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The Hunger Games- A Killer Movie

Updated on March 25, 2012
Jennifer Lawrence in real life
Jennifer Lawrence in real life
One of elitists after Katniss volunteers for the games to save her little sister.
One of elitists after Katniss volunteers for the games to save her little sister.

Better Than Harry Potter + Twilight

It is. Better not in effects, but overall story line and theme. I knew nothing about The Hunger Games books, which have sold millions to mainly teens, much like Twilight. Of course, I have heard from readers of books (the movie cuts to the chase leaving out many nuances found in the books) so I was curious.

The Hunger Games is a trilogy of books on how a small, elite class, controls and uses the lesser classes found in the 12 districts of its empire. They exploit the resources while keeping them poor. This theme has been used very often in the history of film. Every year, to provide entertainment to the elitists, two teens are selected from each district to fight it out in a controlled environment or arena. The "Hunger Games" can also be totally manipulated by those in a control room. For instance, dangers can be created if ratings of the broadcast fall, they can provide help from "sponsors" if the betting crowd's favorite is in danger or injured. This help is parachuted in. Basically, the environment the 24 teens are in is huge and natural. The rules can change to increase ratings. Originally, when the games begin, only one survivor is allowed, however, as the game evolves, a loving relationship develops between the two main characters: Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) and Josh Hutcherson (Peeta). The crowds love this, so the rules are changed to allow two to survive from the same district. Ratings soar. This love is brief- a kiss with much affection. Finally, when only these two are remaining, the rules are changed again, only one may survive-meaning the lovers must fight one another. Yet, this is where a "Romeo & Juliet" like ending using poisonous berries threatens the outcome. It is a defiant challenge forcing the elitists to change the rules again to avoid both heroes dying. The elitist leader, Donald Sutherland, is not happy with this. This is where the movie pretty much ends, there is no doubt another two such movies coming-I am sure there will be rebellion in the districts and Katness will be leading them.

This is NOT a heart throb teen movie like Twilight is. It is a solid four star movie. If Jennifer Lawrence was not in the leading dominate role, it would not be as good. She owns this movie. I found no weak spots in this film. Full of action and not gore. Lots of suspense and a dash of romance. It is a survival movie. It is refreshing not hear one dirty word, no sex, little gore, yet, the film captures you every moment of its 142 minutes!

Go see it.


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