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The Making of a Visual Video

Updated on May 22, 2018
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Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

Behind the Scenes in Avalon Park

A visual video tells a story that makes an impact. The video is not a feature film and popcorn is not required to view. The video is short and sweet. The viewing time should be about 3 minutes in length or else you begin to lose your audiences attention. Especially viewers such as myself with a very short attention span.

A visual video is similar to a song. You have the intro, verses, chorus, bridge and outro. All in about 3 minutes you have the power to make a person happy or sad, but in a good way.

While creating a visual video the intro is the hook. You need to immediately snag your audiences attention. You want them to want more which is when the verses come in. The chorus is your audience not wanting the video to end. The bridge is their awe moment. You want your viewers to applaud and feel positive about what they just witnessed...which will happen after they view the outro.

Since the length of a visual video is short the film must pack a punch during its span. You must capture your audience from the start. You don't want their attention diverted so each second of the film must be entertaining.

In April of 2014 Team Cap was asked to help create a visual video for our local hospital.

Lights Camera Action

Stars in the Making of a Visual Video - Avalon Park
Stars in the Making of a Visual Video - Avalon Park | Source

Why Make A Visual Video?

This adventure came about because of an article I wrote about my husband's knee replacement surgery.

The Marketing Team at Florida Hospital East Orlando read about our journey and were inspired by my article. They wanted to tell our story on film. Which is referred to as a visual video.

Dave and I were honored for the opportunity to help others by sharing our journey. Yet, I was nervous. I'm not a camera person, but I was ready for the challenge. Until the camera started rolling - then I froze. Some how through the magical work of an amazing production company that had a lot of patience they made the video happen.

The total time for this 3 minute film spanned over 2 days and 7.5 hours. We talked, walked, joked, mimicked each other, laughed, sang, joked some more and of course we were serious at times or else the video never would have been made.

Our story is unique. Dave had his total knee replacement while also battling cancer as you will hear while watching the video below. Dave was a brave man who was determined to get out of the wheelchair and walk again. He felt confident that his Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Sean McFadden could help him accomplish his mission. Along with Dave's Oncologist Dr. Carlos Alemany, who gave his support once he felt Dave was ready. Together as a team the mission was accomplished.

We learned that the making of a visual video is hard work. It takes a team of dedicated professionals to create a story worth telling. From the marketing team to the production company to Team Cap - together we all created a story that will live on forever. It's all about team work.


What Not to Wear on Camera

Chances are if you are like me you will be nervous about being on camera and you don't want to have to worry about what to wear too.

I collected some tips that will help you decide on what's hot and what's not for your 3 minutes of fame...

  • Avoid stripes. The camera will make the lines look like they are moving around your outfit. That's great if your video is about special effects, but chances are it's not, so stripes are out.
  • Avoid small patterns on outfits. The patterns will make your viewers dizzy. You want their attention focused on you not on a bad case of vertigo.
  • Don't wear white. Especially if you have a pale complexion. White will wash you out and not make you shine.
  • The color red stands for power. Well, since the camera has the power now, avoid it. Reds will bleed on camera. Not a pretty sight.
  • Flashy jewelry is distracting to the viewers. Do you want your audience focused on your story or do you want them staring at the large beads hanging around your neck. Save the jewels for off camera.
  • Lip gloss does not belong on camera. Your lips will serve as a reflective device for NASA. The astronauts on the Space Station thank you.
  • Clothing that is too loose will make you look larger. Since the camera already adds weight, do you really want any more weight added? Clothing that is too tight isn't appealing, no further explanation needed.
  • Dress comfortably. But not revealing. No need for cleavage. Save that for your Instagram selfies.
  • Get a good nights sleep. Circles and bags under your eyes is taboo. Makeup could only hide so much.
  • Stay hydrated with water to plump up your skin and have it healthy looking. Water also helps to moisturize your throat to make your voice clear.

Preview - Photos taken before, during and after the "Making of the video"

Bonus Tips

  • The camera loves Navy Blue and so will you.
  • Make eye contact with the camera not the camera man. If you are told to look at a member of the camera team, focus on their forehead.
  • Use your hands while talking but in moderation. Do not place your hands in your pockets or behind you both of these stances are unprofessional.
  • Talk slowly (major problem for me). Pause in between phrases. Speak in short sentences.
  • Posture is important. Stand tall. Sit straight. Shoulders should be aligned not slouched.
  • Be confident. You got this!
  • Take a deep breath before each sentence. This helps to relax you and prevents a high pitched voice.
  • Smile often. This expresses to your audience that you are sincere and the real deal.

The Florida Hosptial East Orlando Team

Julianna, Linda, Donny, Dave and Sher
Julianna, Linda, Donny, Dave and Sher | Source

"Cap and Sunshine's Visual Video"


East Meets Best - August 27th 2014

Our visual video was released on August 27th during an event at Florida Hospital East Orlando. Team Cap was invited to share in the festivities of celebrating the medical advancements that Florida East continues to strive for.

This was our 3 minutes of fame. We were celebrities among the suits.

The lobby was decked out in blue. Breakfast was served. Speeches were made. Prayers were shared. Our video then went live to over 100 people in the audience. We received a standing ovation, literally, since every one was already standing. We received many words of appreciation for sharing our story and quite a few hugs.

It was at this time that I got to share a bit of nostalgia with the audience...

Exactly 25 years earlier I gave birth to my youngest daughter Michelle at Florida Hospital East Orlando. I was now in the lobby celebrating a visual video that will be used to inspire others. How cool is that?

A tidbit of trivia Florida Hospital East Orlando was then called Orlando General the Hospital With a Heart. 25 years later that slogan remains the same.

The employees at this hospital have shown us time and time again that we aren't just patients to them we are part of their family - they truly do have a heart.

East Meets Best #iWasRightHere

East Meets Best Event #iWasRightHere
East Meets Best Event #iWasRightHere | Source

Have you had a total knee or hip replacement?

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© 2014 Linda Bilyeu


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