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The Magnificent Seven 2016 Film

Updated on September 23, 2016
MizPamRoxx profile image

With an Olelo community video series "in development," Ms. Freeman finds a few moments to share her film thoughts.


Some Movie Technicals

Running time of 133 mins. Rated PG-13. Filmed in the 2.35:1 ratio, using Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL2, Panavision C and E-series’ lenses. Kodak’s 35mm and using Digital Intermediate (master) and Panavision anamorphic (source) in the cinematographic process, with the final printing in D-cinema.

Trailer that you would enjoy

Now that you’ve seen the trailer…

For all of my Movie Friends, this film has been highly anticipated for many reasons.

Are you interested in hearing what the film’s about?

Actually, it’s a modern take on the 1960 film by the same name, and Seven Samurai. Except this time, it contains current performers, such as Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke as some of leading Male actors, and Haley Bennett as the lead Female Actor. When Director Fuqua was interviewed by a UK magazine, he thought that he would adapt the original Screenplay by adding a multi-cultural component, based on the original Gunslingers’ roles. He never really thought that color of skin would hold any of his actors back, in doing their craft (“Did it matter that Yul Brynner was Russian playing an American cowboy?”).

Pretty good film by Mr. Fuqua and the EP Team!

Being aware of the criticism for this year’s Oscars Ceremony, I think this film accomplishes the multi-cultural component. As I’m writing this Hubpage in Hawaii, multi-culturalism is a way of life in the Islands. Yes, after viewing the recent Twitter hashtags, I am quite dismayed at how some of the movies are portraying people. Another discussion for another time, if you and I ever meet F2F!

Tell me the Differences

Some of the differences include a Different makeup of Gunslinger skillsets (if you will allow the use of this historical phrase). The original skillsets were mostly guns, with a Knife & Handgun character played by James Coburn. Here is a listing of the new Team’s skillsets:


Our Fearless Leader

  • Denzel Washington as “Sam Chisolm.” Sam is a licensed Warrant Officer who collects his “Wanted” targets, as he passes through U.S. states, from Kansas to Wyoming. This character would be the equivalent of Yul Brynner’s role of Chris Adams, the Leader, in the original film, or the Leader in Seven Samurai. Washington has worked previously with Mr. Fuqua on Training Day and The Equalizer.


The Gambler

  • Chris Pratt as “Josh Faraday.” In this film version, he plays a Gambler who’s fast at card games as well as firing a gun. He expresses a secret desire to “blow things up,” and receives his wish to do so at the film’s conclusion. This is a combination of the role originally played by Robert Vaughn, who was just Lee, the Gambler. Josh is the first one to be recruited in the team. Good to see him back from last year’s Jurassic World. He stars in the upcoming Passengers.


The Outlaw

  • Manuel Garcia-Rulfo plays “Vasquez,” a Mexican outlaw, whom Sam is supposed to collect “dead or alive.” Sam bargains with Vasquez, on their “business,” where after its done, Sam “won’t be the one looking for [him].”

Who else could play Charles Bronson’s Mexican equivalent? You may remember Mr. Garcia-Rulfo from various TV credits and in the movie Cake.

The Sharpshooter

  • Ethan Hawke plays “Goodnight Robicheaux.” This role would be the equivalent of Chico, the Violent One, originally played by Horst Buchholz. Goodnight has a sharp tongue and is a skilled sharpshooter, read this as pure Action, little dialogue.

Goodnight and Sam have a backstory, which involves their connection to the Bad Guy.

Mr. Hawke has worked previously with Mr. Washington and Mr. Fuqua in Training Day.


The Assassin

  • Byung-Hun Lee plays “Billy Rocks,” The Assassin. This would be James Coburn’s character, with excellent knife yielding skills, and being skilled in pistols and rifles. Billy is connected to Goodnight, as the story unrolls. You’ve seen Mr. Lee’s work in last summer’s Terminator: Genisys.


