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Best YouTube EDM Channels

Updated on December 11, 2015
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A Developer, musician, football player, historian, bookworm, gamer and sweet-lover.


We are listing ten of the bests Electronic Dance/DJ music Channels on YouTube, in no particular order, that use artists that isn't as superstar yet, compared to Skrillex, Avicii, David Guetta and Tiesto, however, produce very great and awesome tracks. Some items on this list may be already knew by some individuals, nevertheless, these not-so-popular tracks will keep us all partying day and night.

1. Armada Music

Armada Music a home to many of Dutch rising DJs like Dash Berlin, W&W, Aly & Fila, Cosmic Gate, Gareth Emery and especially, Armin van Buuren who is one of the founders. With subscribers of over 2 million and 60 branch channels of different genres, Armada publishes music with trap and popular pop song remixes, deep house, progressive house, and techno. From 2009 to 2013, the Dutch label has been awarded the ‘Best Global Dance Label’ title from the International Dance Music Awards in Miami and is now hosting their own EDM Festival, the Armada Nights featuring not too rated yet talented DJs from thie label, while having their own music be played to all various EDM festivals like Ultra.

YouTube Channel Link:

Listen for yourself (Armada)

2. TheSoundYouNeed

A promotional channel for aspiring and talented artists, TheSoundYouNeed play music of genres house, lounge music, hip-hop and vocal bass, sounds that's enough for a chill and relaxation. The channel now has a 3.3 million subscribers, a testament of the applaud of the YouTubers with the unpopular, yet powerful DJs like Rufus, Jai Wolf and Baby Bash.

YouTube Channel Link:

Listen for yourself (TheSoundYouNeed)

3. Keep Music Low Key

If you want rocking bass drops, traps, tight riffs and sausages, then this channel has all you wanted. The Juggernaut by Cody Holmes, Jakik, Wolfsnare & Grant Rebound and other musics in this channel will make your tongue do harlem shake. Music great for parties and keeping the crowd on high. This promotional channel may only have 70,000 subscribers, yet has good artist like GTA and Slice N Dice, and also fine videos in term of visual presentation.

YouTube Channel Link:

Listen for Yourself (Keep Music Low Key)

4. The Vibe Guide

The name speaks to itself, this incredible trend channel from Bosnia and Herzegovina, play fresh good vibes music that you may want for your leisure and relaxation. The Vibe Guide Channel has over 600 thousand subscribers and 250 million views. It promotes house music, synth pop, electro and latest song remixes that still sticks with the channel's genre, using artists like Nicko Veaz and remixes by Win & Woo.

YouTube Channel Link:

Listen for yourself (The Vibe Guide)

5. MrRevillz

No, this isn't a DJ's nickname, but a Channel Name. MrRevillz is a promotion and remixing channel with 800,000 users subscribed. Besides remixing latest music trends, the channel also publishes songs of deep house, techno, garage, disco, indie and many more. It is very popular for having pics of hot girls on their videos, a snapchat icon on their channel, and very robust, good artists like Tep No, Boy Kiss Girl, JazzyFunk etc.

YouTube Channel Link:

Listen for yourself (MrRevillz)

6. Sound is Style

This Channel is full of style, with their own quote, "You are what you listen to". It promote various EDM genres but mostly consists of electro, trap, deep house and disco groove music. With 300,000 subscribers, it's artists may be not be much known so far, yet give you chills down the spine, to different styles of how to listen to music, an electronic dance music. Sound is Style also branched their soundtracks according to genre with new channels. (ex. Sound is Summer, Sound is Hip hop) all gaining considerate amount of views. Young Franco, Frank Ocean, Big Wild and Griz are among it's biggest artist.

YouTube Channel Link:

Listen for yourself (Sound is Style)

7. MrSuicideSheep

More like Sound is Style, MrSuicideSheep, a promotional and mixing channel, encompasses very wide variety of electronic dance music, and even non-electronic tracks. Mixes here are very enjoyable, relaxing, not too loud and not too soft, with subscribers reaching 3 million and a stunning 1 billion views, even though their artists are quite unknown to most. Their videos too presents great graphics and design that might fit the sound playing. Popular producers in this channel are Eden, OMFG (must search him), Jaymes Young and many more. You can stay here at this channel and enable auto-play, enjoying wide variety of music.

YouTube Channel Link:

Listen for yourself (MrSuicideSheep)

8. Trap Nation

It's all a trap! Trap music. The very best trap music channel in YouTube, as for me. Very best for wild party goers and DJs adding wildness on your mixes or keeping crowd banging on the floor. Trap Nation has 3 million subscribers and produced music of trap, electro house, garage, extreme synth and song remixes. It's artists are among the prospective ones, very talented and underrated.

YouTube Channel Link:

Listen for yourself (Trap Nation)

9. Proximity Music

With 2 million subscribers worlwide, Proximity is one of the famous EDM distributor channels in YouTube. They are bragging they had the music you haven't heard yet, which serves them right. Many top class DJs started here like Vicetone, Audien and Zedd, submitting their mixes. If you want a good remix with a famous song, you find many here at Proximity (my personal favorite is Sugar by Maroon 5 Remix by Karboncopy, which I posted below). They also produce synthpop, electro, house and traps. They are also recognizable for their lightning logo in their videos.

YouTube Channel Link:

Listen for yourself (Proximity)

10. No Copyright Sounds

My favorite channel when it comes to promoting EDM. No Copyright Sounds or NCS produce house, synth, retro and electric music from less known (yet godly) artist. These music can be freely use for your YouTube video, and their music is very great and can be found used elsewhere, like football skills for example. Artists at NCS, majority is using FL Studio and Cubase ,are very underrated and well deserve of awards and such. For me, all soundtracks here are very good in their own way. While majority of music has no lyrics, some has very good vocals with unknown singers. Prominent figures in NCS are Alan Walker, Different Heaven, Laszlo and Tobu.

YouTube Channel Link:

Listen for yourself (No copyright sounds)

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A Developer, musician, football player, historian, bookworm, gamer, record producer and sweet-lover.


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