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The Human Torch Vs Starfire

Updated on February 26, 2015
Marvel Characters (Left) Vs DC (Right)
Marvel Characters (Left) Vs DC (Right) | Source

Marvel Vs DC

Welcome! Today in Fantasy Fight we have another contest between Marvel and DC characters. Will Marvel's Human Torch, a member of the Fantastic Four, defeat DC's Starfire, a Teen Titan/Justice League member? Let's take a look at each battler, analyze their talents, and determine a victor!

Supplemental Information

1. Well, his mom died in an automobile accident, and his dad was arrested for murder. You gotta admit though, for a superhero's origins, that's pretty common stuff.

2. Well, mostly amazing. Poor Ben Grimm was basically turned into a walking brown rock.

3. No way, I'm not buying there's really a villain called Paste Pot Pete. That's just too - just shoot me now.

4. Torch and Spider-Man share a close friendship.

5. When not battling, Johnny works as a mechanic and musician. He's hoping his tunes will take the world by storm, but judging by this, I think he needs more practice. Additionally, Johnny is something of a flirt, and probably tells all the girls of his "hot bod."

Fantastic Four's Human Torch

Johnny Storm grew up with a fairly uneventful1 life until he signed up for a mission in space along with his sister, Sue Storm. Reed Richards and Ben Grimm also joined the Storm siblings, and the mission began. At some point, their shuttle flew through cosmic radiation, and the four gained amazing powers2. Johnny's new abilities included flight and thermal projection. The group decided to use their new powers to defend Earth from evil, and they formed the Fantastic Four. Johnny has proven invaluable to the team, helping them battle several foes including Super-Skrull, Sandman, and Paste Pot Pete3. Johnny's rash and reckless behavior have at times caused conflict, but have also earned him allies4. In his crimefighting career, Johnny has left the team5, clashed with teammate Ben Grimm, and even lost his powers, but when push comes to shove, you can count on Storm. No, not that Storm, I meant Johnny.

The Human Torch
The Human Torch | Source


1. Heat Form. Torch can turn his body to plasma, radiating temperatures of at least 780 degrees Fahrenheit. Most projectiles (that aren't already melted) will simply phase through his body. He's also immune to attacks from fire.

2. Flame Control. Torch can materialize fire to form various weapons, including fire lassos and bursts of flame.

3. Nova Flame. By expending more energy, Torch can heat himself up even further, reaching temperatures of several thousand degrees. In this form, he may release all heat packed inside him to form a burst of energy comparable to a nuclear blast. However, this completely exhausts him, and only serves as a last resort.

4. Flight. Torch can fly at about 140 miles per hour.

1. Costume. Unstable molecules compose the Human Torch's uniform, allowing it burst into flames whenever Torch does. That's good, I don't think we want to see Torch in his birthday suit whenever he has to "flame on." Additionally, the costume contains devices that monitor Torch's status and vital signs.

1. Brash. Torch rarely thinks of the consequences of his actions, and can be somewhat hot-headed. Come on, that joke was just too easy to pass up.

2. Extinguishable. Torch's body requires oxygen to burn, and thus cannot function in environments such as space. Additionally, sufficient amounts of water and snow can extinguish his flames and render him fairly helpless.
Torch shows some impressive powers, but can they take down the super-powered alien Starfire?

Supplemental Information

1. Komand'r, sister to Koriand'r, provided information to enemies of Tameran known as the Citadel. With it, they invaded Tameran and captured both girls. Not your best choice of allies, Komand'r.

2. You know, it's awful Starfire was captured and used as a test subject, but geez, what a cool trade-off. If anyone ever kidnaps me, I hope they infuse me with superpowers, too.

3. Starfire and Grayson seem to be in love, and were almost married. However, their wedding was interrupted by the daughter of a demon, and their future together is uncertain. Yea, that'd ruin my day, too.

4. The Justice League is DC's most powerful union of superheros. I can tell you its members include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, but I can't say whether or not Lantern is African American. Sometimes he is, sometimes he isn't.

Teen Titans's Starfire

Many of us who watched the cartoon Teen Titans (not to be confused with its mediocre counterpart, Teen Titans Go) remember Starfire as the innocent but powerful love interest to Robin. She was naïve and girly, yet a valuable member of the team. Her actual origins are darker than followers of the show may know. Born on planet Tamaran as princess Koriand'r, she was betrayed by her sister1 and imprisoned for 6 years. During this time, she was cruelly used as the subject of experimentation. Eventually she escaped to Earth, armed with a new name and her recently discovered energy powers2 (a result of the experiments). Here, Dick Grayson (Robin) introduced Starfire to the Teen Titans, a group of superpowered crimefighters, and she joined the team. Since then, she and Robin (later known as Nightwing) develop an on-again off-again relationship3. Starfire eventually serves the Justice League4, and works as a model when not thwarting crime. In contrast to the show that familiarized her to us, she's a level-headed and serious team member.

Starfire | Source


1. Physiology. Starfire's alien body automatically absorbs ultraviolet light radiation. She can also consciously take energy from living sources. Starfire may be able to breathe without oxygen; in the show, we clearly see her fly through space without a suit to provide air or protect her. Whether or not her home planet, Tamaran, has oxygen is unclear.

2. Flight. Not only can Starfire fly, but she can really book it. She is said to be capable of flying light years through space in short amounts of time.

3. Star Bolts. The experiments Starfire underwent allow her to project destructive green spheres of energy called Star Bolts from her hands. She can also fire a weaker but more precise beam through her eyes.

4. Nova Blast. Similar To Torch's Nova Flame, Starfire can charge an immensely powerful blast with all the energy in her body. This blast emits heat as hot as the sun.

5. Super Strength/Durability. Starfire can lift several tons easily, and her body's endurance matches her strength.

Nothing of note. Look at her, she barely carries (or wears) anything. To be fair, that's probably a result of the people who design female superheroes, but that's a debate for another day.

1. Lack of Immunity. Starfire's body absorbs UV light, but can still be injured by thermal forces. This isn't a weakness as much as it is the potential of her own weapons to harm her.


Each combatant will fight in a one-on-one match until one is killed, rendered helpless, or surrenders. For today's setting, since both contestants can fly, we'll have them duke it out in the sky, safely away from bystanders. And now, for all fans, Fantasy Fight!

Your Input

Which energized hero can outfight the other?

See results

And The Winner Is..

(sigh) Human Torch wins. I wanted ya to win, Star, I really did. I find you more interesting and likable, but it just didn't happen. Starfire is physically stronger, smarter, and probably faster than Torch, and their energy attacks seem fairly even, with Torch perhaps having a slight advantage. With this, I'd declare Starfire the victor, but you gotta factor in Torch's resilience to heat, blocking Star's energy bursts. Even if she discovered this and relied on her super strength, her blows would merely pass through Torch's plasma body (and probably burn her in the process). With no reliable method of harming Torch, Starfire would likely surrender. Our winner is the Human Torch. Thanks for reading!

Star would kick Torch's butt in space, though.

Marvel's Prize

Since Marvel's champion won today, I planned to post a picture of their icon Spider-Man defeating DC's Batman. After an hour of searching, the closest I found was this picture of three guys in cheap looking Spider-Man, Batman, and Robin costumes. At least Spidey seems stronger, since he's being ganged up on. If you want to laugh at the thinnest Batman suit you've ever seen, give it a look.


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