The Tracker

  • Vincent D’onofrio plays “Jack Horne,” whose skillsets include tracking and trapping. This role did not exist in the 1960 version.

Mr. D’onofrio is a seasoned actor, who I believe needs no introduction. His next film is Rings, due in theatres on October 28th, opening opposite of Inferno.


The Bow & Arrow

  • Martin Sensmeier plays “Red Harvest,” a Comanche Warrior, with a Bow and Arrow skillset. This is a new role created in the 2016 version, as the multi-cultural component is being focused upon. This role was borrowed from Seven Samurai, as they only had bow & arrow in that Japanese time period.

Mr. Sensmeier’s work has included Salem (TV) and Lilin’s Brood (Film). For my friend Brittany, you have your wish for a good looking actor! He is of Tlingit, Koyukon-Athabascan and Irish descent.

What do you think of the new Team?

See results

... add the Bad Guy

  • The Bad Guy is Bartholomew Bogue, played by Peter Sarsgaard. He is a land industrialist, and shoots Emma’s husband which starts the Inciting Incident. Some of his other dirty deeds involve burning a church, which would be the equivalent of the 1960’s version where one of the Mexican villagers being killed in the Opening Scene.

& the Heroine...

  • Haley Bennett stars as “Emma Cullen,” the only main Female lead in this film. While Emma’s husband has been killed by Bartholomew Bogue, she also has an associate called Teddy Q, who is her trail ride-along.

One of her previous appearances was in 2007’s romcom Music and Lyrics starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore, which I actually enjoyed! One of her upcoming roles is in The Girl on the Train, appearing in U.S. theatres on October 7th, 2016. She is also the lead Female in Warren Beatty’s upcoming film Rules Don’t Apply.

Add more Hotties to the Mix...

  • Matt Bomer stars as Matthew Cullen, Emma’s husband, in the Opening Scene. You might remember him as “Ken” from Magic Mike and last summer’s Magic Mike XXL. Glad to see him in a dramatic, action role, instead of baring all for the camera!
  • Luke Grimes as Teddy Q, who’s one of the good guys. He would be the younger member, the unofficial eight, as was done in Seven Samurai. Teddy gets trained by Josh, while they’re on the trail.
  • Cam Gigandet as McCann. McCann is one of Bartholomew’s right-hand men. I didn’t recognize his face at first, as he’s covered in man scruff, but he’s got that Hollywood look, ladies and gents! His TV acting credits include O.C., Twilight and Reckless. A movie credit called Never Back Down.
  • Jonathan Joss as Denali, who’s one of Bartholomew’s gang. He’s been casted well, a sort of burly-looking Native guy, whose combat skills are seen in the Final Showdown. He adds a multi-cultural element to the film, along with Mr. Sensmeier.

More story differences

A second difference is a Change in motivation for the story. Instead of the Mag Seven crew fighting for the Villagers’ food source, the motivation is a greedy land baron taking land from the people of Rose Creek in 1879. His motivation is land accumulation and control. Her main motivation is Righteousness, but she’ll take revenge, if it comes to that.

A third difference is the trailer leaving the romance storyline absent, as it does not follow the 1960’s film. In the previous version, there is a love story between Petra and Chico, whose equivalent would be Emma and Goodnight in this version. I’m not sure if the Film editors decided to cut this portion out of the film, or if it was not in the script.

Q: from a Story development perspective, if the motivation is different, how does this affect the characters?
A: It doesn’t affect any character’s actions as far as the Story unfolds.

The main plot of having to protect the town by teaching the Townsfolk how to shoot guns, and the sub-plot (Emma’s revenge and in the end, Sam’s reason for personal revenge) are wrapped up nicely at the Final Showdown.

Q: What’s the use of dialogue? Any memorable one-liners?
A: There are few one-liners delivered by Sam, Josh and Billy.

