicks Quincy on her own son. She says to rough Jeffrey up a little bit but to not really hurt him.

Back to Hanna on the bed still weakly protesting to what Michael is doing.

Yep, still no reveal of who got shot.

Seriously, this is so darned lame.

The promo pretty much reveals who was shot, though. Kathryn is fine, so it's definitely Amanda and apparently I called it correctly. Hanna finds the body.


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