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The Lying Game Cast and Review - Sutton Mercer and The Lying Games

Updated on August 27, 2012

The Lying Game TV Show

The Lying Game TV show first started off as a novel by the teen author Sara Shepard. Most people will have heard of Sara Shepard after her success with her series of Pretty Little Liars books.

The Lying Game Book is about identical twins Emma and Sutton. Emma is in foster care and sees a video of herself being strangled. She realizes she has a twin and tries to get in contact with her. She makes contact with her twin and leaves her foster home to meet her sister, Sutton. When she arrives in Sutton's hometown, Sutton's friends mistake her for Sutton and Emma is whisked into a world that is very different from the life she has lived so far.

Emma is forced to continue pretending to be Sutton when it is made clear that Sutton is dead.

The Lying Game Books

Sutton's killer threatens Emma that if she doesn't continue to be Sutton then she will join Sutton. Emma has no clue who killed Sutton and is trying to figure it out but there are lots of suspects.

Sutton's friends are more like frenemies and they are all involved in The Lying Games.

The Lying Games are a series of pranks that have been pulled on just about everyone, including Sutton's friends. Emma fears that one of Sutton's friends or her own sister, Laurel, them may have killed Sutton but until she can figure out who did it she has to keep pretending to be Sutton.

The good thing is Sutton was adopted by rich parents so at least there's an upside for Emma.

The Lying Game Promo

The Lying Game Synopsis

Sara Shepard has had a few very successful years now.

Her series of books Pretty Little Liars was adapted for TV and aired on ABC Family in America over a year ago. Now she has the good fortune that another of her book series called The Lying Game has also been adapted for TV on the same TV network.

The Lying Game TV show airs Mondays 9/8pm Central on ABC Family and has initially been contracted for 10 episodes. If the series does well then it could potentially be renewed for further seasons or the first season could potentially be extended as we saw with Pretty Little Liars.

The Lying Game TV Series differs from The Lying Game books in a number of ways. Whereas in the books Sutton is dead and the twins never meet, in the TV show it's the complete opposite. Sutton begins looking for her birth mother and finds Emma during the search. She contacts Emma by email and they start to video conference over Skype.

Emma is still in foster care but her sleazy foster brother, Travis, tries to blackmail Emma to get his way with her. It backfires and Emma hits him with a tennis racket and runs away.

Emma calls Sutton and arranges to leave Las Vegas and gets a bus to Austin, Texas, where Sutton lives. Things do not go according to plan when Emma gets to Texas. Sutton meets her at the bus depot and explains the new plan.

Sutton has a new lead on their birth mother and has to go to LA. Emma is to stay and pretend to be Sutton. They swap clothes and Sutton leaves for LA promising to meet Emma at the old log cabin in 2 days time.

Emma is soon tripped up by a number of things that Sutton failed to tell her about her life, before the switch. Sutton has a secret boyfriend called Ethan, but the whole world thinks Luke is her boyfriend, including Emma. Emma is nice, polite and helpful. All things Sutton is not. People start to notice changes including Sutton's sister Laurel, and Sutton's best friends, Mads and Char.

Emma starts to worry when Sutton fails to meet her at the cabin. Sutton eventually gets in touch with Emma and explains that the search for their birth mother is taking longer than expected.

Sutton finds out that their birth mother on their birth certificates is not their actual mother. Their adoption was arranged through a Baby Broker and Sutton's parents must have known it was shady.

Emma was originally adopted by a rich family too in Beverly Hills but for some reason their actual birth mother came and got her. They think something must have gone wrong for Emma to end up in foster care in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Sutton's godfather Alec seems to have a secret that he is trying really hard to keep and it might be related to the twins adoption. So far he has been responsible for the theft of Sutton's laptop and he is keeping tabs on Sutton in LA.

In The Lying Game TV show it's really hard to tell who's telling the truth and it may be safer to assume everyone is lying.

The Lying Game Cast
The Lying Game Cast

The Lying Game Cast and Characters

Emma Becker/Sutton Mercer - Alexandra Chando (As The World Turns)

Sutton's sister Laurel Mercer - Allie Gonino (10 Things I Hate About You)

Sutton's not so secret boyfriend Ethan Whitehorse - Blair Redford (90210)

Sutton's best friend Mads - Alice Greczyn (Make it or Break It)

Sutton's other best friend Char - Kirsten Prout (Kyle XY)

Sutton's mum Kristin Mercer - Helen Slater (Super Girl)

Sutton's dad Ted Mercer - Andy Buckley (The Office)

Sutton's Godfather also Mad's dad Alec Rybeck - Adrian Pasdar (Heroes)

Do You Like Emma or Sutton?

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Unanswered Questions in The Lying Game TV Show

So far a few questions have arisen in The Lying Game TV show such as who is Emma and Sutton's real mother and why are Sutton's adoptive parents lying to her? Also what's Alec Rybecks involvement in the adoption? Why is he so invested?

There is one question I haven't seen anyone ask and it may seem like an obvious question once asked... Who is Emma and Sutton's father?

I have the feeling that the twins mother must have been rich or well connected for the twins to be adopted by rich families and to be able to afford a Baby Broker to cover up the birth and adoption of the girls. If she's not rich is there some legal connection like their mother was involved with someone or something unsavory. Clearly Sutton's adoptive parents know more than they are letting on and perhaps the answers are all in Austin, Texas.

What do think is going on and why the adoption is so hush hush? What are you're thoughts on The Lying Game TV series so far?


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    • profile image

      katie burk 5 years ago

      i like emma more then sutton and i thank eathon should go back out with emma they make a good cupel and emma needs to tell kristin who she really is and let emma stay there and live there with ted sutton and louren and kristin sutton needs to give emma another chances to be ther and ted needs to know the truth who his dougher really is a

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 6 years ago

      Yeah I agree the books were scarier but I think if they'd kept the show the same as the book it would be more of Pretty Little Liars. Plus I don't think it would have fit in with ABC Family that well.

      Glad you liked the hub and thank you for your comments.

    • profile image

      Taylor. 6 years ago

      Hello. Just wanted to say, That I think it's silly to change the TV series from what the books are. It's completely insane. The books had more action and were scarier, Because Emma had to be forever watching her back, But the post was great. Thanks ^_^