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The Lorelei

Updated on May 10, 2017

Daniel and Kelly - The Lorelei

credit to Sophie Renee
credit to Sophie Renee

If you haven’t seen the recently released movie “ The Lorelei" I would recommend that you drop everything and watch it immediately. Not so much for the actual film but because of the amazing work that the lead actress, Sophie Renée, demonstrates in this movie.

The basic plot is based around Daniel (played by Kemal Yildirim), an ex-policeman, who shares his home with a young university student Sarah(played by Sophie Cityend) outside Oxford, England. Daniel is a troubled man, haunted by his past. He was in a brief relationship with a prostitute that he had hired called Kelly (played by Sophie Renée), however he broke things off with her which led to her committing suicide. When a wealthy local businessman dies, Daniel’s contacted by the daughter, Rebecca (played by Lorie Shanks) who believes her father was murdered. He starts work and begins to suspect a serial killer is on the loose. Little does he realise a connection exists between his haunting past and the spate of killings. Oxfordshire may appear to be a gentle, privileged place on the outside... but has a hidden, dark, cruel, and sinister underbelly.

For a low budget independent movie, Maurice Smith has done an excellent job. The set and locations are breath taking, the sound and image quality are equally on par and the direction is good. However the production values slightly fall through when it comes to the special effects.

Throughout the film there are definitely some great moments in regards to the acting. Kemal Yildirim is clearly a veteran when it comes to working on indie projects and really carries the story line nicely. There are also some great moments from the young Lorie Shanks, what she may lack in technique at times she definitely makes up in raw talent. Sophie Renée seems to have created the perfect compromise as throughout the film she demonstrates a raw talent mixed in with incredible technique that is mind blowing considering her young age. She captures the audience from the second the film starts all the way to end credits. The emotional roller coaster that she brings you on throughout the film is one that I that I felt when I was watching Saoirse Ronan in “The Lovely Bones” by Peter Jackson. She definitely out shines the rest of the cast; however you can also see that when in a scene with her the other actors raise their game, which is inspiring to see. Sophie Renée is definitely one to watch out for and I will be refreshing her IMDB page in the hope to catch her next performance!

All in all The Lorelei is definitely a must see for any Indie movie lover. So close this page, get the popcorn on and watch this Indie Classic!

"Kelly" The Lorelei



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    • profile image

      Yashaman 11 months ago

      Couldn't agree more. I only kept watching because of her.