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The Mercury in Pisces Personality

Updated on September 8, 2013

There is a soft, pleasing touch that Mercury in Pisces has. Gentle when communicating, they seem almost lyrical when speaking. Not oriented with details, Pisces Mercury is instead caught up with moods, emotions and the feelings of the people that surround them. From their surroundings, they get a clear picture. Pisces Mercury individuals are great conversationalists and make good listeners. They do have a tendency to have moods and when they are writers, this becomes apparent. Many times, it is not easy to predict what their moods will be at any time given. They may sometimes say what they think you will prefer hearing. This is done by Mercury Pisces people to make you as comfortable as possible.

Dreamy and indirect, it can be hard to pin down Mercury Pisceans. A lot of information can be taken in by them so much so that they are unable to remain too long with just one opinion. They happen to dislike hard, cold facts or having to make harsh decisions. They prefer to decide intuitively, giving them some insights that are pretty accurate. To others, they might seem to be disorganized. They tend to mentally drift and dislike details very strongly.

Subtle Signs

In the environment, this sign picks up the most subtle of indications. In their communications, they are indirect often but may be able to improve if they strive to. They are often inclined artistically and might have talent in film, music or theatre. They might have talent in the range of the paranormal and may even be psychic. To Piscean Mercury folks, prayer, meditation and spirituality are stuff that they do and get involved in naturally.

Trusting and Naïve

Trusting and naïve, they are many times misled or even taken advantage of. In this way, they appear vulnerable. Their idealism is natural and does not let them turn out to be pessimists. Often, they lack self-confidence and are shy. When they can creatively express themselves, they are able to find themselves and gain in confidence.


Pisces Mercury are visionaries and compassionate. They can also be impractical, overly sensitive and lazy. When they start feeling that things are overwhelming, it is of importance that they retreat to a sanctuary or a safe place so that they can calm down and regroup. It is not always easy for folks who belong to this group to translate what they are thinking into ideas that are concrete. They are also very imaginative and love to daydream. They believe in impossible situations and at times, being so open-minded is what makes it difficult for them to make decisions.

Imagination and Life

Pisces Mercury folks comprehend their lives through the visual arts, poetry, music and imagination. Here, Mercury best expresses itself when communicating sensitive, intuitive and created perception. There is a receptivity to the feelings of other people that Mercury Pisces does instinctively. In addition, there is a lot of collective experience that these folks tend to be able to tap into just with second nature.

In other words, Mercury in Pisces seems to be able to tap into the great sea of collective unconsciousness directly. Individuals in this sign are often able to detect things that other people do not and are better with communication with the use of music, sound, colour sensitivity and images. These different factors help them to communicate otherwise hard-to-convey concepts.


Being born naturally more in touch with other worlds, this sign has a sensitivity that is quite keen and can even be telepathic and psychic, open to messages that are subliminal. In addition, there are great capacities for knowing what other people are feeling and thinking. They are also gifted at being able to reflect the thoughts and viewpoints of other people. Many times, for folks born with Mercury in Pisces, it can be difficult to tell which are their own thoughts and which are other people’s.

Emerging Ideas

Folks with Pisces Mercury find that ideas and opinions emerge from the unconscious and they see images intuitively rather than interpretations that stem from logic. Even they have a hard time really knowing where their ideas come from. At the same time, these qualities do not impair their being intelligent. Rather, it depicts minds that are resistance to explanations of logic, as information tends to come from ‘elsewhere’ that even they have a hard time really explaining.

Their ability to clearly communicate can at times be confusing and daily life functions don’t seem to be of much interest to them. Pisces Mercury can be found drifting in and out of music, books and conversations. The impressionability of these folks and being too sensitive frequently leads to distorting the facts and misunderstanding. As a matter of fact, they can sometimes get lost in a familiar place quite easily. At times there is also seclusion in communication and shyness.


Pisces Mercury folks often alter their points of view and are chameleon-like. This usually results from the last received information piece. Through poetry and story-writing, their imaginations are harnessed. It is a good idea for these individuals who belong to this sign to explore various forms of art including symbols, music and communication through poetry. These individuals might also listen and talk with compassion, lending ears of sympathy all the time. They might listen with no judgement and with acceptance, demonstrating empathy in a big way.


In life, Pisces Mercury sees life like one of the paintings of the Impressionist period compared to those done realistically. Emotional tones, psychic impressions, memory, shapes, images and sound, all these are taken in as part of their perception over all. In the immediate atmosphere, these folks pick up subtleties that others are unable to detect. They have a dreamy outlook and frequently, these folks seem to be tuned into frequencies of their own inner vision or distant messages.

Not Logic

More than by logic, the mind is directed by the Piscean emotions. Very sensitive to their surroundings, they are jarred easily by crowds’ psychic states and by loud noises. The ultimate sponge that is psychic, Pisces Mercury will find these qualities to be both a challenge and a gift. They need a lot of time to unwind and reflect on their own thoughts. They also need time and space to be able to hear their own minds’ rich narrative within and to create space.

Social Touch

This group of people have a social gentle touch often able to bridge gaps between others. They readily accept what other folks have to say and have a trusting nature that is innate. Mercury that is as emotionally driven as this need to guard against being pulled by the strings of the heart to places that are dark. It is sometimes a task that lasts their entire lifelong to add logic to making decisions and to discern what is illusion and what is truth.

Transcendental Lives

In Pisces, Mercury possesses gifts that they are able to share which elevate the life experience to a transcendental one. They have a sensitive mind’s vulnerability and one that seeks safety in “checking out and fantasy. When lost, folks in this sign are not able to handle life’s details and go through fuzzy thinking. They gain strength from self-expression of the creative type.

Natural Artists

In Pisces, Mercury is naturally artistic. Their minds are able to fully dwell in imaginations and do bring these life visions into their professions. With what they share, there is always an aspect that is healing and to others, it can almost seem to be inspired divinely.


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