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The Lacs LIVE In Rural America

Updated on June 27, 2017
the lacs, field party
the lacs, field party

The Lacs are a Country Rap duo originating out of Southern Georgia, specifically Baxley.

Clay Sharpe (also known as Uncle Snap) and Brian King (also known as Rooster) make up the duo which all began when they met in 2002.

The Lacs are part of a genre popularly known as country rap, hick hop, or rural rap. The genre, which is quickly gaining a substantial amount of attention, appears to be new. However, artist like The Lacs have been giving it their all since the early years of the new millennium.

The Lacs music smoothly combines a southern rock tune with a southern rap style.

The Lacs are still currently touring and their most recent album American Rebelution was released in 2016. The album consisted of 12 tracks including Drink As a Team, Redneck as Me, and Her Way.

Their most popular album, arguably, was 190 proof. The album was released in 2012, and included the songs Drinks Up, Country Boy Fresh, and Drink Too Much.

The Lacs have collaborated with several artists on a few of their projects. Artist like The Moonshine Bandits, Colt Ford, and Hard Target have all hit the studio with The Lacs to crank out some jams.

The Lacs Are Jammin In Rural America

On May 20 2017 I got the chance to go see The Lacs in my hometown.

This is pretty neat, actually, because my hometown is in rural middle Tennessee. I live in Overton County Tennessee in a small unincorporated community known as Hanging Limb.

The Lacs preformed at a location which normally hosts the annual June Bug Boogie. Basically, it's just a nice, large, beautiful field.

Yeah that's right. It's just a field. No canopies or covers, and very small amounts of shade.

There are mobile food truck "restaurants" that cater to the events, but other than that - there's not much sign of civilization. Of course, to me - it's right down the road and it feels like home.

My friends, "Killer" and Becca, bought Kenny and I tickets to go see The Lacs, and of course we couldn't refuse. So when the time came around all we really had to was roll on down the mountain.

By the time we maneuvered our way around the curves and made it down the country roads that cut straight across highway 111 there was already a good crowd.

We met up with our friends and found a place to pre-game until The Lacs hit the stage. A storm was rolling in around sunset, which made for a nice pre-show.

When The Lacs finally made it up on stage the crowd was ready for some action. There were a lot of young people at the show, and they were probably crawling out of every nook and cranny between Nashville and Knoxville.

The Lacs Live In Jacksonville, TX
The Lacs Live In Jacksonville, TX

Field Party Style

The Lacs sounded great live and they gave a whole new meaning to Field Party Style. I felt like I could have been in a country music video. Everyone was putting their drinks up and having a great time, and I can honestly say we will probably attend another show when they come around.

It was a pretty perfect night, but there is one thing that I would've liked to have changed. That's the rain. We tried to hang in there as long as we could, but our time got cut short when the wind began to blow cold. Kenny and I were soaking wet by the time we swam back to our van. In the end, it just made the memory even better.

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