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The Have And Have Nots -- Veronica 1; DA Jen 0

Updated on March 1, 2016

Benny and Hanna have head a belly full of David

As we left off last week, David was off on the hunt for Benny and Candace and her call girl friend, Erica, were beating the crap out of the social worker, because Candace was convinced she was involved in the con Oscar pulled on her and knows where he is. Meanwhile Quincy's crazy sister traced Quincy's phone to Candace's house, but she got chased away by Gladys Kravitiz's threat to call the cops on her. Hanna preached at Wyatt to change his ways and Kathryn couldn't get anyone to let Jim and Veronica out of jail.

Candace and Erica finally stop beating on the social worker. She tells Candy Crap once again she doesn't know where Oscar is. She claims he paid her $25,000 to trick the foul heifer into showing where her money was. I think she's making it up to appease the crazy bitch. She claims she spent all the money, but CC demands she give the $25,000 back, then adds she wants an extra $100,000, too. She also demands she wants her son. Why, Candy Crap? You haven't given that child a thought since you ran out and left him behind in the hospital to protect your own hide. This is CC's big problem. She never knows when to quit and is a greedy pig.

I tell you, every time Candy Crap goes on about it being her money, I want someone to tell her the money isn't hers. She extorted it from Jim and then Oscar stole it from her. Payback's a bitch, but then so are you.

Oscar shows up at David's. He tells David that Maggie had Veronica watched by a PI and had the pictures taken. Busted!

Kathryn comes to see David. Kathryn wants to know why David isn't anxious to have Jim and Veronica let out. Kathryn gets a call from the bank trying to tell her about Wyatt getting his money, but she blows him off. Kathryn tells David to put on his big boy pants and deal with Veronica cheating on him.

Maggie comes in and tell Kathryn that Jim is going down and she should distance herself. Kathryn says she'll get Jim out on her own, when David refuses to tell her what Veronica did to Wyatt and why he wants Jim and Veronica kept in jail because Jim will kill her if he gets out. Doesn't matter. Jim's already got someone in place to take her out.

DA Jen calls to make sure Wyatt has got his money. It's the man who was trying to contact Kathryn. He tells DA Jen that Wyatt has a drug problem, but the dimwit doesn't want to hear it cause it'll ruin all her plans. I hope this hag pays for what she's doing. She also threatens the man not to call Kathryn and tell her.

Back to Candy Crap and her pal, Erica. CC says she had it all. She had money and Professor Cannon won't call her back to give her another note so she can take the bar exam early. Erica says Cannon is dead; he was gunned down by a some girl's boyfriend. CC says maybe Hanna is right. Erica begs CC to tell her she didn't cross War, and she brings up the other girls they know he did something to when they crossed him. Erica says she has to warn Benny about War so he knows War is threatening his life. She claims she has another plan. She'll mortgage her house. CC says if she tells Benny what War is doing he'll go crazy. She wonders why she keeps putting herself in these situations and thinks Hanna is right about her.

Erica tells Candace she needs to tell Benny to mortgage his house for her. Then they decide to pay Landon a visit. Are they going to gang-bang him, too? Might be a little harder when it's a man you're trying to beat the crap out of.

Maybe Candace is finally going to learn. It's the first time she's ever had a moment of introspection.

Kathryn visits Jim and Veronica in jail. Kathryn tells Jim no one will help them. Kathryn tells Veronica that David is not trying to get her out. Veronica decides to represent herself.

DA Jen tells Wyatt that Kathryn is out. She promises him that Jim won't get out on bail. Then she gives him the documents to get his money. Wyatt is such a pathetic wimp. He's afraid he might run into Mommy. DA Jen tells Wyatt she's counting on him. I wouldn't count on him, sister, he'll probably fry his brains on drugs before he has to testify and you can thank yourself, DA Dum-Dum.

David comes to the Cryers and sees Hanna. Hanna confronts him about covering up for Wyatt. Hanna says she's not leaving there til she gets her check. Then David questions Hanna about Benny and Veronica and she won't tell him a thing when he won't admit what he did to cover up for Wyatt. She says he'd better not be threatening her son because she's had it with them. He claims he's trying to protect Benny. Hanna's not buying it for a second. She says she doesn't trust him or like him because he's a liar.

David calls Oscar, again. David makes sure all the calls to Benny's tow yard are re-routed to another tow yard.

Wyatt in his new hotel room as he and a friend are ordering stuff online. He wants to buy a condo. Wouldn't it be a hoot if Wyatt, Veronica and Candace all live in the same neighborhood? Would that be a trip for dear Gladys. Wyatt shows his friend the big package of drugs he has and tells his friend to bring him some women.

The bail hearing begins. Jim pleads not guilty. DA Scumbag orders Jim get no bail. The judge denies bail, cause DA Scumbag has the judge in her pocket. Jim gets 30 days for contempt of court. I don't know if he's planned it that way, but what better alibi than being in custody when the hit goes down on Veronica? Then it's Veronica turn. I hope Veronica eats this bitch up for breakfast and she does. Veronica gets bail. DA Scumbag loses. Veronica winks at DA Scumbag as she exits the courtroom.

Benny returns to the tow yard and Mitch tells him they haven't gotten any calls all afternoon. Mitch believes David is behind it. Benny calls their phone number but the phone at the tow yard doesn't ring.

Landon takes a call from Candace. He says he can't see her right now. Little Maggie is crying cause things aren't going her way. Maggie blubbers to David that she's so sorry. Then Benny comes in. David orders him to his office. He demands Benny tell him about him and Veronica. Benny tells him to leave him alone and it's Veronica who came after him. David warns him to tell him everything or his trouble is just beginning. Just as they're about to fight David learns Veronica got bail and he runs out the door.

Maggie may think her precious David is so much better than Jim, but he's just as big a dirtbag as Jim is.


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