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The Truth about the Illuminati and Lady Gaga

Updated on May 7, 2013

Illuminati Symbol

Is Lady Gaga An illuminati Puppet?

The illuminati are said to be a group of an elite class of humans that have control over the economy, politics, and other major areas of society. Over the last decade many prominent people have been accused of being puppets to the illuminati, the newest one being Lady Gaga. This website: <>

Seeks to connect Lady Gaga's various actions to the illuminati and explain that she is essentially brainwashing people into surrendering to them. Upon initial reading, the website seems to do a fairly good job of convincing us how the illuminati are trying to control us, however, upon further analysis it's clear that the writer is simply employing Toulmin's model of argument, fallacies, and sermonic language to pass off his ideas as facts.

Discourse and Rhetoric

In today's world, humans have come to depend on conspiracy theories as a way of making their lives seem more interesting. From the assassination of John F. Kennedy to the Apocalypse of 2012, people are just fascinated by the idea of imminent doom. (Coady). Apparently, it isn't enough to simply believe in god anymore, there needs to be a more evil and chaotic power at hand. This is where the illuminati come into play.

Firstly, the most significant technique used by the author of this website is Toulmin's model of argument. The claim is that Lady Gaga is a puppet of the illuminati, pretty straightforward as this is in the title of the article and in the opening paragraph. The grounds for this are the various symbols that Lady Gaga uses throughout her music videos, artwork, and fashion. These symbols are presented in detail with many visual examples on the website. The warrant cleverly appeals to the readers’ pathos, as it suggests that people are being taken advantage of by the illuminati due to their ignorance.

The backing gives information about how Lady Gaga's music encourages people to party and drink and diverts their attention from important societal issues. Lastly, the rebuttal is a look at the recent recession and other worldwide disasters that have taken place such as 9/11, and the questioning of who is responsible for these. Though the author links to many other articles to provide in depth information about these related illuminati events, they seem sufficient enough to answer most people's initial questions against the author. However, it seems that many of the ideas here are inherently flawed.

Illuminati Symbolism

The grounds that the author presents, such as the various symbols Lady Gaga uses, have no real correlation to the illuminati and can more or less be related to anything. For example, Lady Gaga's primary logo (Appendix 1) is a headless silhouetted figure of a lady with a lightning bolt striking through it from the top. The author suggests that this symbol actually personifies a typical fan of Lady Gaga, a headless drone who is allowing illuminati propaganda to be devoured into them. Obviously, if you want to skew the image in such a way, you can, but many other people claim the same symbol to be empowering to women (Nwajagu), or a simple icon that portrays the energy of Lady Gaga as a performer. The point is, the logo is really open to interpretation and cannot stand as "evidence" to back the author's claim.

The warrant is flawed on two accounts. Firstly, it doesn't connect Lady Gaga to the illuminati at all, nor does it connect the illuminati directly to any of the issues in question. The author simply states that certain events occurred that a higher power was responsible for. Events that could have been prevented easily if they were meant to be, but they were "allowed" to happen. This suggestive tone cleverly opens the reader up to the possibility that there is a conspiracy in the works, and since the author is talking about the illuminati and the many people that are related to it, they must be in on it. Then of course, the author sways into the backing about how exactly lady Gaga is going about brainwashing people. This kind of narrative style leaves the reader with a feeling that everything is connected when in fact you look at the starting and the ending point of the argument and realize they aren't connected at all. This is also known as the circular reasoning fallacy.

Throughout the article in fact, the author uses various fallacies to try and make his arguments seem like they have actual substance. First there's the Ad Hominem fallacy, which seems to be used against Lady Gaga quite a bit. Lady Gaga has done innumerably outrageous things, from wearing a dress made out of meat to putting out a perfume containing her own blood. She's a celebrity, after all, and doing things to stay in the public eye is to be expected. Nevertheless, the author points out many things that Lady Gaga has done but fails to directly make a correlation to his main argument. (Walker).

Another fallacy that the author resorts to is the Sweeping Generalization fallacy. Basically, he takes one thing that Lady Gaga does and twists it into relating to the illuminati. For example, Lady Gaga's songs are usual about fame and money; therefore it is a reference to her fame being used as a tool for the elite group of people to steal all of our hard earned money. (Walker). Another one is her use of religious imagery or lyrics, which can be said to but the illuminati in a god-like position over everyone else, and perhaps an attempt to sway people away from god. Her song "Judas" has been very controversial because of this, as it famously has her state that "Jesus is my virtue, but Judas is the demon a cling to."

The Red Herring fallacy is one that is consistent throughout not only the article but the website itself. Basically, the author takes one insignificant thing and ends up vaguely relating it to something to do with the illuminati. For example, he'll take about Lady Gaga being an advocate for LBGT rights, and then spin into how people are being brainwashed into becoming homosexual and this is how the elite group of people plan on stopping the lower to middle class population from flourishing. There's then links to many articles, which include incidents of mass "killings" such as the Swine Flu or Maple Lodge's listeria incident and how they are all planned as part of population control.

