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The King 2 Hearts, another Ha Ji Won, Drama for 2012, A Winner!

Updated on August 22, 2016
Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia loves watching Korean Drama. She is not just a writer, she is a fan of Korean Actress HAJIWON

http://MBC source:,, K2H soompi thread -admin KOALA, Koala's playground,TK2H Baidu,, TK2H-Korean Drama at Facebook; SEGA Family
http://MBC source:,, K2H soompi thread -admin KOALA, Koala's playground,TK2H Baidu,, TK2H-Korean Drama at Facebook; SEGA Family

Another Drama by Ha Ji Won

The King 2 Hearts is another drama by Ha Ji won, after Secret Garden, she will again amaze and mesmerize her fans with her new character here as Kim Hang Ah. HJW with her hair longer this time is indeed very pretty in spite of the toughness of her character as a very skillful female soldier. Lee Seung Gi is her new leading man, younger by almost nine years to HJW but their chemistry on screen denied the age differences. As of writing this, Episodes 1 and 2 has just been aired starting 21 and 22 of March. Reaction from fans and viewer were great, they like the story so far, although they find it very misleading because the impression that they see from the trailer was exactly different, but just the same they like it and they can't wait for more surprises in the comng episodes.

http://MBC source:,, K2H soompi thread -admin KOALA, Koala's playground,TK2H Baidu,, TK2H-Korean Drama at Facebook; SEGA Family
http://MBC source:,, K2H soompi thread -admin KOALA, Koala's playground,TK2H Baidu,, TK2H-Korean Drama at Facebook; SEGA Family

Episode 1 is almost an explanation of why the King of Korea (year 2012) started with WOC. It was 1989 and the King at that time was watching the collapse of Berlin Wall and the unification of the once divided Germany, he wished the same for Korea, the north and south to be one and its people away from war.

Episode 1 is one of the best episodes ever. It showed the character of Lee Jae Ha who is a brat from the start... but I like the Character of Kim Hang Ah more, a very skillful female soldier that can defeat even a man twice her size. I like this part when Kim Hang Ah fight with a tall man in a tournament and defeated him. Before the fight started I saw in a short glimpse, the old familiar Gil Ra Im expression that I really love a lot. Again I love Ha Jiwon in all aspects but most especially when she's doing action scenes. I saw her punching the man, one after another, and she even spit on the floor after telling him "you cannot match me so why waste your energy"!. then left gracefully.

That scene was immediately followed by her preparing for a blind date. Now she is so feminine and met her friends obviously married with their kids and teaching her to be more ladylike in front of her date. Wow this part, I don't like the pressure they are giving her like, becoming a spinster is something to fear about. Hajiwon did it again, acting naturally but very funny without doing any effort. During the date she really made me feel awkward about that holding hands thing... when her date pulled her into one place and attempted to kiss her, again she made me laugh when she grabbed the man by his chin and pushed his face away....apparently she has a strong hand and actually hurt the guy awkwardly, he was obviously turned off and left with the last words that "he would call her" but he did not.

Another favorite scene of all Jiwon-Bin fans is Jiwonie's reaction when she saw the Billboard of Hyun Bin...Although it was on the script, we can't help but think of it as another hint... Although Hyun Bin was not the only actor mentioned by Hang Ah, He was the last actor to be mentioned as if they are saving the best for last, and Hang Ah's reaction to him was longer....

The last part is simply amazing, how can Hajiwon still maintain prettiness even at times when she was beating Lee Seung gi. Beating a man in mini skirt.... what a complete combination of action and sexiness, love it really.

Kim Hang Ah and Lee Jae Ha

I know I have written a long introduction for both episodes 1 and 2, but really I have no intention to do the same with the remaining 18 Episodes, perhaps it was done by the best recap writers of Korean Drama already, too many of them but two of the bests are "Koala's Playground and Girl Friday". I would like to write more on the kind of relationships that developed in the drama which made me like it even more.

Let me start with the First lead couple Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah. They are just too different that they unexpectedly got attracted to one another. Both have strong personalities that they can't help but argued at first. In spite of differences it was Kim Hang Ah who fell in love first, I guess that was obvious when Jae Ha left the WOC quarter and she was left on their room, she obviously missed the guy and she even sat on the chair where she saw him reading a magazine, she even imitated how Jae Ha sat there, with two feet on the table. But on second thought it can be Lee Jae Ha, he just can't accept it to himself because of pride, but I think his attraction to Hang Ah was something he didn't realize or chose not to realize. I remember that scene in the shower when King Jae Kang was talking to Jae Ha about the women lined up for him to date as potential wife, all from North Korea, he assumed it was Hang Ah but his brother said she was eliminated, then his facial expression suddenly changed, and the King said, why are you disappointed.?. which of course he denied, and just agreed on dating the north korean who were brought up in France or London? In the drama it was not mentioned who started the rumor that Prince Lee Jae Ha and North Korean officer Kim Hang Ah decided to tie the knot. But whoever he is, he played cupid to the two of them because the twist of the story started right away.

