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The Lying Game -- Where's Sutton?

Updated on January 4, 2012

And why are there two Annie's?

As we left off in the fall finale, Super Snot Sutton, was in a life or death situation. Most of the action was centered on where Snot Face was. And while we had one less twin, we all had one Annie too many.

The Annie in the bushes may have been Char's Aunt who had a relationship with Ted and Alec, but she wasn't the Annie in the mental institution who paints and whose on the loose, who is the twins mother.

Anyway, Annie suggest to Alec that when Char's mother has a DUI that she be forced to do the maximum and Annie will take over as guardian for Char, giving her a good reason to remain in town.

Meanwhile. Thayer was convinced that Ethan had done something to make Sutton go away. He shared his suspicions with Emma when Sutton's car was found with her purse and cell phone but no Sutton in it. Which caused Emma to start to become suspicious of Ethan until Ethan talked to her. When a late birthday present arrived for Sutton, Thayer insisted that Emma open it. In it was a threatening message warning her that she could be next.

There was also a side drama involving Laurel losing the bracelet Justin gave her. Ted finds it and seems to know something about it. Justin claims his mother was wearing it when she died.

I had this weird thought that maybe Annie Hobbes was also Justin's mother as well as Emma and Sutton's. He seems to know something about Ted. His interest in Laurel may not be without hidden motives.

If Annie Hobbes wasn't the Annie that both Alec and Ted were involved with, what is their connection to Annie Hobbes and why was Alec trying to make sure she stayed locked away. Why is Alec so determined to keep the truth hidden about Annie H?

My own personal theory is Annie H rescued Sutton from her submerged car and that's where Sutton is now. Sutton is too mean and selfish to not show up, unless she found her real mother and was spending time with her.

I guess the big question is just who the heck is Annie Hobbes and is the other Annie somehow connected to her or did she just happen to show up in town when she did?


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