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The Haves And Have Nots -- Is This The End Of Candace?

Updated on July 5, 2014

Quincy is on the hunt for Candace

It's been nice having a whole lot less of Candace, but I imagine that's about to change. Mama Rose and her thugs took her out to the middle of nowhere and put a hood over her head, then shot her. I think they shot her with blanks and this was just a stunt to scare the crap out of her. They didn't even check to see if she was dead. They just left the body there with a sack over her head. What happened to burying bodies in cement foundations so they can't be found? I think it's just a put-up job. They showed her what could happen if she doesn't back-off. However, when she learns Quincy is out of the can and looking for her, she may wish Mama Rose was still holding her prisoner.

Meanwhile Amanda and Quincy were hitting it off and I'm like this girl was raped and she's inviting this stranger into her house? She even showed him her gun. But when Quincy started to get a little too touchy-feely she threatened him with the gun and made him leave.

Undaunted, Quincy they snuck into a sleeping Veronica's room where he dropped his pants and crawled into the sack with her. When he started putting the moves on her she thought he was David until she opened her eyes and got an unpleasant shock.

I have to say Veronica has balls of steel. She acted like she wasn't the least bit scared of Thug Life being in bed with her and made a few nasty comments about him dirtying her sheets. Then she also kicked him out.

Meanwhile Jim forced Amanda to pack her things and come home, despite Kathryn saying she didn't want that lunatic in the house. When Jim asked her if she had a gun, she lied and he believed her. So Psychorella is living in the Cryer Mansion with her loaded gun. Kathryn had better watch out.

Wyatt finally returned from his graveyard visit to his victim wanting Jim to go out of town with him, but Jim couldn't do it. Wyatt was shocked to learn Jim still intends to run for office. I felt bad for Kathryn when she offered to go away with Wyatt and he rejected her offer and only wanted to go away with Daddy.

David managed to resist the allure of Maggie, but Veronica isn't making it easy. He calls her up wanting her to give him the car and she refuses and basically blows him off. Not a smart thing to do when a wolfette is sniffing at your man's hotel room door. Maggie reveals to David she had her own Veronica in her life and got him out of it because he was toxic to her. The message she was trying to send was very clear. The question is how long will it be before David finally succumbs to Maggie?

Jeffrey went out on the date Veronica arranged for him. If this is Veronica's idea of the type of women she thinks will turn him on she needs to get her head checked. If she seriously wants Jeffrey to fish on the girl side of the pond, she'd better find a better specimen. The girl Veronica set Jeffrey up with was a ditz that didn't quit talking. Even a straight guy wouldn't have been interested in her, let alone a gay one.

Granddaddy Michael came to Hanna to tell her Wyatt visited his dead grandbaby's grave and he knows he's the one who killed her. Hanna vows to help him see Wyatt punished for his crimes. He becomes so aroused by Hanna's non-existent womanly charms he tries to stick his tongue down her throat and she shoves him away.

Then she goes to visit Benny, whose making time with the groupie he picked up while he was in a coma. Benny wants to know why Candace hasn't come to visit him and accused Mama Hanna of not calling her. He knows her too well. I doubt she called, either. So he makes her call Candace in front of him and finds the old witch was telling the truth about Candace's voice mail being full. Benny is worried about Candace, but the old witch could care less. All she cares about is getting her foul paws on Candace's kid.

Then Benny wants to talk to Mama Hanna about what happened before his accident. She gets all excited hoping he can identify Wyatt and hammer the final nail in his coffin. As it turns out the only coffin lid he wants to pound a nail into is Hanna's. He confronts her about her lying about who his daddy is. She doesn't want to talk about Tony, but Benny insists.

This is how stupid Hanna is. When Benny says he wants to get to know Tony, she doesn't tell him if it were up to Tony Benny would be dead now. That he went to court to have the plug pulled on him so he could try and take one of his kidneys. Instead she says she'll call Tony and tell him that Benny wants to see him.

Seriously, this woman has beans for brains. If Tony had tried to do to my son, who this bible thumping hypocrite claims to love so much, what Tony tried to do to Benny, I would tell him what he tried to do to him while he was in a coma. Then if Benny still wants to see him fine, but not giving Benny vital information it's stupid. The Hanna character is just a giant piece of toe-jam. There's no way to even relate to her on any level. Nothing she does makes a blind bit of sense. She doesn't even seem to have any genuine human emotion. She's just a caricature of a character.


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