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The Movie 'Life of Pi' Will Help You Be Calm

Updated on October 1, 2013

"It's Tuesday, Let's Go to the Cinema"

Tuesday night is the best night to go out to the movies in Toronto because there is a discount. It's a very good discount, and making one or two Tuesdays every month our movie night is fun.

One Tuesday evening, my girlfriend and I were too tired to go out to the movies. We both had to be up early the next day. So we opened Netflix on her iPad and decided to watch a movie in bed. She chose 'Life of Pi.'


I immediately judged the cover art used by Netflix at that time, and decided that it was a stupid movie. I thought it might be fully animated, or cartoonish, or a children's story. These are typically movies I don't want to see. But it was none of these.

'Life of Pi' is a beautiful movie. It opened my eyes to the importance of the message a person conveys about their experiences, and how that impacts the people who learn about those experiences. The movie reminds me of a saying that goes "a person is not measured by successes, but by how that person deals with failure."

As the story developed, I was enchanted by the Indian culture, the art of story telling, and the fantastic action scenes throughout the movie. It was at the end where it all came together and the true meaning was revealed.

Why 'Life of Pi' Is Special

My girlfriend intended to only watch half of the movie and then go to sleep. But halfway through, she said to me "I have to finish this movie, it's so good!"

One of the most interesting parts of the experience of watching this movie was that after watching it, we stayed awake for thirty minutes discussing the meaning of the movie. This never happens with other movies. If it does, it's for maybe two minutes, not thirty.

It was amazing to sit in bed and talk with my girlfriend about the movie. By the time the movie ended we were both in shock and were trying to process the meaning. We started asking each other questions about it and what each other thought of it; it was at that very moment we were able to form our opinions. I really enjoyed sharing that with her.

Watching 'Life of Pi' was a beautiful experience and we both wish there wee more movies like it. We wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.

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Suraj Sharma plays Pi at age 16.
Suraj Sharma plays Pi at age 16. | Source


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