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The Most Shocking Things in This World That It Is So Shocking That You Don't Ever Dare to Read This

Updated on July 18, 2011

Shocking content that you can expect to see in here

If you happen to came in here then it is most likely that you came searching from search engine like Yahoo or Google. It is most likely that you came from somewhere else. So in here will be shared of some of the shocking things. These includes shocking videos, games, and toys. Have you heard of shocking toys or any shocking games? I think this hub in this website is so shocking that it will shock you that you need a shock absorber. What I am talking about and I think I am going in to shock in thinking about shocking things.

One day you are thinking while you are sitting in front of your computer. You had played computer games, surfing the net, and doing other stuffs in your computer. Then you think about shocking things. It is rare I think to think about it. So it happened that you were brought in to this hub of this God forsaken website. After you saw this shocking hub then you cannot get out of your head of the things you saw here. Is it possible?  


What you are about to find out is an idea of a mad man which is me. I don't know if what I will shared here will be shocking and it is for you to decide. I am not sure also if you don't want to watch, see, or read the things published in this website. Why it is so shocking? You may asked. Beware of this post because it might shock that it will not easily get off your mind. Have you experienced being in shocked? If so then good but I think most of us have a shocking experienced. If you have a shocking experienced then maybe you can share it here by posting in the comment below.

Shocking video: Over 100 hurt as stand collapses at car race in Brazil

Bryan playing the Shock Game!

Saw Movie SHOCKING Billy Jigsaw Toy Video! FUNNY by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia Jigsaw Puppet


So at the right of this are videos as you can see. There are about four shocking videos and the videos are from website Youtube. I saw the video in television and I think it was just last month or in the month of September year 2010; this year of course. When you first see the video then you will really shock. 

There are shocking amazon products that you can see just above this post. Maybe you like to buy one. Have you ever tried to buy things online and buying things in amazon is called online buying or buying online or purchasing online; or you just called it whatever online you can think of. If you find these videos shocking then it is really nice that you are shocked because I was shocked too.

Shocking games is great and I just saw a video about playing with a shocking thing which is lightning. They will just touch the electrocuted tip of the wire and they got shocked by lightning. The voltages must be appropriate for human to handle then if not then it is really dangerous. 

There are shocking movies of course that you can find and most of these movies are horror or suspense films. One of the most shocking film that you can watch of course is the Saw movies. It is really shocking and if you think that it is not shocking then there is a problem with you but I think it depends...whatever. 


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