These factors influence the reason behind the Shootout Scene. Because what would a classic Western be without a great Showdown? The Showdown Scene is comprised of two parts:

1. Shootout scene – with the Mag Seven team, and yes, just like Seven Samurai, 4 of the 7 members die. I’m not telling you which ones, in case you want to see this film.

2. Final showdown – which happens in the same location as the film began. As a story device, this makes sense, so there is resolution to all plotlines. Retribution has been done.

But the Premise remains the same…sorta!



One of the main similarities is the use of the 7 team members: their recruitment by the Leader, and how their skillsets are shown throughout the film, as they fight to save Rose Creek (doing the Right Thing), and how they battle the Bad Guy and his Baddies.

Another similarity pulled from Seven Samurai is the characterization of the Mag Seven team, as they get to know one another on the trail.

Sistah, I’m still confused!

If you are still confused at this point, with a tie-in to the 1960 film, please read my other Film Analyses. I believe it might clear some of the confusion.

Cast & Crew #1

Sam Chisolm
Denzel Washington
Josh Faraday
Chris Pratt
Goodnight Robicheaux
Ethan Hawke
Jack Horne
Vincent D'Onofrio
Billy Rocks
Byung-Hun Lee
Manuel Garcia-Rulfo
Red Harvest
Martin Sensmeier
Emma Cullen
Haley Bennett
Bartholomew Bogue
Peter Sarsgaard
Teddy Q
Luke Grimes
Matthew Cullen
Matt Bomer
Jonathan Joss
Cam Gigandet
Emil Beheshti
Mark Ashworth
Billy Slaughter
Dodge Prince
Hank Stoner
Matthew Posey
Leni Frankel
Carrie Lazar
Caleb Frankel
Jody Mullins
Clint James
Sheriff Harp
Dane Rhodes
Gavin David
Ritchie Montgomery
Sean Bridgers
William Lee Scott
Turner the Blacksmith
David Kallaway
Griff Furst
Clara Winthrop
Alix Angelis
Sean Boyd
Mine Paymaster
Rob Mello
Walker Babington
Thomas Blake Jr.
Ken Pigeon
Ryan Brown
Len Pigeon
Derek Lacasa
Station Master
John Wylie
Powder Dan the Bartender
Chad Randall
Monday Durant
Kevin Wayne
Sheriff Harp
Wally Welch
Ed Lowry
Eddy the Referee
David Manzanares
Cowboy #1
Dylan Kenin
Cowboy #2
Kevin Wiggins
One Eyed Lucas
Jackson Beals
Faraday Card Game #2
Miles Doleac
Heath Lemme

Cast & Crew #2

Rose Creek Boy
Charles Bickham
Undertaker's Assistant
Chase Williams
Rose Creek Girl
Fionn Camp
Gold Miner
Eric C. Schmitz
Trench Fighter/Harmonica Man
Johnny Santiago
Amador City Deputy
Jared Antoline
Cattle Horseman
Todd Bethke
Rose Creek Barber
Brady Calhoun
Towns People Wrangle
Ron Centanni
Blackstone Agent
Davis Coen
Amador Miner
John C. Coffman
Blackstone Rider
Lyle DeRose
Cowboy Wrangler
Francis Dobrisky
Townsfolk #1
Miles Donald
Amador City Deputy
John Doucet
Rough Cowboy
Terence Easterling
Rose Creek Townsfolk
Juan Gaspard
Mike Gassaway
Amador Saloon Prostitute
Shona Gastian
Rose Creek Townsfolk #2
Jamie Gliddon
Surly Bar Crowd
Stradford Goins, Sr.
Gunslinger #1
William Greely
Coal Miner & Amador Townfolk
Steven Grossman
Rose Creek Townsfolk #3
James E. Guidry
Rose Creek Child
Samantha Hopkins
Ray Hounsell
Amador City Deputy
Robert D Johnson
Miner #1
Matthew Jolly
Cedric D. Jones
Vinnie Jones
Kevin Kent
Rose Creek Townsfolk
Emily LaGroue
R.L. Garrett
Dylan Langlois
Depot Trader
Rodger Larance
Miner #2
Derrick Lee
Indian Scout
Ricky Lee
Gunslinger #2
Robert Louder
Miner #3
Jameson Macmillan
Rose Creek Kid #1
Stormy Macon
Rose Creek Kid #2
Zander Macon
Mexican Traveling Brother #1
Jose B. Martinez
David Miller
Gustavo Montes
Rose Creek Child
Zach Mooney
Gunslinger #3
Martin Palmer
Rider #1
Philip David Pickard
Rider #2
Frank Powers
Core Townsfolk
Lisa Raziano
Rose Creek Townsfolk
Gus Rhodes
Piano Man
Michael Patrick Rogers
Saloon Prostitute
Mary Peyton Stewart
Dead Guy
David Stickler
Blackstone Agent
Jack Teague
Rough Cowboy
John Teal, Jr.
San Fran Vaquero-Rose Creek Cowboy
Danny Vince
Trench Fighter #2
Jacob Walker
Rose Creek Townfolk
Glen Warner
Little Girl
Abigail Williams
Townsfolk #2
Frank Wilson
Gunslinger #4
Danny Winn
Asian Movie Poster
Asian Movie Poster | Source

