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The New Daily Show

Updated on November 18, 2015

I am coming a bit late into the ballgame with getting back into the Daily Show now that Trevor Noah hosts it. I knew that I would miss Jon Stewart. He defined the Daily Show for over ten years from his old Jewish voice to his ocassional use of internet memes to when he got serious for a moment. We can never forget when he sliced his wrist on broken glass and tried to hold back tears the evening after September 11th. His exit from the show was gigantic and memorable. There was a temporary break before Trevor took over.

Trevor Noah was not a name I knew. The introduction we had to him was a bit he did in the last week Jon was hosting where he tried to adjust and take things off the set early. He barely spoke, so it came as quite a surprise that he was from South Africa. That is awesome. As someone of mixed race, he has some experience with persecution in his home country and an adorable accent. However, he cannot mimic Jon's comedy. I do not want him to but apparently the writers do. The jokes are all the same with half-hearted attempts to personalize them to Trevor. He can do some diverse accents and they work great, but they need to write jokes for the actual host.

He could be a great host but the writers have to write the show for him. He has to play more of the straight-man with a lot of sarcasm and intelligent jokes. He could get away with the occasional zany anecdote but he cannot pull it off like Jon did.

The worst part is the interview with the guest. I cannot listen to the end of the show. It is so boring. He needs to find a way to make the interviews a little less boring or maybe I just need to get used to his style.

4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah


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