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Immortals -- Not Quite What You'd Expect

Updated on March 7, 2012
Henry Cavill in The Immortals
Henry Cavill in The Immortals

Great Effects, Muddled Plot

There's a bit of confusion demonstrated in this movie. The Mt. Olympus gods are forbidden from meddling in the fortune (good or bad) of mortals on Earth. Nevertheless, they do, sometimes getting punished for it by Zeus then later when mankind seems to be on the brink, the gods (including Zeus) jump in with both feet.

There is also some ambiguity about whether the Olympus immortals are actually capable of being killed, much like their counterparts (man). In combat with the Titans, the Olympians seem every bit as mortal as humans.

The portrayal of the Titans leaves a lot to be desired. They appear much more like Harpies minus the wings (at least I took these creatures to be Titans). I always thought characters like Prometheus (a Titan) was perhaps more human than human beings. And what about Atlas who carries the world on his shoulders? (Did someone slip him a get out of jail free card?)

There is some distracting fuss about finding a magic bow that generates its own arrows [each of which seems to have the impact of an RPG (rocket propelled grenade)]. Soon after its discovery by Theseus, it end up in the hands of King Hyperion.)

Henry Cavill (Theseus) does finally settle the score with Mickey Rourke (King Hyperion -- who had the brainstorm of freeing the Titans), even if it was a tad too late for Theseus and the Olympians.

In the heavens we see the Olympians in a chaotic battle with the Titans (who at this point look identical to humans and the ruling gods). And this is how the movie ends. I've seen a lot of movies that leave the door open for a follow-up film, but this picture is just plain blatant about its intentions.

Besides these inconsistencies, much of what should be a simple plot is muddled. The small sub-plots did nothing to make this a stronger picture. In fact, in my estimation the sub-plots were kind of like dead material inserted to fill voids in the major story. I guess I was expecting more from this film based on the titillating previews -- and that's never a good way to approach any picture. Maybe the sequel will be better?

If you haven't watched "Clash of the Titans" yet, I encourage you to rent that film first.

Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion
Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion
Isabel Lucas as Athena
Isabel Lucas as Athena
Battle Scene Between the Olympians and the Titans
Battle Scene Between the Olympians and the Titans


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