Although Lee Jae was a brat, he always has the tendency to be regretful of what he said or what he did, Hang Ah on the other hand was a very tough woman who can beat men in a fight but her vulnerability was obvious with Lee Jae Ha.

Ha Jiwon and Lee Seeungi, they did very well in this drama. There are so many scenes of the two of them that I really like but I will mention that in my favorite scene lists. They have good chemistry as lovers and fans just love them too. I really appreciate the fans of Lee Seung gi who loves Ha Jiwon for him in spite of their age difference (which Is not so obvious, I will say it again). And I can say it again, LSG is adorable in this drama.

Lee Jae Ha and Shik yung

I guess I love all the scenes between Jae Ha and Shi Kyung. At first I thought Shi kyung will be a villain to Jae Ha and looks like they are two opposite personalities that will never match. But Shi Kyung became submissive to his boss although at certain point he tried not to tolerate his superior whenever he was childish. I saw his concern when a bomb was found to be on the thread mill and he went rushing to the gym were Hang ah and Jae ha were competing.

Next to the lead, he is my most favorite character, in fact I was in denial for a few minutes when he died in episode 17 I guess. I was impressed with his singing voice, I love that part when he was playing the guitar and singing. He was at the peak of his performance when Jae ja called him up to get him a food.

Jae Ha had this feeling of annoyance towards Shi Kyung that when he returned to the palace he requested from his King brother, to bring Shi kyung in the palace for him. He got him not because he was impressed by him but to get even to what he thought was Shi Kyungs sarcasm to him... I always found it funny whenever Jae ha was jealous of him.. I really Love that part when Hang ah denied seeing him after his broadcast confession of love, and he commanded Shi kyung to call on Hang ah to convince her, but just on time that Hang ah decided to meet the prince, Shi kyung called and he just said "it's been a long time", and Hang Ah immediately told him she decided to meet the prince. This made Jae ha even furious, he told shi kyung "if you tell her you miss her, she probably would pack and fly on her way here". Because of that he decided not to let Shi Kyung go with him in the engagement meeting place at Jeju.

But in the latter part when Jae ha became a king, he was surprised to know Shi kyung's loyalty. Of all people he did not expect Shi kyung to encourage him not to be persuaded with what other said about him. Shi kyung said he is a reliable king even there is only 1 percent chance to survive, he can still do something with that 1 percent. and that started their friendship.

Actor Jo Jeong Seok, I wish to see him in another drama in the near future... I love his voice, and searching about him I found out he is a musical actor.

Jae Shin and Shi Kyung

Lee Jae Shin and Shi Kyung

Lee Jae Shin played by Lee Yoon Ji, and Ung Shi Kyung played by Jo Jeong Seok

I seldom give attention to second lead but these two became my favorite too. Both can sing very well and I consider it my favorite scene every time they sing at TK2H. I like the way Shi Kyung showed his concerns towards Jae Shin, more than his duty he is deeply concern with her especially when the Princess became crippled. There are several scenes I remember that showed his feeling for the princess, ,he was so affected when no one can enter the princess' hospital room (when the princess pooped and Hang ah bathed her), when he gave her a talking bird, when he decided to give up WOC to be with the princess during the time that she had to lead in place of king Lee Jae Ha who was participating in the WOC with Hang Ah. I love it when the Princess decided to underwent hypnoptic regression, he was crying when he knew that she had a hard time realizing her participation in the death of her brother..

The Princess on the other hand, I think liked Shi Kyung from the very first time that she met him.Even after the accident, she especially required not to let Shi Kyung enter her room during her awkward moments. But no matter what this two characters are obviously in love with one another. I love it, Shi Kyung still love the princess no matter what. I found it really sweet when he asked permission from Jae ha that he be allowed to talk to Jae Shin like an ordinary person, but Jae Ha insisted "talk to her like a man talks to a woman",. When they met in the garden I love it when for the first time Shi Kyung can no longer restrain himself and kissed Jae Shin. If there is one part of TK2H that I did not like, it is the death of Shi Kyung. Aside from liking his character in the story, I also would like him and Jae Shin to have an happy ending. What a sad fate for Jae Shin right? after becoming a crippled she lost the man that really loves her. but in the end of the drama, they showed Jae Shin in a very positive attitude, maybe to pacify the supporters of the two LOL...

