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The Music of Carman: A Christian Original

Updated on August 24, 2015

Carman. A singularly exciting performer, winner of multiple GMA Dove Awards, nominated multiple times for a Grammy, and Billboard's choice as Christian Contemporary Artist of the year twice, Carman is an evangelical man who never asks for anything beyond a praise offering to God is a man I have had the privilege of seeing live twice in my life. The first time was way back in 1985 at my church. I had never heard of him, but the excitement in the air told me something special was about to occur. And boy, did it ever! That night I heard The Champion, Soap Song, and Lazarus for the first time of the oh, maybe five or six hundred times I have heard them since. Maybe more than that; I know all the words and regularly sing along (in the privacy of my car) as I drive to and fro listening to his CD The Absolute Best.

I saw him again in 1993 when he released The Standard. The title song is powerful beyond belief and speaks to the heart of the problem in America today, just as it did over twenty years ago. I also heard Who's In The House then, as well as God's Got An Army that day. It was an amazing concert!

He can sing anything, from ballads to pop rock to Hip Hop to country. His talent to spread the word of God knows no boundary and he appeals as much to the young as to those my age. I would like to offer a selection of his music up for you to listen to and think on. I hope you enjoy it; I know I enjoyed bringing it to you. If you like it, please spread the word. If you don't, I still pray you have a good life.

Well begun is half done. A good beginning goes a long way in drawing your audience in and holding their attention to the end. So, I'll start off strong with a song that declares, in no uncertain terms, what America needs.


Three little letters with such majestic power when strung together. G O D. We need God in America Again.

Listen carefully as Carman reads the riot act to those who stand by and allow the moneychangers to desecrate the temple that is America. Agree with him as he states what the Founding Fathers truly meant when they created Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights. Listen as he states what these men were, what they believed, what they stood for. Then think on what they would say if they saw America today, in shambles. He says what they would say. Dare to stand up and be counted when he declares "We need God in America again!".

No Plan B Tour Dates September 2015

Sep 10 Carman in Poplar Bluff, MO

Sep 11 Carman in Wichita, KS

Sep 12 Carman in Amarillo, TX

Sep 13 Carman in Las Cruces, NM

Sep 15 Carman in Yuma, AZ

Sep 17 Carman in Ventura, CA

Sep 19 Carman in Dinuba, CA

Sep 20 Carman in Los Gatos, CA

Sep 22 Carman in Crescent City, CA

Sep 24 Carman in Corvallis, OR

Sep 25 Carman in Milwaukie, OR

Sep 29 Carman in Caldwell, ID

Soap Song, a song about Soap Operas. You may ask how in the world can Carman make a song about Soap Operas Christian? After all, every Soap Opera ever created flaunts Christianity with its adultery, murder, crimes, and general Babylon-isk lives bent on pure selfishness.

Well, Carman does it anyway and in a way that leaves you smiling. Taking more than a dozen titles and weaving them masterfully into this catchy little tune, he takes what was the very definition of Satan and creates something every Christian can enjoy.

Carman may be Italian and from Jersey, but he lives in Oklahoma, and that's country pure and simple. How about a line dance, a Christian country song, and a praise offering to God? Sound good to you? It does to me!

So, you want a more powerful song, one with a strong beat, great guitar, maybe a little like a protest song from way back when? Again, this man can write anything, can sing anything. God's Got An Army is another of his great songs that will have you singing along once you know the words.

Carman is a couple of years older than me so he grew up in a time where song styles of the late 1950's and early 1960's played a part in his life. Sunday School Rock is one that exemplifies that time period in an upbeat, Buddy Holly kind of way.

Just try to keep your toes from tapping. Go ahead, try. Then sing along as he leads you on the chorus and answer the question he asks of us.

So, is Hip Hop more your style? Maybe Rap? No prob, Bob; Carman's got it covered. Check out the video for Who's In The House below. I can't stand Hip Hop Rap stuff but even I love this one. Upbeat, positive, catchy this song has it all.

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Of all of Carman's songs about Christianity, God and Jesus none sends chills up my arms and causes the hairs to stand up on my neck like Lazarus. I hope you know the story of Lazarus, about how he was raised from the dead by Jesus to walk the land once more. But have you heard it told like this, where you are listening to words Lazarus could have spoken, and who these words could have been spoken to? The meaning behind these words are among the most powerful I have ever heard uttered. I dare you to not have your arm hair stand up straight when he states "But I knew Him in a way that y'all never did!" to those who live beyond the tomb.

This song is power personified. It is an incredible construction of words that pierce the very being of its listeners, drawing them in and allowing them to imagine what it must have been like on that day so very long ago. As I said, it is a song that never fails to bring a feeling of awe to me and a tear (or three) to my eyes.

I would guess by now that you realized it is my favorite Carman song.

"This Blood" is another incredibly powerful song. While you listen to the words I ask that you pay attention to their meaning and apply that meaning to your lives. When he speaks about the access it will give you, take advantage of it! For your sake, and the sake of your loved ones, take it!

The Champion is perhaps Carman's best known song. It details the struggle between Satan and Jesus with God the Father overseeing the fight. In these words he finds the strength that he shares with those of us who listen, and those of us who take heed. I pray you: take heed.

I will leave you with a song that has had a profound impact on my life. This song is almost a representation of my life, my failures to live as I should. No matter the sin, God is there to forgive me. Fear Not My Child is an amazing song filled with words of hope, of love, of comfort; words that can sooth your very soul should you but ask. As the words relay, He knows how to care for what belongs to Him. We but need to ask forgiveness.


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    • Mr Archer profile image

      Mr Archer 2 years ago from Missouri

      Larry, give him a listen; he's worth it! Thanks Sir.

      Cheyenne, I always thought the same thing: he's figured out a way to spread the word to everyone. Glad you enjoyed his music...and his looks! Shame shame know your name!!! Take care Cheyenne.

    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 2 years ago from Central Florida

      I've never heard of Carman, but he's brilliant in his approach to spreading his message. Music is the universal language. He's mastered the ability to reach out to all generations and all genres with his musical gift. And on top of it, he's good looking! :-)

      I enjoyed this concert and a look into what touches your soul. Thank you, Mike.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Not familiar with this band. Comprehensive overview.