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The Honest Policeman.

Updated on June 14, 2020

Captain Chatur Singh , the honest cop .

There was one thing captain Chatur Singh had in mind that you should not always pay close attention to the people who don’t clap when you win. As a military, he was a successful soldier earning praises from his officers due to his tireless efforts to guard his land.

Never was Chatur Singh a corrupt man, he was faithful to his nation, a sincere army was he, who could fight honestly for the cause and progress of his nation. When some of his colleagues persuade him to take bribes so that he could benefit his life and nourish the budget of his family, Chatur Singh will always reply, “I am loyal to my country, my colleagues, don’t pray for life to be easier, pray for yourselves to be stronger.” He attracted the eyes of everyone; the citizens, the politicians and those who lived outside the country.

Every corner of the state, were compliments about him, his honesty to stand against corruption. He earned reputation among his countrymen, he became the hero of the nation, every child in Chennai looked up to him, he was their Idol. The grandmothers of Chennai would say, Chatur Singh is my son, even though I have not given birth to him but I am his mother spiritually.”

Other funny old mamas would utter, “ if my daughters were not married, I would have given Chatur Singh to marry them.” Men of wisdom alongside the social and political activists would rally and roam about the cities of Chennai singing loudly and uttering “Chatur Singh, must be promoted,” and if anyone closely and carefully listened to what others among the protesters were saying, they were chanting, “ Chatur Singh, must be paid well,” and others who paid no heed to what they were saying, shouted , “ Chatur Singh must be made the General today.”

The stars, the moon and the sun were minor to him because he shone brighter than all of them. He found a way to their soul and a key from their hearts, he was divine. His loyalty and honesty could not be ignored, it was something unbelievable because it not only pleased their eyes but also warmed their hearts.

Chatur Singh was the only soldier who stood up to fulfill the oaths and vision of Chennai Military Association, the rest, let it down. When a son of a mother, completes his training as a recruited soldier and now is ready to become a true army, his mother would advise him, “Son, I want you to be like Chatur Singh and say no to corruption,” and his sister could add, “My brother is a cop, bro let Chatur Singh be your role model .”

After this, the son would go out to the world, full of motivation, courage and ambitions to be like him but what happens later? That blessed son adapts the ways of the corrupt soldiers and he gets addicted to bribery and when someone asks him, “what’s wrong with you, has your mother not forbid you to take bribes, won’t you be like Chatur Singh?”
Then he laughs at you and in a cheeky way, he replies, “ This is too small, this is not bribery, corruption is millions, Baba,” and he walks away determined not to halt his evil ways.

However, for every problem must have a solution and there was one terror in Chennai, it was not the fear of earthquakes or wild beast, it was the threat of Lokande, the greatest and most influential Mafia Don leader in Chennai.

In every market there is a mad person and Chennai was not an exception, there were others who admired this underworld don, Lokande. If anyone asked the people of Chennai who Lokande was , they would certainly reply to him as “ Lokande is the opposite of Chatur Singh,” and you will come to know the literal and the hidden meaning of this phrase. The girls and the ladies would post love messages and compliments about this great gangster in social media, most notably in Facebook.

With their photos, some girls wrote, “ Lokande the gangster who stole my heart,” other ladies would write jokingly, “ I invite my facebook friends, to my wedding ceremony with Lokande.” Yet, the simplest of the girls would scribble down, “I adore Lokande he is not only a gangster but also an influential personnel in this country.” Who could deny this? Some people found themselves on the side of Lokande just because of the praises he was receiving in Facebook.

( Part 2 coming soon )

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