Favorite Scenes

Time for Enumeration, according to episodes or in any order.

1. I will always like Hajiwon in Action scene so her fight scene with that tall man in a contest is my favorite. also beating Lee Jae Ha while wearing a mini skirt...

2. The HyunBin Part of course

3. When Jea Ha and Hang Ah competed in the thread mill and they need to stay running because there was a bomb installed in the thread mill and it will explode it they stop

4. When Jae ha poured the pail of snow to Hang Ah, accusing her of making him feel jealous by showing her fondness to Shi Kyung

5. whenever Jae ha was jealous of Shi Kyung, like he went back to the palace when he found out Shi kyung went there to see Hang Ah, this was when they found about the charcoal powder and a cellphone.

6. All Jeju Island scenes specially when Hang ah ran to Jae ha and embraced him

7. I love this scene in the plane when after Jae Ha told Hang ah that he was just playing tricks on her, Hang ah did not seat near him but on the other part of the plane. Jae ha was a bit bothered

8. I love the scene when Hang Ah confessed publicly and Jae Ha answered it in riddle.

9. I love this scene with Jae Shin when she was able to make his brother admit about his feeling with Hang ah, he was obviously jealous of Shi kyung.

10. Ref kiss scene and when they were caught by the king and Hang ah's father

11. When Hang ah danced that led to their intimacy

12.When Hang ah bathed Jae shin

13. When Hang Ah rescued Jae Ha

14. WOC competition

15. I love most of the scene when the king Jae Kang was alive

16. When Hang Ah tried to escape with Jae Ha's mother

17. Jae Ha-Hang Ah intimate-sweet moments. in the latter part when he gave him a simple massage on the shoulder

18. I love it when Jae Ha was mixing chemicals to make perfume and beauty products for Hang Ah

Many to mention hahahaha, this is like telling the whole story


Jae ha and Hang ah, their love story was threatened a lot of times and yet they still ended up with one another. She called him trash he was hurt and in a sudden burst of emotion he ordered her to go back to North Korea, though his life was not comfortable after pushing Hang ah away, he continued to do his duty as a king until the North Korea announced Hang Ah's miscarriage. I love the part when he risks his life going to North Korea just to talk to Hang ah but at first he was not successful to win her back, of course it was not easy, but what melted Hang ah's heart was the bottles of beauty product that Jae Ha really made for Hang Ah, not just an ordinary beauty products but each bottle carries a message like "Sorry", for what he did maybe, "Thank you" for loving him, and :"I love you". Aside from that, Hang ah was worried about the king's safety in her country, that she herself led to rescue King Jae Ha. It was one of the most touching scenes for me, when Lee Jae Ha followed her and told her that he will express his love to her always, he will give her everything she needs and he will always make her happy. That scene was immediately followed by Hang Ah going back to South Korea with her king fiancè. In the latter part they were challenged again by the war between North and South Korea again.

They obviously surpassed all obstacle and got married and had a son. The ending is about the two of them going to attend one particular event., and they were telling each other that whatever happened they will always be together uniting the north and south.

For me the ending is good and light, and very promising....with the Club M still badmouthing the King, It will not look bad if they decided to make a part II of this probably to show more conflicts.... I have some ideas in mind, in the TK2H part II, Hang Ah will be placed in a situation where she will be forced to practice her skill but because as a queen with a son she already lacks practice and that will bring her into further trouble. Jae shin will continue her therapy, and with modern technology discovered can walk again, then a man who looks like shi kyung will appear but he will be at the side of club M. King Jae Ha will face a lot of challenges, north and south relationship will always get threatened not only by club m by some people who opposed his union with Hang Ah..

Feel free to comment if you have other stories in mind... thanks

© 2012 Maria Cecilia


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    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      7 years ago from Philippines

      hi peachpurple watch Empress Ki and see how Hajiwon develops chemistry to her two leading men.... the one who played Dong Hae is younger than her again....

    • peachpurple profile image


      7 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Ha ji Won and Seung gi acted very well even though of their age difference. Still, ji won looks younger than her age.

    • Maria Cecilia profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cecilia 

      8 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you Mama Kim, yes this is good, I encourage to watch all Ha Jiwon movies and drama, she's a good actress..

    • Mama Kim 8 profile image

      Sasha Kim 

      8 years ago

      This looks like one I'll have to borrow from my in-laws ^_^ Thank you for writing about another show I now want to watch ^_^ Voting up and interesting.


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