In fact, scoping a little deeper into the issue for a moment, we find that illuminati theorists have come to believe that major diseases, such as cancer and HIV/AIDS are all nothing more than a conscious effort to kill people. For cancer, they say the cure was found long ago but is being restricted way higher up because the impact it would have on the population growth of the world. Many studies done by scientists have also revealed that AIDS can barely be called a deadly virus, but in fact what makes it so fatal are the medications that are prescribed to "treat" it. (Nexus Illuminati). Basically, it is widely believed that two of the most deadly diseases in today's age are nothing but ways for the rich to kill off the poor.

At the same time, many other health issues are related back to the illuminati. Among them are things such as fast food and food preservatives, bottled water, radiation, etc... One of the many claims by illuminati theorists is that the food industry is constantly being contaminated in order to cause more health issues among the lower class. This means the depreciation in quality of fast food and the replacement of sugar with chemicals such as aspartame or high fructose corn syrup (Bray). Plastic water bottles are also a popular issue amongst the conspiracists many people claim a correlation between using them and cancer, though no actual scientific evidence has ever stated such. (CRUK).

While it certainly seems plausible that these issues exist, it is a whole other thing to blame them all as an elaborate scheme by the illuminati. Referring to Weaver's level of statements, we can see that not only does the Lady Gaga article lack anything from level 3, but so do most of these conspiracy claims made by the illuminati theorists. For example, we have our basic statement that the illuminati are responsible for killing people of the lower class through intricate epidemics such as AIDS/HIV or harsh chemical additives in food. The articles would then go on to explain that the reason the illuminati is doing this is to prevent the lower class people from using all of earth's resources, or they want to control the world's wealth, among many other reasons. (West)

However, the level 3 statement never appears, which would explain how exactly the illuminati is causing these widespread epidemics or tampering with the food or anything of the sort. Similarly, we have arguments that Lady Gaga is brainwashing people, and doing so through the illuminati, but there's never any factual evidence of any impact she has had or any signs that people are even reading deep into her so-called satanic messages. If we were to analyze this through Burke's pentad, the "agency" would also be missing.

The last and perhaps least conniving method exploited by the author is the use of sermonic language as well as god and devil terms throughout the article/site. By using sermonic language, the author develops an "ought" in suggesting that we ought to stay on guard against the mind numbing powers that these people artists hold, which included Rihanna, Jay-Z and Beyonce, to name a few. There's also a lot of "shoulds" in the article and overall the author uses a preachy tone that attempts to warn us and guide is in the right direction. It's interesting that the author also uses Burke's identification method and collectively groups himself among the reader, by saying "we" should all take certain action. By doing this, he not only makes himself become support for the reader, but the reader also assumes everyone else is in the same boat and so is more likely to subdue to the author.

The devil terms that the author uses bare religious significance, with a few examples being word such as "sinful" or "demon." He mentions that Lady Gaga is a form of the Anti-Christ and seeks to separate humans from moral righteousness. He also takes full advantage of the form that Lady Gaga calls her fans "Little Monsters" in an attempt to further his argument that her fans themselves are becoming Anti-Christs.

To further word manipulation, the author also attempts to develop terministic screens. The author starts associating common objects or poses found in Lady Gaga's videos to Illuminati symbolism, such that every time the reader sees them he or she automatically begins to connect them to the Illuminati. For example, pyramids and the all-seeing eye are supposed symbols, and whenever Lady Gaga poses in ways where she covers an eye or has pyramids as part of her clothes or video, it automatically becomes symbolic of the Illuminati. By ingraining this into their heads, he attempts to form a connection that isn't actually real. What this means is, that even though Lady Gaga is posing in a way that a lot of other celebrities or people do (such as winking) it automatically becomes associated with the Illuminati because it becomes symbolic of the "all-seeing eye" when she does it rather than just a straightforward wink.

Obviously, upon analyzing the article it is easy to see it's major flaws. It fails to provide any factual evidence and yet is still convincing because of its use of Toulman's model of argument, various fallacies, and use of sermonic language. The author develops a strong ethos by using strong language, and makes various connects that seem relevant but aren't really. Whether the Illuminati actually do control Lady Gaga and their plans are as stated is still unclear, but it's safe to assume that the claims the article and the website makes are false due to their lack of factual evidence. As Weaver said, "truth is discovered before rhetoric, which simply makes it known.


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    • profile image

      Truth or lies? 

      5 years ago


      Profanity for ART!

      Way to go......LOL!

      I suppose you advocate WAR for PEACE as well.

    • PaoloJpm profile image

      John Paolo B.Magdaluyo 

      5 years ago from Philippine

      This is not true. Those images are all called ART. Most of the famous artist uses horns, goats and etc. as their subject. Gaga has prove so much with her direct and sweet connection with us and it shows how pure and kind heart she has. using her position to make a change in human society, and spending tons of dollars to help others.


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