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The Haves And The Have Nots -- Will Amanda Kill Her Family?

Updated on July 5, 2014

Jim takes it too far!

Just like I thought last week, the whole execution of Candace was a fake. After Mama Rose left Candace sat up and pulled the sack off her head. Then she untied her hands and walked barefooted back to her apartment. That's when she discovers that Jim cleaned her out. He took all her belongings and did God knows what with them. He didn't even leave her a pair of shoes.

Needless to say it isn't long before she's plotting a way to get even with Jim. Maybe if he'd let her go after she signed all the documents for her she might have let it go, but knowing Candace probably not. But leaving her with nothing, not even a pair of shoes insured she'd come after him with both barrels. Real dumb blonde move, Jim.

Candace goes to her street pals to borrow some money so she can buy herself a pair of shoes and to arrange for Jim to be kidnapped. That's when she learns her ex is out and looking for her. She also learns Benny is alive.

In yet another dumb blonde moment, Jim tells Kathryn that Amanda never had a gun as he brings the psycho back in the house. Seriously, does he really think Jeffrey would mistake a toy gun being pointed at him. He's just a dim bulb when it goes to his mental daughter. By the way, was anyone hoping the gun would go off and blow her head off when the moron was spinning around playing with her gun? Seriously, this character is the most worthless and useless character on the show.

It seems the dim bulb has forgotten that she supposedly got a gun to go whack her rapist, and instead the freak went to Kathryn and Wyatt's rooms while they were sleeping pointing a gun at their heads saying eenie meanie mighty moe. Jim catches the fruitloops in the hallway and she even calls the big dummy, "Moe," and still he isn't suspicious of this lunatic.

I think my favorite moment of the episode when the hospital wanted Hanna to pony up the money for Benny's hospital bill. Queen Self-Righteous is stomping around all over the place about how she's going to do everything she can to put Jim and Kathryn's son in jail and yet she thinks they should still foot the bill for her. Unfortunately, her comeuppance doesn't last long. The doctor comes up to reveal that Kathryn's paying all the bills so Queen Ingratitude doesn't have to worry about a thing.

Then the DA shows up and Hanna assures her she will testify that it's Wyatt so she can send him to prison for the rest of his life. I guess the Good Book didn't teach her anything about gratitude. Kathryn saved her son twice over: first when she moved him from the hospital before Tony could have the plug pulled on him and then by getting him good medical care so he could make a full recovery and her idea of repaying that is sending Kathryn's son to prison for the rest of his life. Has she even said, "Thank you," to Kathryn? Oh, heck no, she's said Kathryn is only doing it because she hopes she won't send Wyatt to jail. If she really wanted to do that she'd play hardball with you and tell you unless you keep your big mouth shut you can pay all you son's hospital bills all by yourself.

The DA and crooked cop investigating the case told her they never heard of Byron, who claimed he was the detective on the case. Of course when she finds out that Jim sicked his own dirty cop on her, she'll become even more self-righteous, if that's even possible. I honestly think it says it all about Hanna that when he daughter was in trouble and needed help she couldn't come to her but had to turn to street thugs for help, instead. Candace knows her religious hypocrite mama would have just slammed the door in her face or try to blackmail her for info about her grandbaby.

Speaking of Candace's child, Quincy keeps mentioning it, so whatever happened to it must have happened after Quincy went to jail. I thought maybe he might have caused the child's death and to pay him back for that Candace had helped to send him to prison. I guess not.

After having Thug Life in her bed, I guess it gave Veronica some second thoughts about playing hardball with David, so she headed over to his hotel room to do God only knew what. Maggie also decided to head over to see David and she got there first. She apologized for coming on to him so heavy and hard. In short, the whole thing was completely innocent. Unfortunately, when they opened the door Veronica was standing there acting like she'd just caught them naked and in bed. Maggie and David were completely clothed and didn't have bed head, so her behavior was ridiculous. Meanwhile, Veronica succeeded in getting Jeffrey raped by her hand-picked girl she wants to be his wife.

Seriously, is this the type of chick she thinks can turn Jeffrey on to women? I know Jeffrey got a stiffy for a nanosecond but when I watched the scene I felt like I was watching someone get raped. He told her no, she threw him on the bed and wouldn't take no for an answer. She basically did what Professor Rape didn't to Amanda, yet they're not playing it as a rape.

Afterwards, Jeffrey called Landon and told him what happened. Landon let him spend the night, Unfortunately, while Vile Veronica was acting like the wronged wife, who should come out of the door behind her but Landon and Jeffrey. Of course, Psychorella will think the worst happened between her son and Landon just like she thought the same about David and Maggie.

I know no one will ever say this to Veronica, but someone should suggest that maybe the reason Jeffrey doesn't like women is because of what a domineering shrew she is. If she truly wanted to try and get her son interested in women she'd pick someone who is the opposite of her, not someone whose just a younger version of herself.


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