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"The Life Of Ashanti Floyd" Review

Updated on June 12, 2016

"The Mad Violinist" known as Ashanti Floyd is immense in his talent. The young man who released his album The life of Ashanti Floyd is graceful and simply flawless. To one like myself who has never really been exposed to classical music, or attended large venues of Orchestra's or even been surrounded by those of such talent; it is profoundly amazing to have heard of a composition so beautiful that even words cannot express it's feeling. Given, that is the intent of a musical instrument, but The Mad Violinist delivers pure brilliance.

The nine tracked album from begin to end is built of what can be felt as his story, his gifts, his pain, his joys wrapped all in a bottle and released. How can something so deep of a feeling be felt with no words, the strings tell it all. Ashanti begins The life of Ashanti Floyd with a violin piece entitled Beautiful Surprise its upbeat tempo and joyful sound is mind blowing. While its middle Track Cherish is sentimental and encouraging, left in tears, its pockets of strings made me think of my past, my present and what comes after it all. Riding out is straight gangsta if i may say.. its mix of jazz , hip hop and elegance is amazing, one of my favorite.

Ashanti who grew up in Tallahassee, Florida has been said to have been "Trained from an early age in the strings and percussion and having a mastery of music theory, he is considered a "melodic, rhythmic genius".- . Ashanti has featured and worked on over thirty major albums which include songs with Lil Wayne, Fantasia, John Legend and T-Pain and has done covers to tons of hit singles such as Hotliine Bling , Drunk In love and more.

The deep meaning and heartfelt sound within "The Life Of Ashanti Floyd" is one to cherish and thoroughly listen to. I encourage everyone to hear his impeccable gift being given to us.


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