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The Haves And Have Nots -- Jeffrey Turns On Candace...

Updated on February 9, 2016

While Benny comes through for her

Last episode we had a lot of threats going around, but will anyone put some action behind them? Jeffrey knows it was Veronica who had Wyatt raped, so will he tell Wyatt and will that make our frat rat change his tune in regards to his parents? And if Benny helps Candace get rid of Quincy, how will they get him out of the house with Gladys Kravitz watching their every move from across the street?

Benny wants to know what happened. Candace tells him about Quincy attacking her and her and Jeffrey killing him. Benny says they have to find Jeffrey. Even Benny says it's not going to look like self-defense. Benny says he's got this and for Candace to get out of there. He tells her she's got to find Jeffrey. Benny picks up the murder weapon and prepares to put Quincy in a garbage bag. I don't think he'll fit, unless Benny plans to cut him up.

Back at the cop shop. Jeffrey is taken out of his cell. Veronica tells him not to say a word to those people. The guard won't tell David where they're taking his son. Jim and David start fighting when Jim keeps putting down Veronica. DA Jen arrives and tells David he's free to go. Jim asks if David made a deal with DA Jen. David says he's going to look after Jeffrey and Veronica says to forget about Jeffrey and to get her out. Motherly love, what a thing to behold. Per usual it's all about what Veronica wants first and what Jeffrey needs last. David calls Jen on letting him see the newspaper with Veronica in it.

Well, there goes that. David didn't sleep with Jen, either. He came close, but he wouldn't cheat on Veronica. Jen won't let David see Jeffrey, she also question's him about Maggie. Then she tells him Maggie is waiting for him outside.

Kathryn once again trade threats with DA Jen, saying she's worse than the boogey man cause she's a woman and can think of things even a man couldn't think of. Okay, Kat, it's time to put your money where your mouth is and take down this smug bimbo.

The pathetic drip Maggie is waiting outside for David. Maggie thinks David was going to thank her for putting that story in the newspaper, but he's mad. Then he asks to borrow her phone. The sneaky bitch listens as David asks Mama Rose if Jim put a hit out on Veronica. Still all about Veronica. And Maggie and DA Jen want this wimped pony why? She'll only says that Veronica shouldn't go home.

David wants to know why Maggie got him out and not Jim. She says the only way to save his chances at running is to bury Jim. The gutless wonder won't tell David who Veronica is with. David says he knows she's lying. He orders her to retract the story, but she refuses. He asks how long Veronica has been having an affair, and once again the gutless wonder claims she doesn't know. Don't expect him to open his fly for you, honey, if you keep closing your trap and not telling him what he wants to know. David may put up with that from Veronica, but you're no black magic woman named Veronica who obviously knows how to make David happy and sappy in the sack so that he'll still want you even if you try to set him on fire.

DA Jen slithers up to Jeffrey now. She informs him that he's got blanket immunity and that Wyatt told her everything. She tells Jeffrey that Wyatt cares a great deal about him. Yeah, right. She threatens him with all sorts of charges unless he turns on his parents.

Jeffrey says he won't do it. So she threatens to charge him. Jeffrey says he'll only testify against Veronica. He tells her that Veronica used the car to blackmail him into not being gay. So she agrees to make Veronica's trial separate from David, Jim and Kathryn. Then she asks if that's blood on his shirt and he says he hit a deer and had to move it out of the road. Okay, she is officially a dumb bitch as labelled by both Veronica and Kathryn. She's so desperate to put Veronica away she's willing to swallow that lame story. Sorry, honey, but if he smashed into a deer, do you have any idea what his car would look like? The car he was found in didn't have a scratch on it that I recall.

Jen asks Jeffrey what's going on between David and Veronica. He says Veronica treats David like hell. He won't go into details. She asks if David is having an affair with Maggie. He says David says no. Then she lets him go.

Quincy's sister [she has a name that would make Raven Simone not hire her and one I can't remember since no one seems to address her by it much] is still trying to track down Quincy by tracking his phone. And that phone is sitting under Candace's couch. Maybe Candace can make it a two for one deal and whack her next. She demands to be taken over to Candace's house, not realizing it is Candace's, since it's registered to the Candy Cane company. Guess that means another encounter between Benny and the foul witch.

Hanna and Q in the hotel room. Q still not feeling good. Hanna feels him and realizes he's burning up. He says his stomach hurts. Hanna is dressed in her maid's uniform. I guess she thinks she's going to work. She says she's going to have to take him to the doctor. She takes off her maid's uniform and puts on jeans instead as she calls a taxi. She doesn't have enough money to pay for the cab, but she calls for one anyway.

Jeffrey takes a taxi to the Cryer's residence. Wyatt comes down with his suitcases as Jeffrey enters. The frat rat has at least put on a shirt of sorts. Wyatt brags that he put his parents in jail to be free of them. Jeffrey says Veronica will figure her way out of this. He thinks Jeffrey should be thankful to him for getting him the immunity deal. Jeffrey says he has nothing to thank Wyatt for as the smug moron brags he's getting his inheritance. Jeffrey says he can't have his inheritance. He knows Dopey [I call him that not just because he'll spend it all on drugs but because he's dumb] will burn through it in no time flat. Jeffrey almost tells Wyatt what he did to Quincy. Dude, it would be better to tell Veronica, cause Wyatt the slimy rodent can't be anymore trusted with that information than she can.

Jeffrey says he's got to go away for awhile. Then Candace comes knocking at the door. Wyatt calls Candace a whore. He blabs that Jeffrey was at the police station. Dumbo brags to Candace that he ran down Benny with his car. Candace is shocked that Jeffrey didn't tell her that Wyatt ran down Benny. Jeffrey turns on Candace and blames her for everything wrong in his life and wants nothing more to do with her. She says to give her a call when he gets tired of being used by Wyatt.

And in regards to Jeffrey trying to pin all his problems on Candace. Sorry, idiot, but the blame to most of your problems is the smiling goon you just can't quit. The one who wants you to tell him you want him so he can tell you you're disgusting for being gay. That would be your precious Wyatt. The one that murdered a child and you let your mother blackmail you to protect his worthless hide.

Q tells Hanna he needs the medicine his aunt has. That he's cold. Hanna says she's taking him to the hospital. When the cab driver learns Hanna only has half the fare he makes her get out halfway there. Then they go wait to catch a bus. Q suddenly passes out. It's time to swallow your pride and call Benny.


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