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The Haves And Have Nots -- Benny Finds Q

Updated on August 11, 2015

While Kathryn reads Amanda's diary...

I guess Pretty Little Liars ran over because when I turned on the Have Nots...Benny and Quincy are out of the crash and Benny's beating on him. He demands to know where Q is. Benny finds Quincy's sister's address on him. He thinks that's where Little Q is being kept. Then he fakes a call to 911 from Quincy begging for help cause he thinks he's going to die. In short, Benny's gone psycho. I seriously being brain dead brain damaged him.

Police arrive at the scene of the accident, but Quincy managed to crawl away. The police find the crystal meth Benny planted. Benny had a good plan, but did he wear gloves? Cause if he didn't, his prints will be all over that car. Not to mention the bailiff at the jail saw him asking after Quincy.

Candace arrives at the airstrip in a limo. I'm guessing it's the work of Oscar Mayer Weiner. Yep, he's waiting for her on the plane. She's planning on going with him on his trip. They're heading off to New York. He says he can tell her about real money. He offers to help her invest her money. What do you bet he's working for Jim to get the money back from her?

Jeffrey comes to campaign headquarters to see David. David gives him new credit cards. Jeffrey asks how long before David sees V for what she is. That V is sick and needs help. Jeffrey plans to get a job and put all he's learned from V into practice to help others. Jeffrey says Maggie would make him happy and he should be with her. David still won't accept that V is evil. Even when Jeffrey lists all of V's crimes. Jeffrey admits he's in love with Wyatt. David tries to make Jeffrey see why he can't let go of V since he can't let Wyatt go, either. Jeffrey says V won't let David love her until she can control him. Jeffrey tells him how V made Melissa sleep with him and get herself pregnant. David still refuses to see V as evil, even though Jeffrey finally says he finally sees her as such, and even told Jeffrey not to call her that. V is for eVil and D is for Dumb.

Candace boogies down the plane aisle and suggests she and Oscar join the mile high club. They start going at it.

Kathryn is in Amanda's room going through her things. She wants to find Amanda's diary. Hanna offers to look for it for Kathryn. Wonder what Hanna will find?

Maggie manages to fake the cause of the fire at the Harrington house. She makes it look like it was an accident. Maggie suggests that V is having an affair, but Dummy won't believe it. He thinks V tried to burn him alive to get his attention. OMG! He's convinced V wouldn't have let him burn. Really? He also believes V would never have an affair.

Hanna finds the diary and gives it to Kathryn. She feels she has to read Amanda's diary. She also wants to read in Amanda's own words about how the Professor raped her.

Jim comes to campaign headquarters. Maggie and David are shocked by his appearance. He's trying to contact the professor. Jim's decided he needs to work. Jim is shocked that Amanda's death has actually helped his campaign. Jim tells David he put Wyatt in jail for a week. Jim thinks he's safe. He and Kathryn will visit Wyatt in three hours. Jim also wants to take on DA Jennifer. Jim also tells him that V tried to kill him and she may try to do it, again. He also claims he's all over the Candace situation.

V shows up at Benny's towing company and spots the car she's after. She's being secretly photographed. She calls Benny. Maggie's man tells her about V being at a tow yard.

Kathryn breaks down as she's reading Amanda's diary. Kathryn calls Jim to tell him it's true. Amanda wrote bout the rape in her diary.

Oscar tells Candace two companies are going to merge and suggests Candace invest in them. Yep, I bet he's working for either Jim or David, who both said they had a plan to get Candace. Candace thinks Oscar is trying to con her into investing, but he said he's not interested in her money. She wants the password to Oscar's cell and he won't give it to her. He says this merger is going to be in the news, tomorrow.

V at her new house. She's trying to call Benny, again, but he ignores her call. He's sitting outside of Quincy's sister's house. Since she won't stop calling, he finally answers. She claims Benny didn't sign a paper when she got him out of jail. He puts her off til tomorrow morning. She offers to come to his tow yard. He agrees to whatever she wants to get rid of her.

Benny finally spots Quincy's sister. He goes into her apartment building after her and kicks down the door. She jumps on his back and he knocks him off her. She grabs a frying pan but the dumb bitch doesn't hit him with it. He finds Little Q and takes him out of there as the foul heifer threatens the little boy to not move. Sounds like she's cut from the same cloth as her nasty brother and she's been abusing the boy.

Oscar takes Candace out for a night on the town. They go to the theater and for carriage ride in the park. Candace says she doesn't know where she fits in, and he says she fits in with him. When he tries to kiss her, she stops him, saying he's up to something. He says she's wounded and he wants to get her to trust him and he's going to love her to death. She doesn't like the sound of that.

Benny brings Q home to Hanna.

So, no Wyatt. The one time I want to see the little punk and they keep him off screen.

You know, at one time I was all for Candace getting her son back and thought Hanna was horrible for wanting the child, herself, but since Candace found out her son is alive she's done nothing to find him, while both Hanna and Benny tried to find the boy. So I think I'm on Team Hanna for her to get custody of the boy.


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