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The New Carrie Movie Is Pure Unadulterated Christian Bashing...

Updated on December 25, 2013

The New Version Of The Movie Carrie Is Pure Unadulterated Christian Bashing….

Perhaps, I was happy that my business with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) went well and giddy over the fact that I made the right decision to use one of the DMVs in Manhattan than the sole always crowded one in Brooklyn, New York. For that choice, I rewarded myself by actually wasting fourteen dollars to see the God-awful new version of the Stephen King’s classic gore-fest, Carrie and without the ability to be reimbursed my greenbacks or my time. Maybe too I was reliving my childhood and giving props to Mr. King since I used to ravenously read most of his work, including It, which is still the scariest book that I have ever read… but whatever it is, the new movie version of Carrie version is terrible.

First, one would think that because there are templates out there - be it from the Stephen King’s book or the screenplay for Brian De Palma’s original Carrie, starring Sissy Spacek, which garnered an Oscar nomination for the then young actress - that the current version of the screenplay would have a modicum of scares and linear plot twists. But no - instead, this screenplay focuses on its bashing of Christianity. Take the opening scene with Julianne Moore where she is giving birth to Carrie and the typical stereotype of we Christians not knowing when we are pregnant is on display. The insults continued because when the child (Carrie) does come forth, her mother is tempted to kill her, even though the mother practices a Christianity that frowns on the murder of children in the womb (Abortion), much less when they are breathing Jesus’ air.

To underscore the Christian bashing, every room in Carrie’s home seems to have Crucifixes and the icing on the Christian bashing cake is when the Bible is used to abuse the young Carrie by her fanatical mother, Julianne Moore. There is also the incessant Christian music playing on the outdated portable radio, along with the incessant, deliberate misquoting of the Word of God by Julianne’s Moore character. Now, imagined that some Hollywood screen writer authoring a script that focused on the Prophet Muhammad’s supposed marriage to a seven-year-old or the focus on female genital mutilation or honor killings of siblings, normally females, because of some breach of the Koran? Let me further tell how what cowards this screen writer and many in Hollywood are…. You remembered that critical and financial disaster of a film, 2012…, which depicted the end of the world… in that movie, there are scenes where all of the world’s religious icons are destroyed except for those belonging to and associated with the Muslim faith – how typical!

But I digressed, for the stupidity of the new Carrie movie insult of the audience goes deeper even if one cannot glean its bias against Christianity. Case in point, where Carrie is about to graduate high school and for some asinine reason, she is not aware of one of the most important biological rites of passage to womanhood - that of a young lady having her Period. Carrie’s period completely catches her off guard… I supposed because she is a Traditional Christian, and moreover, for some reason, none of the classes offered at her modern day high school addressed the proverbial birds and bees... by the way, shortly after the period episode, Carrie is seen boning up on the science of Telekinesis – go figure.

Incidentally, there are seldom any redeeming characters in the new Carrie movie and if the young people represented in that movie and walking our school halls are our future, America is indeed in serious trouble. Everyone in the new Carrie movie seems to be a conspicuous Sociopath or bordering on that psychosis... no where is it more evident than a seminal scene that takes place in the girls' locker room. This is where Carrie is unaware that she is having her period… this sequence is so void of empathy on the part of the rest of the young ladies that it is actually sickening because of its focus on ‘period blood, which, to me, makes it ’ akin to violent pornography… even the couple of characters who are in sympathy with Carrie’s plight come off as being patronizing.

It is difficult to believe that there were millions spent on this movie - but if you want to be genuinely scared and with a healthy dose of humor and plot twists, start watching your local television stations that air the series, Supernatural… it has been on for nine years and it is still far, far superior than the craps that are passing as scary movies. I am not going to rule out that my ire might be borne out of the fact that my screenplays and plays are collecting dust on my shelves - well, they would be if my wife were not such a clean freak - while drivel like Carrie is allowed to make it on to the silver screen or it could be that I am a Traditional Christian... who is tired of the subtle or overt bashing of my religion, which sometimes causes me to momentarily wish that there were Jihad clauses in Christ’ Gospel.

I suggest that you save your money and rent the original Carrie movie, which starred a young Sissy Spacek, John Travolta, and William Katt. There will be no nomination for this overtly Christian bashing new Carrie movie; and yes, it is not the actors fault, among them, Julianne Moore… who has a reputation for doing great work... but I do wonder if Miss Moore would have taken on a role that so blatantly bashes another religion like say that of the Muslim faith - don’t answer my query, it was rhetorical!


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Absolutely fantastic. I love using these. Only thing I could even polsibsy suggest to make it better would be a 1 tile version. I know it sounds silly but if you had a window like \___/ you could put the 2 (or 3 tile) on the flat bit and use the 1 tile ones to make it look like a window surround. I can manage without though. I love these so.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I loved the new Carrie, not as much as the original, but still enjoyed the hell out of it.

    • Verily Prime profile imageAUTHOR

      Verily Prime 

      5 years ago from New York

      You may decide to see it and like it - but I did not and I know I am biased against cheap shots at my Christianity

    • memel03 profile image

      Melody Lanei 

      5 years ago from Queens, New York

      Wow!!! I remember watching the original movie when I was younger and was super scared! Its funny I just read this 'cause my husband just asked "I wonder if that new 'Carrie' movie is any good." Thanks for the insight. I dont like horror films anyway!


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