Theatrical Distribution

Release date
Toronto International Film Festival
Venice Film Festival
South Korea
Sete Homens e um Destino
Los Siete Magnificos
Czech Republic
Sedm statecnych
Die glorreichen Sieben
Sedmorica velicanstvenih
A het mesterlovesz
Republic of Macedonia
Os Sete Magnificos
Saunioji septyniuke
Siedmiu wspanialych
Les sept mercenaires
I magnifici 7
Sedem velicastnih
Los siete magnificos
Hong Kong
Japanese Movie Poster
Japanese Movie Poster | Source

Some Production Notes

Filmed on location in Baton Rouge, LA. The temperature was near 110 degrees. So, if you like your Heroes and Heroine hot and dirty, and staying in character, this film delivers! Other on-site locations include Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Presented by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Columbia Pictures, LStar Capital, Village Roadshow Pictures, Pin High Pictures and Escape Artists.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua. Written by Richard Wenk and Nic Pizzolatto. The theme music is by Elmer Bernstein (he wrote the original score for the 1960’s version). Music composed by the late James Horner and Simon Franglen. Cinematography by Mauro Fiore. Film editing by John Refoua. Casting by Jo Edna Boldin, Lindsay Graham and Mary Vernieu.

One of the Executive Producers includes Mr. Walter Mirisch, who was the Producer of the 1960 version.

There were 17 companies, providing their services for all production stages of this film. Thank you for a new making of a Western film!

What MizPam Liked

The Action! The Adventure! Great looking performers!

The Story! This take on the story would have been slightly more realistic in the Southwestern USA setting. As I’ve lived and visited most of these places, I would like to suggest that the filmmakers could have used a real Mining Town, perhaps Butte, Montana, or the area on the FM Road just past Truth or Consequences, NM. This would have lent some authenticity to the set design, creating genuine cinematography. A lot of the buildings looked too "new."

As Chris Pratt tweeted, he’s missing that part of the country, so send him some pictures.

The Imagery, which was borrowed from some of Sergio Leone’s “Spaghetti Westerns,” such as The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Clint Eastwood had the sombrero and long cigarillo, and Chris Pratt carries if off rather well throughout this film.

The Costumes reflect a modern take on what each character wore in the 1960 version. A very nice mix of older and modern actors.

The Editing! (loved the Showdown Scene). As most of my friends work behind-the-camera in a popular Island TV series, who’ve made the bridgeover as Actors into other Short Indie Films, agree “It’s totally the editing that makes it a good film!”

The Magnificent Seven 2016 PostFilm Voting

Was it as good as you expected it?

See results


As with every film review, see it & decide for yourself, Pam


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