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The N.E.R.D. Entertainment Report for the week of Nov. 23rd

Updated on November 23, 2014

Future Video Game News:

Those looking to add another element to their addiction to everything Game of Thrones should be eagerly awaiting the upcoming video game, Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice.

The game, developed by Telltale Games, will center on the characters in House Forrester, a place not yet discovered in the HBO show but has been written about in the original book series created by George R.R. Martin.

Iron From Ice will be only the first in a series of six games, each of which will focus around a new character in the Forrester House. The game will tend to go hand-in-hand with the televised series as both mediums will follow similar paths during the end of season three of the show through season four, ending right before season five begins.

Telltale Games has created a little bit of a name for themselves when it comes to adapting projects to the video game format. This has been proven with the success of The Walking Dead game among others.

A new teaser trailer was released this week which features some gorgeous graphics along with some voices that may sound familiar to you. Check it out above.

TV News:

Michael Ealy
Michael Ealy | Source

The Following News:

Fans of the Fox show The Following received menacing news this week when it was announced that actor Michael Ealy (Almost Human) has been cast as the primary antagonist for the thriller's third season.

Ealy's character has been described as “a brilliant, chameleon-like killer who will push FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) to the brink.” Fans were probably wondering which direction the new season might take as the first two seasons followed a similar cat-and-mouse chase between Hardy and evil cult leader, Joe Carroll (James Purefoy).

For those unfamiliar with Michael Ealy's work, the man has been working steadily for the last several years with starring roles in televisions Almost Human and Common Law as well as movies, About Last Night and Underworld: Awakening, among others.

Matt Smith
Matt Smith | Source

Quick Cast:

Deadline reported this week that actress Natalie Dormer (Hunger Games) and former Dr. Who, Matt Smith (who also stars in Terminator: Genisys next year) have been cast in the action thriller Patient Zero.

According to the news source, the film centers around the spread of an elevated strain of rabies which leads to the eventual evolution of a new, hyper-violent species. One of the survivors must fight for his life and the life of his wife before the entire human race is wiped away for good.

In addition to the hunger games films, Natalie Dormer has starred in Captain America: The First Avenger and 2013's Rush among others while Matt Smith, an actor who has worked in television, film, stage and video games can also be seen in next year's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Keanu Reeves News:

The Wrap announced this week that actor Keanu Reeves is considering a star turn in the action-thriller The Panopticon. The project will be helmed by Tarsem Singh who is known for his intriguing and twisted thrillers such as The Cell and Immortals.

According to the publication, The Panopticon centers around a regular guy who receives a pre-recorded message from himself, explaining that only he can save the world from its destruction. He must then solve the mystery and save humanity.

Reeves is back in the spotlight after starring in the revenge thriller John Wick earlier this year. That film was a favorite among critics and although the film did turn a profit, at this moment, the movie has only made approximately $57 million off of a $20 million budget. Those are good numbers but perhaps not exciting enough to relaunch a career and his return may be a little over-hyped, but only time will tell.

How do you Keanu?

Keanu Reeves has had a career full of ups and downs but he has still had a long career considering his launch in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. What is your favorite Keanu film?

See results

Box Office Projections*:

  1. The Hunger Games - $100 Million+
  2. Big Hero Six - $20 Million+
  3. Dumb and Dumber To - $13.5 Million+
  4. Interstellar - $13 Million+
  5. Gone Girl - $1 Million+

This weekend's only new wide release is The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1. The ridiculously long title is unnecessary, as is the film, at least according to most critics. The film, based off of the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy was split in half only to satisfy the wallets of studio executives and it seems that audiences have caught on, at least a little bit.

The film opened with a $55 million dollar Friday which is easily the biggest opening day of the year but is still a lower gross that the first day totals of the previous two Hunger Games films, which each made around $70 million on their opening weekends.

Still, its an impressive haul and the film should make at least $125 million this weekend alone, which would surpass the budget for this first film.

The rest of the box office looks very similar to last weekend with Big Hero Six easily coming in second while Dumb and Dumber To and Interstellar fight for third and fourth fifth. Gone Girl should also stay in the top five for another weekend.

*Projections based on Saturday's data

Video Games!:

This week, a final trailer was released for the new game Dragon Age: Inquisition, which should help to influence those gamer's that are still unsure whether or not they want to purchase the third entry in the Dragon Age series.

The game has already received great praise with reviewers from Joystiq and Hardcore Gamer each giving the game a perfect score. The Dragon Age games are no slouch in the profit department either with both predecessors, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II earning more than $4 million worldwide.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to check out the game, available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows.



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