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The Haves And Have Nots -- Everyone Learns Of Amanda's Demise

Updated on February 4, 2015

Landon tries to take Vile Veronica down

Hanna goes to Wyatt all bloody and leaving a trail of blood around his door and tells him it's Amanda. He gets off his snit that daddy is a manwhore and goes in and sees her in the bed. No one even goes to check her pulse. Hanna has to get Celine off the phone to call 911 for Amanda. Seriously, not one of them even goes to check for a pulse or to see if they can stop her from bleeding. Wyatt crotches in the doorway screaming, “Why?” without even going over to her. Celine screams then goes running off in the other direction. These are people you don't want around you if something bad happens to you. Cause if there's a chance you might survive, you won't with them around.

Notice the opening pic is new minus Amanda. Well, we all knew she was dead. So no big shock. But you think they could wait until after this episode airs. I guess this means the family will never learn that Amanda was raped by his professor. Just like no one will ever know Kathryn had cancer.

Kathryn arrives at campaign headquarters and says she doesn't know where Jim is. She doesn't really care, either. Veronica takes the chance to take a pot shot at Maggie. Kathryn's still laughing about Jim getting his butt kicked by Quincy. Maggie takes David out to meet the Lt. Governor.

Landon brings a reporter in to bring up the gay issue at the announcement of Jim and David running. Landon directs the woman to direct her questions at Veronica about gay rights. Isn't he the dirty little rat. But after all her homophobic comments to him, I'm rooting for him to take this arrogant hag down.

Jim gets dressed and ready to leave the rat hole. Candace won't let him go until she gets confirmation that the money has been put in her account. She also says the suit he's wearing is going to be his casket suit. Candace gets her confirmation and lets him go after he promises to leave her alone. Then she gives him a bus pass to get to him on his way.

Candace lies to War about how much she got and only claims she got 400,000 when she got 7 million. She can't even be honest with someone who helped her. Someone she supposedly trusts.

I'm calling it right now before Kathryn has even found out. She's going to blame Jim for what happened to Amanda. She told him Amanda had a gun and he wouldn't believe her. If he had, maybe they would have found the gun and she wouldn't be dead. But Jim fobbed her off as being ridiculous.

Maggie tells Landon to make sure the press doesn't ask about gay rights. He says he'll take care of it, but he's got his own agenda.

Time is wasted as Jim has to wait for a bus in the hood. A hood rat glares at Jim for sitting on the bus bench. Lucky for Jim the bus finally comes and he gets on it. Sorry, but I could so care less about Jim on a bus. Let's get back to the main event and I don't mean the stupid press conference.

Veronica gets all uppity and won't let Landon call her Veronica and insists that he call her Mrs. Harrington. That's all right, Vile Veronica, he's got something real nasty planned for you. So cop your nasty attitude cause you're going to get a little of your own back for a change.

Another time wasting time with Benny talking to some guy he knows. Least it's not Jim on the bus, again. He talks about buying trucks from some guy who got busted by the feds. Let me guess, Candace will give him the money he needs.

Candace in her fancy hotel suite after going on shopping spree. Benny arrives. Benny wants her to get her stuff and leave. Benny wants to know what she's done now to get so much money. Benny says Hanna is always right about her, which is why he hates defending her.

David isn't thrilled because he knows Jeffrey is being forced by Vile Veronica to be with Melissa. Vile Veronica threatens to cause a scene when David tries to use his non-existent balls to try to stand up to her. Vile can't stop making gay slurs against Landon. He's going to enjoy every moment of the Homophobic Heifer's day in the sun.

Veronica lies through her teeth about being for everyone's rights. She calls the woman a man. Vile keeps giving Landon the signal to stop the questioning but he lets her stand there and fry. Then she says, “You people,” to the woman. Unfortunately, the evil witch wiggles out of it without any problem. Vile sneers at Landon. Can anything take this vile heifer down?

Maggie's trying to stall while Jim is still missing. Maggie gets Kathryn to call the house looking for Jim, but she gets no answer.

David and Veronica fire Landon. Veronica sneers how she was able to beat Landon at his game. Landon kisses Jeffrey in front of Melissa and tells her that Jeffrey is gay. Since Melissa doesn't seem too bright I'm not sure she got the message.

A reporter is about to go on camera and skewer Jim alive when news of Amanda's apparent suicide hits the airwaves. David calls up Jim's phone and gets Wyatt who keeps saying they need help. Kathryn gets on the phone and won't stop talking and yelling at Wyatt to listen to what Wyatt has to say. She thinks he's sucked down another decanter of booze. Then Hanna calls and tells her about Amanda. She seems to go into a state of shock.

Everyone reacts to the shocking news that Amanda is dead. Now let the blame games begin.


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