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The Have and Have Nots -- Walmart Obama Shows His True Colors

Updated on July 25, 2017

Last time, Kat took Hanna to her new digs. Candace was still chasing after the all mighty buck, Jeffrey's triangle was still going strong. And the Venomous Miss V prepared to move in for the kill on Justin.

Demonica wants to know if Justin is married. She starts cross-examining him. He stonewalls her, and she starts singing the harps and violins about Melissa, who she could care less about. Let's not forget the way she started slapping someone who'd just tried to kill herself for daring to thwart her. Then she accuses him of sexually harassing Jeffrey. She has a fit when he won't kowtow to her. She claims she's going to to the press about him sexually harassing her son. I really want him to be the one to take this bitch down. He tells her his wife is a judge on her case. She pulls this “I'm Veronica Harrington” stuff when Justin asks who she is. If you ever watched All My Children, which Ronnie from the Hood must have, she was pulling an Erica Kane. Justin gets right in the bitches face. I wish he'd throw her down the stairs. Justin walks away from the evil hag when she starts going on about Jeffrey and Wyatt.

Jeffy now keeps Jim from seeing his baby boy. Jim doesn't buy Wyatt wanting to detox and suggests Jeffrey got him to come here. Creepy little Jeffrey won't tell Jim where Wyatt is. The little creep finally tells Jim what room Whiny Boy is in when his Daddy gets him to spill. And that be all Daddy gets him to spill before this hour is over.

Jeffrey putting all the blame on Veronica for Melissa's mental state. I'm getting to dislike him more and more. She did what she did because of how cruel and viction Jeffrey was to her. David confronts Jeffrey about Quincy. He finally tells David what happened. He tells him Candace convinced him not to call the police. He tells David V is going to go to the court tomorrow to have the discovery of the body thrown out. David vows he's going to get Jeffrey out of this and tells him to not go back to V's House of Horrors.

Jim comes in to see a sleeping Wyatt, where Ana is sitting watching over him. He asks how he's doing. Jim wants some time alone with Wyatt. She doesn't want to leave him alone. Jim wipes Whiny Boy's sweaty brow and kisses him on the forehead. Then he leaves the little worm alone.

I know Whiny Boy wants to blame Jim and Kathryn for all his problem and his stalker, Jeffrey, is singing the same tune, but Wyatt caused this whole mess. Jim had to step in because Whiny Boy didn't have the guts to face the consequences for his actions, and after Jim protected him he wanted revenge cause he got his knickers in a knot. He's still not taking responsibility for his actions. He's the one who should be going to prison, yet he's trying to send his parents to prison for helping to protect his worthless butt.

Hanna sitting on the couch of Kat's new digs. Hanna doesn't want to eat anything. Hanna doesn't want to hear about God and says she doesn't know who she is right now. She wants to call Benny. Mitch answers. Mitch covers for Benny being in jail, again. Kat offers to help Hanna with the funeral arrangements. Hanna shocked to see Kat cooking. Kat asks Hanna how you turn the stove on. Oh, boy, that should be some cooking.

Crappy Cane hears Walmart Obama with his kids. She unlocks the door so they'll open the door and meet her. He has the governess take the kids to school. She gets him to come into her room and starts ordering him around like he's her maid. They are so boring and it's so ridiculous a grown man letting some cheap piece order him around. She offers to give him sex lessons. She tells him she's in control. She orders him to take off his clothes and I'm sure he'll do what she says. Then she orders him in the bed to wait for her. This is not the least bit interesting to watch and Walmart Obama is spineless. Seriously, the sex can't be that good.

Benny in the interrogation room. He still hasn't been arrested. An agent Davis wants Bennys DNA claiming he's a threat to a presidential candidate. Sounds like it's the doing of Walmart Obama.

Speaking of Walmart Obama, he says she doesn't respect him for all he's accomplished. He tells her she doesn't know him or what he's capable of. He calls for someone named Vincent and the room is filled with men. Candace is told she's under arrest for terrorism. This time he's giving her the orders.

This is another of those life lessons The Candace refuses to learn. Her sex isn't that good that these rich powerful men are going to let some poor hooker blackmail them and get away with it. That's how she got kidnapped and lost everything and still she didn't learn her lesson. Now she's doing it again and think Walmart Obama is some puppy dog she can lead around by the nose cause he's so enthralled by her sex. Only to find out she's messing with a pit bull whose about to bare his teeth just like Jim did when she pulled the same crap on him. And it seems just like with her being a threat to Jim. when Benny ended up being arrested, history has repeated itself.

Congratulations, Candy Cane, you screwed your brother over, yet again.


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