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The Lying Game -- Emma Begins To Get Clued In On Rebecca And Sutton's Lying Game

Updated on February 6, 2013

Original Airing: February 5, 2013

Usually Pretty Little Liars is better than The Lying Game, but this week The Lying Game was better and ended with a great cliffhanger.

Before I get into the recap, I’ve got to say Ethan is a tool. The best thing Emma did was dumping him. At this point there’s no reason to even root for them to get back together.

In California, Thayer and Emma went to the hospital she was born in and learned there was another woman who gave birth to twins and who gave them up for adoption, but the doctor refused to reveal his patient’s name. So they went to the house of one of the nurse’s on duty that night and she was able to identify a picture of Rebecca as the woman who gave birth to the twins. Thayer now believed it was Rebecca that killed Derek because he knew too much. It hit Emma hard realizing Rebecca always knew where she was but never wanted her. The two also figured out that Rebecca and Sutton are working together.

Sutton couldn’t wait to ruin Ted and Kristen’s family dinner by bringing out Kristen’s journal revealing when she first got Sutton she wanted to send her back because she was pregnant with Laurel and going through a lot of mental problems. Of course, little Sutton has no understanding. She also reveals in the journal that Kristen said she was in love with Alec. Sutton even tells Alec that Kristen said she loved him. Alec goes to see Kristen and places his hand on her shoulder and she places her hand on Alec.

Rebecca’s thrilled, hoping Alec and Kristen will get together, then she and Ted will both have grounds for divorce. Rebecca is also blackmailing Jordan to get close to Laurel. He accuses her of wanting to take everything away from Kristen, even her own daughter. She counters by threatening him with something she knows about him. Jordan’s interest, however, lays with Mads and they get caught necking in his car by Dan.

Laurel is on a search for the truth. She’s started putting things together about how Sutton acts nice one minute and is her nasty Sutton self the next. She tries to get the truth from Mads and Ethan but they fob her off. Laurel follows Sutton to Rebecca’s and when she’s trying to get closer to hear what they’re saying, she falls and gets hurt. In the hospital she tries to tell Ted she thinks there’s two of them, but he fobs that off.

Another person on a search for the truth is Alec. He asks Dan to find out who really killed Derek Rodgers. He also suggests that Dan start investigating Rebecca’s stepson, Jordan. On the personal front, Dan asks Theresa to marry him and she says yes.

Emma returns from California wanting to switch back, but Smug Sutton tells her she has no place here and to leave. Emma acts like she’s going to do that, not revealing she knows the truth about Rebecca and Sutton. Then she sneaks into Laurel’s hospital room to tell her there are two of them and she’s Emma. Then she asks Laurel for her help.

You know, I wouldn’t mind an Alec/Kristen romance. I think Ted and Kristen’s marriage is over, anyway; especially when she learns he brought home Rebecca and his’ kid for Kristen to raise. I think he knew full-well he’s Sutton’s father and when Kristen finds out she’ll be done with him for good. I think that’s what he was upset about when Kristen asked if there were anymore secrets.

I think it would be hilarious if Rebecca gets arrested for killing Derek and Sutton gets arrested as her accomplice. She thought she was so cute plotting with Rebecca. Let’s see how she likes doing hard time. But fear not, Little Sutton, I’m sure that dumb bunny Ethan will give you conjugal visits.


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