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The Haves And Have Nots -- A Ruling Is Made Regarding Amanda's Death

Updated on February 18, 2015

And viewers get taken for another ride...

Vile Veronica questions the cop who declared he didn't think Amanda's death was suicide and says he's not qualified to say Amanda was killed. The foul cretin then declares that no one will be answering his questions, but Wyatt stands up to the heifer and says he will talk to the cops. Then he tells Jim to shut up when Jim says he won't do any such thing. For a second it looks like Jim is going to attack Wyatt, but David holds him back as Jeffrey takes Wyatt back to the kitchen. Then Jim starts saying Amanda is his daughter. Is he saying Kathryn isn't her mother? He really put a lot of emphasis on Amanda being HIS daughter.

Adding to the icing on the cake, DA Jennifer, who wanted to nail Wyatt for the hit-and-run arrives on the scene.

Veronica the heifer starts telling DA Jennifer Amanda wasn't killed. Maybe the heifer should take a look at the scene before she declares it's a suicide. DA Jennifer also tells the heifer she will not tell her ahead of everyone else what DA Jennifer finds when she examines the scene. Seriously, this heifer thinks she's going to be told before the parents. Amanda isn't your daughter and I doubt you even exchanged two words with her when she was alive. This woman is seriously out of control. Now she thinks she has the power to tell everyone what to do and she's to be told before anyone else.

War comes to visit Candace in her hotel room. She gives him a pouch of money. She asks War not to tell Benny the truth. Candace say she's taking the bar exam next week to make the lies she told Benny true. War asks what they're going to do about Quincy. War says he's got his boys looking for Quincy. She tries to talk War to get in the towing business. She wants him off the street.

Okay, didn't Candace already pass the bar exam with that magic document she had when she showed up in court to take on Terrible Tony's lawyer when he wanted to pull the plug on Benny?

Benny's hired by a woman who asks him to tow away a car. She says it's her car, but she wants it gone. She says it was a gift from her boyfriend and he also gave one to his wife, so she doesn't want it anymore. She lets Benny buy it for $500. Her name is Erica.

For a second there, I thought that might be THE CAR. You know, the one Veronica is using to blackmail Jeffrey with.

Celine comes over and starts pawing Jim, and she won't stop. Veronica starts taking on Celine. David tells Veronica to sit down, whlie Kathryn smokes a cigarette. Kathryn reveals Celine was one of Jim's numbers. Kathryn also reveals Celine has two sons with Jim. Two sons? Really? Dude, once is an accident, twice is a way of life. Ever heard of wearing a rubber when you're cheating on your wife. Either that or get a vasectomy.

Kathryn threatens to drag Celine out. Celine refuses to go. Kathryn blames Jim for not listening to her about Amanda. She mentions April 7,1979, the day she met Jim when she was 15. She says Jim seduced her for her father's position. She says she knows he didn't love her. She says the day she met Jim was a curse. That she hates him. She says she hates him so much she'll never let him go and she has a passion to make his life miserable. Then she tells Celine to leave one last time and when she refuses Kathryn hits her and drags her across the floor by her hair. Then she says quite calmly she needs a cigarette. I do too. I'd pay to see her do the same thing to Veronica and Candace.

Wyatt says he's going to confess, but Jeffrey says he'll go to jail, too. Wyatt wants to take his parents down and Veronica by telling the truth. Wyatt asks Jeffrey why he's so afraid of everything. Then he asks Jeffrey to kiss him. Jeffrey asks Wyatt not to do it for him. Wyatt says he doesn't care about Jeffrey or anyone in the house when Jeffrey says Wyatt loves him. Oh, you'll care you little punk when some guy in prison suprises you in the shower and makes you sing soprano. Hey, Wyatt, this isn't about you. He can't seem to stand the idea that this is about Amanda and it's not all about him.

More of Benny and Erica. Let me guess. She's going to be his new love interest. He gives her twenty-four hours to change her mind about selling him her car.

DA Jennifer says she's going to rule Amanda's death as a suicide. She says the blood splatter made it look a bit suspicious. Both Jim and Kathryn want to see Amanda. So much for it being a murder. Talk about playing the viewers for a fool.

Candace meets up with Landon in the hotel of her bar. Landon tells her he's been fired. Landon tells her a man is watching her. Candace learns Landon was working for the campaign. He tells Candace how he set up Veronica. He says she's such a snake and hates her so much. Says Veronica can always wiggle out of everything. Then he tells her about Amanda.

Benny comes home to find Hanna sitting in the dark. He decides to show Hanna his new car to take her mind off of what's bothering her. He gives her the car he bought off of Erica. He can't understand why Hanna isn't more excited. She tells Benny about Amanda. And that she found her. She asks Benny to take her to Candace.

Whiny Wyatt is sucking down another bottle of booze. Jeffrey says he's not going to watch Wyatt destroy himself. Then he challenges Jeffrey for doing what Veronica asks him to do. While the booze hag is going on about how he's going to take everyone down, Jim hears him. I think this punk is in trouble, cause David isn't around to pull Jim off the ungrateful little punk, this time.


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