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The Lying Game -- Sutton Double-Crosses Rebecca

Updated on February 4, 2013

Alec and Rebecca consummate their marriage. Rebecca probes Alec saying she thought he might blame her somehow for his arrest. He claimed he didn’t and then took Rebecca up to the cabin for their honeymoon. While Rebecca is in the show, the power suddenly goes out. She goes to investigate and when she sees a shadowy figure standing in the living room she trips and hits her head. When she comes to she accuses Alec of doing it on purpose, but he claims if he thought she was guilty why would he have had sex with her?

When Rebecca and Alec show up at the cabin Ethan and Emma have to make a run for it. Ethan drives her to the hotel Sutton stayed in after her car accident and Emma learns from the desk clerk that Sutton was in that room with two women, not one. When Sutton shows up at the hotel room while Emma is tutoring Ethan, Emma asks Sutton about this other woman she was supposed to be with, and she fobs it off as the clerk imagining things. Later, Emma tells Ethan to find someone else to tutor him, as she heads to LA to go see Thayer. When she arrives she finds a blonde in nothing but a towel and leaves. Thayer shows up at the bus station saying the blonde was just a friend, he kisses her and offers to help her find out who the other woman with Sutton was.

Sutton begins trying to sabotage what progress Ted and Kristen have made towards reconciliation. During a family group session she suggests Kristen should go through with the divorce and they should support her. Sutton is also supposed to give a speech about Ted at an awards’ ceremony and Rebecca wants her to reveal that Ted is her biological father. However, Sutton starts developing some feelings and loyalty for Kristen when Kristen tells her about the first night she had Sutton as a baby. It causes Sutton to not go through with Rebecca’s plan. Rebecca is furious and then she gives Sutton a journal Kristen supposedly wrote revealing how she really felt about Sutton and its no doubt damaging and will get her back on Rebecca’s side. If it were me, I’d be questioning how genuine it is, since Rebecca needs to turn Sutton on Kristen so she’ll continue to do her dirty work for her. Let’s not forget how the woman framed Alec for Derek’s murder. The question is did Rebecca murder Derek, herself or pay to have it done to frame Alec?

On the upside for Sutton, Ethan is so impressed by the glowing things she says about Kristen in her speech, he kisses her.

Jordan’s actually starting to come off pretty shifty. He claims he was never really interested in Laurel when she confronts him about kissing Mads. Whatever the case, Laurel tells him what feelings she had for him are long gone. Laurel actually has something else to ponder besides her love life. She speaks to Emma on the phone and than minutes later runs into Sutton. Will she be the next one to figure out the truth?

Alec and Mads move into Rebecca’s house with Jordan. Mads swears she wants nothing more to do with Jordan, but Jordan quickly gets her to drop her guard and gets her to kiss him. When Alec arrives later he seems to be suspicious about Jordan and Mads. Jordan better watch out. Alec may be more than he can handle if he finds out he’s messing with his daughter. Look at what he did to Mads other boyfriend, the dance teacher.

Anyway, Rebecca and Sutton’s little web of deceit may be unraveling on them. Emma knows Sutton was with two women in that hotel and Thayer’s agreed to help her investigate further. Maybe if Thayer discovers it’s Rebecca he may get it through his thick skull the woman framed Alec.



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